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  1. I seen that. Scion of Darkness. Sounds awesome. Am nearly halfway through reading the first chap now. [it's a BIG freakin chap! =o !! :lol: ]


    Haha, well, if it's the FIFTH rewrite then it's going to be an awesome chapter. That much I forsee. [Don't disagree with the Dark lord :xp: ... Just ask, CommanderQ, lol. That's just something you do not do! x]


    Not upto much ... Counting down the days until I can have my new Marshall Amplifier ... 200watts YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll save up enough so I'll be able to replace the windows after I smash them with just the sound, :evil1::lol:

  2. Hahaha, sounds like a fun thing. I'll join in but I don't know which side to take. I'm a Sasuke-kun fan :xp: But also of Naruto-kun.


    But hey, if Sakura-chan get's left out then I'm happy, haha.

  3. Oy, Apprentice! I demand to know two things!

    They are:


    1. What's goin' on?

    2. How are ya?




    .... I'm bored, leave me alone, :lol:.

  4. Hey, Chev ... What's crackin?

  5. Endoooo!

    What's crackin, fellow pirate?????

  6. As D_Y said: That would have been pretty cool. Otherwise, I'm happy with wearing just my Dark Jedi Master robe.
  7. I'm going to use a quote from a favorite movie of mine... They [Revan and crew] took the ship. Davik is dead. Who else is going to use the ship if not you? That's the way I look at it anyways.
  8. Its done, dusted and buried ... or eroded to nothingness ... whichever one. It shouldn't be in the MMO. Now THAT would be a pathetic attempt in linking the game with K1 and K2.
  9. If I can, a Grey Jedi. Just not up for the whole have to be Sith or Jedi thing. I would rather have my own philosophy and not be with either one, but .. If I have to choose .. I would probably choose Sith. I wouldn't be mean per se to get what I want, but I would rather learn all aspects of the Force than just the Light or Dark side. It'll be more helpful. But if I get that option is another thing altogether unfortuantly
  10. In this I'm thinking of the Rule of Two. It should only be the Emporer and Apprentice that can have the Darth title, as other's have already said. They are the leaders, and only they should be allowed to have that title. If you are with the Sith faction then you're just a servant and not worthy of that title unless you are chosen to be the nex apprentice. And in this case, seeing as though its a game, that's not likely to happen, so I think that would be a fairly good idea. You can have restrictions like certain requirements needed, but in given time, there will be hundreds of Darth's running around because everyone will want to get those requirements. As I said: Rule of Two. Only the two involved should be allowed to have that title.
  11. Sweet. In agreement with you Yar-El, I wonder what methods will be used in twenty years. Technology is going by so fast these days I wonder just how advanced it'll get!
  12. Cheer's, Fish Last painting for a while. This is the first one I ever did. [Yep, like Rach, I dug deep into the archives ] This one is titled, 'Outback'. It also won first place in a competition.
  13. If that's the case then I will pre-order it and make sure I get it the day it comes out. But because it's an MMO, I highly doubt it will. The start - middle - end part I mean. Of course, it'll have an engaging story; it's set in the Star Wars universe. What other story could be more engaging
  14. Hellooo. I figured thta seen as though you've commented on mine, I would repay the favor Here we go: For Arwen: I like the general drawing. Her hair and crown came out great. Wonderful job on those. Her face though, is a little "skew-wiff" in some places. Example: Her left eye is a little higher then what it needs to be. Maybe just bring it down a fraction my help even that out. Her nose lookes a little flat. Maybe adding a bit more shape to it, whilst adding some shading [only a little bit, try not to over-shade ] to give it a "full" length and volume look. And lastly: you could bring the lips to the side a little more so the small incline of her top lip can be position in line with the tip of her nose. It just gives the face an aspect of symmetry. I love the picture of the lions. Wonderfull work there, and nothing I need to add I also love the owl. How you gave a little more detail to the face than to the rest of the body was a nice touch. [i don't know if you meant to do that, but nice touch all the same ] For Ahsoka, are her arms and legs supposed to be that skinny? That's the only thing that kinda bugs me with that picture. But, it's your drawing and if you're happy with it, then I am :D:D You've improved a hell of a lot and I think you're drawings over all are awesomeness. I really hope I wasn't too mean with some of the things I said, and if I was, I apologize. I DO like your work, and I hope to see more of it in the future. Keep it up and good luck! [[EDIT: OK, for Arwen, I was going from the re-scanned picture. The picture beforehand looks better, I think, expect with the same issue with the lips. But other than that, as I said, I prefer the before version than the re-scanned one.]]
  15. :D:D Awesome-o! ... Yeah, I had fun with the water. That's my most favorite part of this pic. Glad you like Not really sure about the sky and mountains in the background but. I think the sky could have been a little lighter and and moutains little less ... edgy, I guess. They stand out too much imo. [[ ... Emmmmm!!!!!!! Hurry up and tell me what you think!!!!! ]]
  16. Thanks, Rach And, as you asked ... I call this, 'Serene Bay' [sorry about the flash ... Stupid camera
  17. I went to see RotJ three times when it was re-released. ESB is 2. RotS is 4. TPM ... 1 :/
  18. Oops, Bethesda represent???. ... *Badly whistles whilst edging out of the thread* .... Heh, my bad...
  19. ^^ One can only hope Am thinking of investing in starting to get that series.
  20. Well, I'm trying hard not to be my overly egotistical self There's not supposed to be a vanishing point either. It's meant to focus on the entire picture. Apparently not having a vanishing point actually accentuates that idea.
  21. Oh noes, TOR is planning to divide and conquer us! We must take a stand!!! I'll get it. That's a certain. It's no K3 but heck, might as well give it a shot before I start complaining about it.
  22. The True Sith are supposed to be lying low in the Unknown Regions so I highly doubt any gangs would know of them. But, who knows how they planned thier inevitable return to the galaxy. Kreia will always be my most favorite character of the Kotor series but not even she could know everything. Reban's position was unknown to her. Only speculation was her guide in that area.
  23. Sherlock and Watchmen of course. And Harry Potter is up there as well.
  24. I done it a few years back when I was like ... 14 or something. And it was only a small town art comp so I don't think they had many entries to choose from lol. I think I buggered up the cliff a lot and the rocks in the sea isn't the best either. Ah well .. the curse of just starting out I guess... Anyways .. Glad you all like
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