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Exclusives? Where are they?


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Do you know where that was exclusive to? I wanted it. My Wal-Mart's never get exclusives in.


TIE-Bomber, Luke w/ Yoda (I got him for X-Mas, my dad picked the pair up in a "ghetto" wal-mart), and even cheap GI-Joe's never seem to hit shelves around here!


I will start searching then for those two then. Thanks.

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Thanks, those are my dogs. That isn't spam. The one on the left is Benny (Old Ben, as I like to call him) and the other is Duchess.


Now why I came here. You should always snag any 12" Wal-Mart exclusives if you have the money to. They usually shoot up in price.



Luke/ Yoda

R2 w/ attachments



Cantina Band Members (found 2 in the store, only need 2 to go!)

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ill remeber that thanx i always buy all exclusive 3 3/4 inch but some 12" i stay away from - i have no job soo money is tight but i can buy all 3 3/4 inch(2 each) i open 12" normally but i wont open exclusive i want the kb clones and tru mace and fan club ki adi mundi.(i like your dogs the ones in your avatar i mean)

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