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Is JK2 dead/dying? (merged)


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It's dying because the patches have gone horrible...I loved playign 1.02...but at 1.03 I quit..it was horrible. The butts...they were so..*wimpers* powerful.They'd come up to me,turn around and shows thier butts to kill me. So,I was disheartend and quit. Then, i just couldnt play.The saber did so little damage in 1.04 that guns were the most powerful things there...thus I quited and left it to die...


Plus that and how Raven wont release the code so we cant play anything that's new(Ala Half life with DoD and TFC).

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I never said the game was dying. It was a general question. There is no doubting the number of fan made items has dropped considerably in the last few weeks. I know there are some TC's being made (AOTCTC and the Dark Forces one.) but apart from 2 well played mods, there's not been much expansion.


The Instaglib mod has been criminally over looked, and Hydroball. What ever happened to that? A total of one maps have been released.


I'll love to see a CS type mod, but I have neither the patience or the C++ knowledge to perfect it. I could do some basic editing but nothing on a grand scale.


I still play the game daily, and I'm working on maps to the best of my current ability.

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The game is fading away and people ask why?


Why not compare what you paid for to what you have now.


Overall changes and force changes-

-Backing up was slowed down

-Heal and drain were made useless

-Push and Pull weaker


Saber changes-

-Heavy stance walks slowly

-medium stance is slower

-DFA is less useful

-Blocking is greatly increased but without action from players

-sabers damage is reduced



-require much more ammo for secondary shooting


What does this mean? Well you can see it as fixes or you can see it as it truely is, less. Every time raven toned somthing done they alienated players who liked using what they removed. They kept taking more and more out, and more and more players were alienated.


The game got slower, Footspeed went down and damage went down, so the game was left with a slower feel then the original. Many players liked the speed, thus many players left.


The game became more difficult to get into. Since defense was so high, and sabers so weak, new players do not have the same high energy experience that new players had with the original.


Weapon guys lost the ability to use the cooler aspects of there guns. They have to spend more time searching for ammo and less time shooting. many moved on to other shooters.



Now before you go and flame me and say that the game got better and I hate it because I love 1.02 I must ask you to stop and think. Did EVERYONE like the changes or do YOU like the changes?


Now your thinking, well EVERYONE will never like the same things, and you are right.


But by subtracting from the game they made the game LESS then what people purchased and thus they have gone. Had they added those players would still have their little vices and YOU would have a counter or something else to make you happy.


The idea of removing to improve will ALWAYS shrink a community. Since Raven has given no sign of improving the game many people simply assume that the moves they like will be nerfed next and why waste my time. So they leave.


Now you can think what you want, but you KNOW this is true. you know that the community splintered when 1.03 came out and then splintered again when 1.04 was released. Had raven fixed bugs instead of rewriting the rule book we would not have this problem.


Thanks for reading, if you disagree you haven't been watching the effects of patches as closely as I have.

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Originally posted by razorace

Always ignore talk of a hobby or game "dying". It's always BS....



BS? Are you blind? have you not noticed that there are less servers every week?


This is FACT. So saying its not true is like closing your eyes on a train track and thinking "I can't see the train, so it must not be there"

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Basically, the game is dying for two reasons:


1) the 1.04 patch is plainly awful. It destroyed the competative balance of the saber in FFAs with guns, and made all-saber FFAs into red lunge/lightning/grip spam fests. Borrrrrinnnng. At least backstab spamfests were fun.


2) About the same time the new patch came out, Raven had Server One problems that STILL HAVE NOT BEEN RESOLVED!!!! For about two weeks you couldn't get a decent list of available servers on the in-game list, and TO THIS DAY there are still servers out there that don't show up on the in-game list. For instance McP's Gamegrid, which was an outstanding CTF server with big games and lots of good players is still online and can be seen and joined with The All-Seeing Eye, but doesn't show up on the in-game list so nobody plays it anymore.


There are many other servers in the same boat. Why doesn't somebody at Raven e-mail the admins of these servers and tell them what they have to do to get their servers to show up in the in-game list?


The result is a serious shortage of good servers. There aren't any FFA servers that can compare with the late, great Bantha Poodu and Always Online is the only large CTF server out there - and it uses funky settings (including 1.03 backstabs, heh, heh) and some lame maps (spaceport and degobah).


Jkii is dying because 1.04 and the server shortage have made it less fun to play than it was a few months ago.


Your Friend,


The Lopper

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I got to test ProMod Beta 2 last night and I must say it will bring some energy back to CTF by making weapon user much more vulneable to sabers. And by making saber fights much more fun.


Just wait until the end of next week and you can play it for yourself.


JKII will be reborn from the ashes of v1.04 Sabers shall be feared once more!....ok I have to go find something to do

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Originally posted by FatalStrike


BS? Are you blind? have you not noticed that there are less servers every week?

So? As long as there's a hardcore fanbase the game won't "die" until JK3 comes out.

Had raven fixed bugs instead of rewriting the rule book we would not have this problem.


Why are you complaining about Raven's changes, ProMod changes more than Raven ever did and you're a big fan of ProMod? If you don't like the 1.04 patch changes, ether go play ProMod (or one of the other zillion Mods out there) or just play 1.02. Raven can't make you play 1.04....

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well, first off the thing that generally sustains the life of an online shooter after the first few "ooh ahh" months is the competetion. my definition of a game being "alive" are online clans/leagues/ladders, and since JK2 is really competitively inferior (which saddens me more than anything) do to a number of things, the game just doesnt have that big of a following. so disappointing too, JK1 was like a very competitive scene, and now this crap. well, my 2 cents.


PS, the first sign a game really IS dying, is a "hey this game isnt dying!" series of posts ;)

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All these posts about JK2 dying are foolish statements, that are more like propaganda to destroy JK2. All they are likely to do is decrease peoples morale. I play in the Deus Ex Multiplayer Community that was never even all that big to start with, but it is a lot worse now. It is so small that it is near collapse. There are only about 12 stable clans left, and 30 veterans playing on a regular basis. There are few servers, with a ping of 300 being acceptable to most players. Because Deus Ex was not released with a Multiplayer patch until the game of the year edition came out it never had a fan base on this scale. You are most certainly mistaken if you think JK2 is anywhere near collapse. DX never even had this many people to start with so I suggest you rethink your ideas. The community is what you make it, and you have a lot more advantages than many communties. DX certainly still has an excellent community spirit, and we only have one coder left too.:mad:

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Guys, we've hit that time when the original game has been played to death and ppl are expecting more and finding nothing.


But don't be so sure!


There are quite a lot of mods in hard development out there that will certainly extend the jk2 community for at least another year, I'm sure of it. Don't base your judgements on mods like JediMod or Promod that have some neat feature and then release the mod which has no chance of a real long life like Counter-Strike.


Be Patient, but don't give up on the game just yet! :)

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Well, people DO need TIME to make mods. If you think that perhaps 5% of the JK2 community makes mods that they plan to one day release (a generous estimate I'm sure) then perhaps they all are on similar schedules (hypothetical) it takes them a few days and they release a simple mod. Then you have nothing for awhile, and then they try something bigger, which takes a few weeks. Then they release that.


A lot of projects are so optimistic and huge they never get done, but usually those are dead in the water before a whole lot is accomplished. You know what I mean, the huge TC's that plan to change everything about the game and be packed with levels, and spend months getting a team together and releasing a few skins. That's okay, its how people learn from their mistakes.


But the point is that you can't expect mods to be released every single day, each better than the last. If you just mean skins, sure, in theory somebody could make a new skin every day. Or a small level. But good mods take TIME which means you have to wait, unless you're the one making the mod.


Again, doesn't mean the community is dying off. JK didn't see any major Conversions/Mods for a long time. Release was very sporadic. Much of the really amazing stuff was released YEARS later, after people had finally become comfortable with the engine.

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