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hate a celebrity?


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then go ahead and rip on them! :D :D :D


post three celebrities you'd like to kill and how you'd like to kill them (please be as brutal as possible).


my three celebrities i'd like to kill are:


1. martha stewart. stupid bitch that needs to go to jail right away, and should be killed by first being shoved into a blender, then put inside an oven with some stuffing for a turkey, this should be baked at a searing 1000 degrees. or she could go to a very high-security, very low-maintenance jail and then be killed by injection of poisons. either one is fine for me, i'd probably choose the second one.


2. uncle kracker. this fat-ass bastard can't sing for s***, and he looks constipated all the time. i wanna shoot him with a bazooka, but it'd probably bounce right off of him because of all the blubber.


3. chef tony and jennilee harrison, esp. jennilee harrison.

shove jenilee into the ultimate chopper, let that go for a while, then stab chef tony to death with his f***in miracle blades.



so there you have it, top three (actually, three and a half) 'celebrities' on my kill list.:D

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aaaargh!!!! i'm about to explode!





okay, fine, let's have it your way. what do you want to talk about? let's have another topic about monkeys and custom titles.


you know what? i think maybe the evil demon monkeys are the ones that really changed a whole bunch of titles to djg.


and now we'll switch to a topic about nothing.


well, luckily, the time continuum zapped up the highly non-photogenic monkeys after a set period of time, thus ending the chaotic mayhem that had erupted after the monkeys had so flagrantly changed everyone's title to djg. of course, they had no idea that yufster would've called herself bill gates' sex slave, therefore leading to the coup of dr. atkins.


is that better? i'm trying to do something here, but unfortunately we're all little doves that can't have anything that has to do with hurting anybody.




:explode: :explode: :explode:

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that man should get a mouthwash!!


at the late nite show tonight they are collecting "insults for italian people we will never say again." :D they collect it by having each audience fellow say one..


so they made a list we can give to him for the case we meet him during our holidays in italy..




so, cheers mr. berlusconi, old man, crusty brain..

(plus that other one .. i forgot his name...)


DAS: please calm down... it's ok.. FINE thready.. !!


Roy: so lets get som defixatory stuff and defixate some.. like..


andys panties.. NO. NOOO. NO Roy. dont beat me. BRA.. i meant BRA. andys bra..


DAS: *Roy and Ray* Hey das.. for you! *defixating*

;) (Ray) :rolleyes: (Roy) :p (Das)


ps. i personally think michael j. knows good music .. .

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