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  1. Maybe make-it into a fanfic first, then plan the mod and work a bit on-it. That's your best hope of starting something and maybe getting-it to a polish form. But I doubt someone would start something that big just because you asked...
  2. Well, there's one for Kotor 1, by Inyri... http://www.inyri.info/files/fileinfo/ktr-mhp.php Otherwise, maybe redrob41 has something in the making, in part of his work for Revenge of Revan mod...
  3. Hang on... was that from scratch? Because if it was, congratulation, that's amazing!
  4. Heh, first and third remind me of cigars! Good job nonetheless!
  5. Yeah, start the project by yourself, on this scale. When you begin to show results, maybe modders will be more inclined to give a hand. But this is my personal recommendation to you: start small and accumulate the work. Then people might join-up.
  6. Aww, that's too bad, I was just on the verge of finishing a Peragus playthrough. But at least, I'm glad you are still working on-it! Keep-up the good work, I'm sure going to give this a try!

  7. Hello, I wonder, have you been able to work some more on your Peragus mod?

  8. There's also a .dll that you can change that might help : http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/;85439 You can also just not display the videos...
  9. I'm pretty sure Prestige Classes are a concept only added in Kotor 2. Could not find any mods on kotorfiles...
  10. I guess if you could tell us how the Skip Peragus mod breaks TSL RCM, that would be good
  11. Uh, SH, it may not have been listed, but it has been reported incompatible in the mega-thread, that I'm pretty sure Hassat would probably know what's what on this matter. There was also a skip Telos mod, so if you are gonna make the skip Peragus, you might wanna do the skip Telos too By the way, never used em' myself
  12. There's also "skip Peragus", if you are not using the restored content mod...
  13. Uh? I did not realize that. To what are you referring in particular?
  14. Yeah as you said, you'd not only need a female voice actress, but also either Silveredge9 to make the "lipsynching" or a modder willing to do-it with the permission of the former modder. Good luck
  15. Nah, none of these (though I'm playing mass effect which has a similar feature). Well, if that's what the OP wants, there's always Kotor Save Game editor to set oneself at same alignment, get the same equipment and same level with just a reg new game...
  16. What exactly are you looking for?
  17. Or we could more simply make a new loading screen with Sharen Thrawn's Skybox and permission
  18. And then you'd be able to use the Airspeeder? If so, I'd love-it if you could tell me what I have to do to make this work!
  19. I'm not sure I found any relevant tutorials so far. Anyone know what tutorial would be representative of the task at hand? Downloaded DLGeditor so far. I'm pretty sure it is the one I need.
  20. I can see the picture. Link not broken, but site is
  21. *Kof*Down there*Kof* http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/potd/140736
  22. That's what I was thinking too. But then again, doing this with the Restored Content mod is just asking for a crapload of trouble... Also, I do not exactly seek to edit dialogue, but rather to add and extract. Meh, I'll check if I can see something relevant. Then again, if someone want to see this faster and already has the knowledge...
  23. Not exactly in context, but doesn't Force Enlightment also activate Force Speed?
  24. These are some of the lines that Bao said that could be re-used. "Looks grim, let me try something." "There, this should work better."(not sure about this one, but it sounds like that). Though to avoid saying the exact same thing, we could use some other line. Wasn't there a line where he says "Why not? I fix everything else around here." That would be good too. So, JCcarter, would you be inclined to help me proceed with creating a new "node" and a new "boolean"? Bear in mind that I don't have a clue how this works and have just a slight idea about what a boolean is, so it might be a bit complex for me lol. I'll just try to find more Bao lines to make this work and a working line for the Exile. And when I'm sure how I want to handle this, I'll get into what the condition should be. I'm not sure I want to tie this up with G0-T0... unless it doesn't involve bringing him to fix the airspeeder.
  25. So, what would be good is if you go to the airspeeder, you get the sabotaged message. Then, you could have a script with having Bao-Dur as a condition to trigger-it. Having Bao-Dur and clicking on the Airspeeder (after it was sabotaged) would trigger a dialogue between the exile and Bao. The Exile could say something like "Of course, after all the effort I put into repairing that crate, it won't move. Typical." Then Bao-Dur would answer something like "Let me see what I can do." (I'm pretty sure there is a line like this.). After this small bit of dialogue, the script would revert the boolean 300NAR_Visquis_Call to false. You could maybe get a small bit of XP for Bao-Dur or something, but the main thing is to repair the damn crate....
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