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New Adventure Game

Doubleplus GC

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I don't know if anyone else has heard of this, but I was at this crappy discount store we have in my crappy hometown looking for a tambourine (which they didn't have, dammit) and stumbled across this game called Jazz & Faust. It was labeled as an adventure game and had some mildy decent reviews on the inside flap (though mostly about the graphics quality; the best review about the game itself was "the overall concept is quite good," so you can guess where I'm going with this). It was priced at $9.50 so I said "yee-haw" and picked it up.


I tried to play it today. Lousy Voodoo3 graphics card doesn't work with it so I'm running in software. The voice acting is crap (not Shenmue crap but about on par with maybe Sonic Adventure) and the puzzles are shyte and the manuel looks like it was written by Stephen King translating from Czech or something. I didn't get beyond completing the first puzzle before switching it off.


If I attempt the game again to see if it turns cool later I'll be updating. After searching the web I'm finding that most of the people who had sparkling excerpts on the inside flap actually gave the game about 65% at the highest.


I will be returning to Twice As Nice sometime in the near future to pick up one of the dirt-cheap copies of Buffy Season 3 they have on the rack.

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With a title that reminds so much about "Tango & Cash" I guess one was to expect low quality.


I'm working on getting some of the adventure classics myself. You can't expect LucasArts to release anything worthwile for some time. So I search eBay for titles like "Last Express", "Star Trek: A Final Unity", "Discworld 2", maybe "Dark Seed (1+2)" - hey they may be bad adventures, but they feature art by H.R. Giger!


Deep inside I know that I will most likely never play most of the games, but the feeling persists that I must salvage them to some day be able to play some old fashioned point & click adventures.



don't ever try to compress a 2 GB Navision database file while writing a post

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