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  1. Well, that may be true I do love Doctor Who, but because I have to pay for something that many can get for free I'm a little annoyed. I WAS really excited about this. I dunno, I will have to think more about it.
  2. As much as I would love to play it, i'm not paying for it.
  3. I declare war! Rise of the Bounty Hunters? Ha! More like the rise of more-crappy-characters-set-out-by-George-Lucas-to-ruin-StarWars-even-more-and-lose-more-faith-in-his-first-fans.
  4. i highly recommend you sign the declaration of rebellion in the CWSH gruop

  5. It messes up canon, and it is too childlike, plus its nothing like the '03 series.
  6. Shaak Ti should go up to her and put her in her place! The show has had some good moments but they only last like 5 minutes.
  7. Ashoka needs to be destroyed, by Jar Jar.....oh, and in my opinion, Anakin was already ruined before the series started!
  8. Jedi Outcast was amazing and still is. I liked Dark Forces alot too.
  9. I though Cavil's death was very random and hilarious! Plus seemed very Cylon.
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