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  1. Kingdom Hearts III and Oddworld: New N Tasty!
  2. I sold all my 360 stuff two weeks ago. I never got to play the original Fable...
  3. I always laugh at this little joke I've found online, not counting the gifs. PS: 4 Xbox: 1
  4. Hail PlayStation! The PS4 might make my happiness level go OVER 9000!!!!
  5. EA, I hate you EA, I love you All at the same time.
  6. I'm very excited about the PS4 I might actually get it this year instead of waiting! Sony's Press Conference was the greatest Press Conference I have ever seen...ever. Destroyed Microsoft.
  7. I see it commonly being called Battlefront III by many but it seems DICE plans on starting over with their own spin on what Battlefront should be.
  8. I hate EA, but I do love BioWare, Visceral, and DICE. So I have mixed feelings but I could see good coming out of it, either way I forsee alot of Star Wars DLCs in the future... I actually really like Obi-Wan and the Episode I game. And Masters of Teras Kasi is so bad its good! But Kinect and TFU were disappointing indeed.
  9. I'm having a movie and video game marathon today! I'm treating this whole month as Star Wars month! It happened to be Free Comic Book Day as well!
  10. I got Dark Forces, DFII, and MOTS. I also got KOTORII, I never played it. The rest I have on disc form but I might get some more later haven't decided. I iwsh the X-Wing series was on Steam now! Very good prices.
  11. I thought there was some development involved? Enough to put a Psycho form Borderlands in there I suppose. Although not much. Either way I actually enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever. It definitely wasn't the best and kinda generic but it was nice change to all the COD clones out there.
  12. For a cancelled show thats alot of Emmy's! The microseries really is amazingly done, I prefer it TCW even though I enjoy both. The microseries really made the Clone Wars seem that much more epic, consistent quality. While TCW was very up and down. Good...gooooood.
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