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  1. Oh now I understand....I think

  2. points lottery? lost me ray? lol


    Merry Christmas btw :)

  3. anyone fancy taking part in the points lottery eh roy < 3

  4. I got into the account finally lol, tricks are a bit mixed this week, your tricks? :)

  5. Ray is the very pinnacle of comedy entertainment, I bow down at his feet. (and he's a hell of a nice guy too) :)

  6. i dont know how many years i've spend peeing myself in glee because of how cool my signature is and how funy i am

  7. i don't know how many years i have spent wondering why people think you're funny around here

  8. I don't know how many years I have spent staring at that signature

  9. 'sup bro' send you some lovely christmas wishes <3

  10. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  11. Although I have them all on DVD, I *never* miss it when one of those runs in tv. XD




    aaa I love it

  12. Awesome, I have an unnatural love for spaghetti westerns myself!

    Well, maybe not unnatural, but at least not popular :)

  13. why, yes, of course ;D

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