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  1. I have issues #1, #4, #5, #7, #8, #11 (twice) and #14.


    --- The Adventurer, Issue #4 ---


    Top Ten Reasons You Should Buy The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge


    10. Special cameo by Charo!

    9. Kids at school will laugh at you if you don't.

    8. It contains the antidote for the deadly virus we snuck on you[sic] hard disk when you installed Monkey 1.

    7. It'll put hair on your back.

    6. It will mean one less copy my mom has to buy.

    5. It doesn't have the word "Quest" in the title.

    4. Every time you pirate a game, a fairy dies.

    3. Odds of winning a million dollars cash are about equal whether you buy MI2 or a state lottery card.

    2. Chicks dig it.


    ...and the number one reason you should buy The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge is...


    1. Your parents will hate it.


    --- The Adventurer, Issue #4 ---


    I especially like number four on the list. It's got a certain contemporary flavor to it with this "Everytime you masturbate, God kills a kitten" joke running around the Net.

  2. Originally posted by QueZTone

    swordmaster, not to mention The Dig's music which is obviously originally Wagner's work


    Yes, I was just giving out some examples. :) The Dig's score is indeed based on the works of Wagner on which Michael built the incredible soundscape of the game.


    Telarium (or was it Serge?) also had an interesting story about Fate of Atlantis and a piece called Dies Irae. Don't remember the details anymore, though.

  3. Classical music in LucasArts titles is an interesting subject. :) In The Curse of Monkey Island, you can hear a reggae version of Wagner's Bridal March from Lohengrin. It's the second melody and not as often heard at weddings as the widely used "Here comes the bride".


    And obviously, Loom was classical all the way. Tchaikovsky owns.

  4. Originally posted by Moon Roach

    Hurray for the new color scheme and lucasfans logo, who designed it?


    I, uh, "designed" the whole thing. That's why I'm loving the arousal it's getting (for good or for bad).

  5. Moan, moan, moan. :rolleyes: The color scheme stays, unless you want to go back to fixed width. Your call, really. (Yes, I refered to the Colors C Shutt Hates design manual.) [This message was brought to you by United Eye Surgeons and the Optician Association.]


    As for the mods, I just took a brief look and thought GC was around since he's made so many posts. Guess he's not? Well, we can always change that if things don't work out. Didn't really have any deep thoughts behind the choices (as C Shutt's case goes to prove).

  6. Well kids, here we are more or less! Enjoy. Thanks to our resident forum guru Metallus for stuffing in all my weird requests. (Like making C Shutt and Doubleplus GC moderators. He objected, but I had my way!)

  7. ... for the ugliest color scheme on the web -- ever! Yes, this forum is finally getting a customized look and feel (complete with variable width tables! *audience goes wild*). It'll be crude, it'll be disgusting, it'll be everything you've learned to expect from LucasFans!





    the smooth operator

  8. I'm against death penalty. If even one innocent life is lost because of it, the price is already too high. And, when you come to think of it, sitting fifty years in a small prison room is much more of a punishment than "a quick escape" through death. (Sounds pretty grim, but give it a thought.)

  9. I just came back from the movies after seeing Signs. It was pretty good actually, had its fair share of popcorn-spilling spooky moments. The film was surprisingly unassuming, not many running-around-the-house-screaming-in-skimpy-clothing scenes. That style actually added to the scare factor.


    (Overall, I still prefer The Sixth Sense of Shyamalan's works.)

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