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Is JK2 dead/dying? (merged)


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1. Story line in JK Dark Forces had much more. JKOutcast often became to much CS: open a door ? Hit a Key to open a door. To much puzzle, to little feeling..


Although I must admit that the graphic was superior to almost everything....



It's like reading a book, if the first page doesnt appeal to you, you wont read the book.

JK2 is difficult, it takes som time to master, CS has one dimension JK2 has 3


3. Too many games....

New game every day! see number 2


4 "This isn't the death, this is the true community " someone said?

Bur are there enough games for all communities????


5. Don't get me wrong I love JK2, but it is nothing for amateurs...( such as me)

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