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Hey all


I'm a vet XWA player who played this game online religiously like 4 years ago. I was a high-ranking CO in a clan called the Second Imperium (SI). Does anyone remember them? Well i want back in the game, so i'm offering my services for any clan, rebel or imperial that needs a new recruit. My question is, where do you all play these days? XWA is not on MSN anymore. Let me know


Formerly Capt. Gustan

Second Imperium

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Hi I'll take you in I'm just starting The United Wing Corps It's a Nation Wide Clan so if you want to be in it I'll take you I also sent you a PM about the Requerments to join and info PM me with you info please.


Commander Nick "Reclaimer" Lewis of 3rd Divison East Corps Rouges.

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