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yeah, an uninspired title, but who cares?


With AudioGalaxy recently shut down, I have aquired a copy of KaZaA (http://www.kazaa.com, naturally), which works exactly the same as Morpheus but with better protection and I think it's a little faster. Anyway, I've had little time to get much since I'm on a dialup and I'm rarely online and I've only had it for a few days, but thus far I've gotten Nothing Ever Changes by Brainiac (I need to listen to this more to judge the song and the band, I just got it because it's the same singer as from Enon), and today I happily discovered my copy of Crucify by Tori Amos is finished. What a fabulous song.


Currently snagging Losing My Religion by the one and only REM and for some reason no one stays on long enough for me to get Come To Sin by Bananafishbones. Still looking for some Twitch. The songs are all 11 minutes long, though, and who has that kind of time on a 28.8 connection?


Anyway, I can always think of songs I want except when I can get them, so everybody make recommendations. Here are mine:


AFI - Total Immortal, God Called In Sick Today

Nirvana - Lithium, Come As You Are

A Perfect Circle - Judith (Aphex Twin remix) (this song may not actually be remixed by Aphex Twin, but it's damn good either way)

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker, Yellow Calx, On, Polynomial-C

Aimee Mann - anything from the Magnolia soundtrack (i.e. One, Save Me, etc.)

Cake - Frank Sinatra, Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle

Blonde Redhead - In Particular, Hated Because of Great Qualities

The Dead Milkmen - Stuart

k's Choice - Everything For Free, Mr. Freeze, Believe, Shadowman, Elegia, White Kite Fauna, Virgin State of Mind, Not An Addict, all the other ones too

Machine Gun Fellatio - 100 Fresh Disciples, Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle, Not Afraid of Romance, Summer, Unsent Letter (that's all I have, but see if you can find the album somewhere; God knows I can't)

Enon - For The Sum Of It, Come Into, Get The Letter Out, World In A Jar

Moloko - The Flipside, Where is the What if the What is in Why?, Dominoid, Fun For Me

Orbital - Satan, P.E.T.R.O.L., Halcyon & On & On, The Box (full 30 minutes version, if you've got the patience)

Violent Femmes - Add It Up, Blister In The Sun

Prodigy - 3 Kilos, Breathe, Deisel Power

Radiohead - buy they albums and download the rarities (i.e. How I Made My Millions, India Rubber, True Love Waits, etc.)

Roni Size - Mexican, Dirty Beats

Sigur Rós - buy the album and download Njósnavélin

Portishead - Mysterons, Sour Times

Space - Money, Neighborhood, You And Me Vs. The World

Squarepusher - Come On My Selector, Iambic 5 Poetry, Tequila Fish, Beep Street, Fly Street

System Of A Down - Spiders, lyrical Zelda Theme, Chop Suey!, ATWA

Tabla Beat Science - Don't Worry.Com, Audiomaze

Weezer - anything and everything, but ingore the Green Album tracks save Island In The Sun


Good hunting!

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Actually, the singer from Brainiac died.


And here's my recomendations:


If you like Hip - Hop , get anything by these artists:

-Blackalicious (I recommend 'alphabet aerobics')


-Jurassic 5

-Haiku de'tat

-Del (The Funky Homosapien) and/or Hieroglyphics (C'mon! He's Ice Cube's cousin! You know you want to rock to his bouncing baby grooves.)


-Tribe Called Quest ("Low End Theory" ages so well)

-Freestyle Fellowship



Um.. If you like Indie Guitaroo Rock, maybe you should check out the beautiful songs of:



-Fugazi (or as you've always liked to call it: "FooJazzy")

-Lungfish (just try to write better lyrics..... see? you can't.)




um... If you like pencils and other utensils , you should definitely check out:

-liquid paper

-twi' "zap zap" nistali

-i have ceased to find sense in anything

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I hate to bust your bubble, mxbx, but Shmearsal is definately still alive and kicking, I have the Enon album and my friend saw him live. I believe it was the guitarist from Brainiac that died.


As for Hip Hop, good on you for recommending Jurassic 5. I'm going to get some Atmosphere and Sweatshop Union myself.


Get Scapegoat by Atmosphere,e verybody. Nowhere in my experience have I found such a powerful rap song.

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You guys ever tried Blubster?


I think it's slightly indentical to the way Napster used to be, but at least you can download any songs. Every song I have searched for, I have been able to find. Ummm, if you are like me, and can only connect at 28.8/33.6K, then you might struggle a little. Sometimes the downloads can cancel out on you, but it's never been that much of a big problem for me.


It's not the greatest, and I think the Blubster client has a few little bugs that still need to be ironed out, but besides that, it's a terrific little MP3 downloading tool. I suggest you use it.


Abouit KaZaa. Apparently, if you download KaZaa Lite, you do not get annoying little banner/pop-up windows, or something. I only used KaZaa once, and didn't really like it that much. I tend to really only download just MP3's off the Net. KaZaa is great if you want to download everything from games and movies to MP3's and the like.

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My condolences.


For some reason Kazaa is giving me a real bitch of a time trying to get Tori Amos' Take To The Sky as well as Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence. What a ho it is.


Managed to get Scapegoat as well as Nothin' But Sunshine by Atmosphere. Both are great, but some bastard stuck a website promo on the end of Sunshine.


Whoever was on before with Twitch is gone now, and no one else seems to have them. I'll keep scanning. No one has Space either. I'm losing my interest in this server, but it seems to have mountains of Bjork, Tori Amos, and Atmosphere, so I'll keep it around for now.


Maybe I'll look into some NOFX, I've heard grand things about them.

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It's all kind of weird instruments. As you can tell the music is 'medieval rock' or whatever one wants to call it. I think they built some of these instruments themselves. Corvus Corax are supposed to be good, but I didn't check them out yet.


In Extremo played in the PC game Gothic as well. That is the band was modelled into characters and played on a stage. Haven't played the game neither, since the demos didn't run on me old comp.


Try Die Ärzte "Mach die Augen zu".

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I'll check out Die Ärzte. I bet the In Extremo translations would make no sense whatsoever, Althochdeutsch being so far removed from contemporary english.


You're a Simon & G fan too? I have three of their LPs: Best of, the Graduate (soundtrack), and Bridge Over Troubled Water. The latter has Song For The Asking...my DJ friend mixes with it.


Although it's hard to pick, my personal favorite is I Am A Rock.


I have my books

And my poetry to protect me

I am shielded in my armor

Hiding in my room

Safe within my womb

I touch no one and no one touches me

--I am a Rock, Best of Simon & Garfunkel


Other recommended S&G songs: "Scarborough Fair", "The Boxer", "The Sound of Silence", "Homeward Bound", "So Long, Flank Lloyd Wright", "For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her".

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Lacrimosa: "Am Ende der Stille", "Der Erste Tag", "Mein Zweites Herz"


I wasn't sure whether I should post these, since the actual singing is bad. But the music is superb in these pieces. The songs are quite long (up to 10 minutes) so you should maybe listen to the RA excerpts on Amazon.de. The songs are on the albums Elodia and Stille.


I'll definitely buy more albums from Simon & Garfunkel. I only have Bridge Over Troubled Water, but it is one of the best albums I own. Not a bad song on it.

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Turns out you are correct, mxbx, whatever article I read before claimed that Shmersal was the former singer in Brainiac until one of the band members died, but in reality he was the guitarist. It looks like he's devoted 100% recording time to singing now, as Enon now has the former guitarist for Blonde Redhead doing all the gitfiddlin'. Fascinating. Shersal's voice is rather similar to Taylor's, I must admit, but I like Shmersal's mroe because of it's impressively Beckish quality.


Speaking of whom, you should all grap Debra by Beck. That's one damn funny song. Most of the stuff off Midnight Vultures is pretty funky, though Odelay! just feels a little more... tightly knit.


And whoever recommended Del tha Funky Homosapien: what's the name of that song that's all about Capcom games? I need to get that.

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Yeah, Debra is one hell of a song. And I had no idea Toko Yasuda (of Blonde Redhead / The Lapse) was in Enon now. That's some good news, and just another reason why I should check out Enon. As far as that Del song goes, I had no idea there was such a song in existence, but I sure hope there is. Hopefully it's not so much about Street Fighter and more about the likes of Mega Man, though.


Sorry to sound like such a record-fiend by correcting your minor mistake, GC. I usually can't stand people who do that. Maybe if the guy wasn't dead, I wouldn't feel the need to defend whatever honor he may have acrued by being the singer for Brainiac. Damn, if this Schmersal character can croon half as good as Taylor did, I definitely need to pick up some Enon.


edit: I think I found that Del song, it's called "Proto culture" and the lyrics are definitely video-game oriented. Del represents both Capcom and Sega. And he mentions his love of 2-d games! Thanks for the tip, GC!

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Yeah, Proto-Culture is on 'Both Sides of the Brain', which is a so-so album. I used to be into trip-hop/hip-hop in a big way, although now my tastes are more Indie rock. I still play the odd CD though. I have a few Aceyalone albums, and Low End Theory is great. A few good albums include '36 chambers/Wutang', 'Liquid Swords/GZA', '3 feet up and rising/De La Soul', 'Ready to Die/NotoriousBIG' 'CapitalPunishment/BigPun' etc. I suggest you check out some Chino XL too (just for the unintentional comic value), erm...yeah, you pretty much got it right the first time when you commented on Hip Hop. The **** on MTV pretty much gives hip hop a bad name...but...ih. Everything on MTV sux anyway, except for the odd U2/REM/Radiohead/Oasis song.

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Okay... Seems like none of u guys like this kind of music but if you want to widen your perspective try


Pantera! Bet you've heard them but didn't listen. Try Something from "the great Southern trendkill" "Suicide note prt.1" is a nice calm song. prt.2 is less calm but coll as well.. Best trash metal band ever!


Mudvayne! Maybe you have heard them maybe not. Best nuMetal band around. probably the only really good one. try "dig", "death blooms", "prod" or "Nothing to gein".


The roots! HIPHOP FOR YO MAMA! Best hiphop i have ever heard.

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MC Chris - he does those rrrraps for Adult Swim shows, right? He's a rip-rapper to an extreme degree. If you like MC Chris, you should check out the Hemogobliiinz. They are the funniest hip-hop act I've heard since Biz Markie.


You want NuMetal? Check out the Fuhcking Champs. Except they're metal, so they don't spell it with an 'h'. Notice their song titles... pure genius.

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