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  1. better start preparing for Kaneda's epic return :p


    Name: Kaneda Yamagato

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Kenjustu Apprentice, Chuunin

    Appearance: http://drnice.deviantart.com/art/Ninja-Character-Design-202351076

    Personality: Laid-back yet Intelligent

    Weapons: Ceremonial Katana, Utility Belt

    Nature Type: Lightning, Wind and Plasma


    - Shadow Immitation Technique

    - Shadow Sewing Technique

    - Lightning Release: Shadow Torment

    - Kusanagi Sword: Chidori Katana

    - Beast Wave Palm

    - Wind Release: Katana Wave (Similar to Beast Wave technique: the user summons wind chakra through his blade and swipes a slicing chakra wave)

    - Wind Release: Wind Blade (The User infuses wind Chakra through his bladed weapon, enhancing its Speed and Power)

    - Plasma Release: Ion Blade (Instead of Wind Chakra, Kaneda infuses his blade with the created Plasma)

    - Wind Release: Flying Katana Storm (An upgraded version of Kaneda's Flying Kunai Storm Attack: instead of using his hands, he uses his katana blade to summon the chakra ring, which fires several spear-like projectiles down onto the opponent(s))

    - Werebeast Form

    - Ascended Beast Form (Due to Naruto's offering of his bijuu blood during the final battle of the Arashi Incident, Kaneda no longer needs to feed upon others chakra, nor use his Yin Seal which was removed, to enhance his stats and abilities. Though technically labelled as an artificial Jinchuuriki, its not as powerful and effective as Naruto's original full powered nine-tailed beast forms. Kaneda can choose to either fight in the Default Werebeast Form, or upgrade to Ascended if things get extremely difficult.)

    Background: For the past year, Kaneda had spent his time learning and training at the Masurao Kenjustu Academy. He had given up most of his old techniques in favour of newly sword-based ones. Since the epic battle the previous year, Kaneda has been going under some therapy, due to harbouring a part of the nine-tailed spirit from Naruto - at times he finds it difficult to cope psycologically with another spirit lurking inside of him. He has been sent back to Konoha to assist with the investigation of the new threat; gladly giving him the chance of a reunion with his long lost friends.

  2. Tom eyed the Asari clenching her fists, as if ready to unleash a biotic kick to Hawking's face. Quite feisty, but perhaps could not blame her. Atleast to Tom, Hawking looked like quite a cold hearted character; the type he tries to avoid conflict with.


    "Well if that is the case, than might I ask about that new medigel? I am a doctor, perhaps I might be able to assist you"


    Hawking gave Chiron an evil eye. "A Krogan Doctor? Quite the rarity; you people are indeed a peculiar bunch." he crossed his arms, in an authoritive way. "But I should point out to you that non-personel are not authorised to such priviledged review and information. Krogan Especially."


    "In my presence, Executor..." Tuhrop added sternly. "I will not tollerate such discrimination against any of my crew mates."


    "My apoligies, Captain. But seeing as this is a Systems Alliance controlled facility, exclusively run by humans, you must understand we are abit weary with outsiders." Hawking replied, no hint of sympathy behind such cold words.


    "So...Neesa was it? How long do you think all of this will take?"


    Neesa turned to Zack. "I expect within the next few hours. A night by maximum."


    She glanced at Tuhrop. "I truelly am sorry about the inconveniance, Captain. But because we are dealing with Cerberus Opperations, you must understand its well worth the wait."


    "We'll cooperate, for now." Tuhrop resignated. "Take us to our quarters."

  3. "If I may ask Hokage, do you know where Tategami is? I haven't seen him since we got back and I'd like to see him again."


    "Tategami is currently within the Land of Tea conducting a mission. Though I just received word yesterday that he'll be returning ASAP to brief me on his overall mission status and results."


    He pulled from his filing cabinet a document marked with logo of the Masurao Kenjustu Academy. "And speaking of Kaneda... Since his import to the Kenjustu Academy, I have been mailed his progress reports. He appears to be doing quite well; save for History Lessons (was not my strongest subject either)." Naruto smiled sheepishly. "Though they have just started giving him assignments for practical assesment."




    Soaring through the clouds, a dove approached the proximity that was Konoha. It flew towards the housed perch where all the other messenger birds flew resided.


    It flew passed the buildings, zoomed through the open window of the housed birds and sat on one of the open perches. A scroll with a message tied to its scaley leg, with name and address printed on the base of it. A message intended for Karela was written as follows:




    Sorry I have not written in a while: I've been conducting assignments and practical assesments, and its hard work. Believe me.


    I have received word of your return to Konoha. I have been informed of some recent developments: its good to hear you and Takeda have caught up. And Asuka as well. I figured I may as well join the club: they asked if I would like to join your mission as one of my first serious assignments, and I said yes. By the time you get this, I oughta arrive within the next day. Looking forward to seeing you, there is alot to catch up on.


    Yours faithfully


    Kaneda xox

  4. Naruto was not at all suprised with Takeda leaving the office; confused and frustrated. Though he could see the look of shock in Karela's eyes.


    "I-I'm sorry about that...I really don't know what got into him."


    "Dont blame yourself." Naruto added. "Its obvious he is going through a tough time. Probably ever since that battle from last year. We lost many people."


    He held onto his hands and placed them on the table calmingly. "You're his friend, Karela. Its up to you to support him. Maybe he needs some time, in which case I'll be more than happy to give him time off from the mission."

  5. "Hey Tom, do you think Ghost feels at home?"


    "Maybe you should ask him yourself?'' Tom replied to Zacks comment, looking out of the window of the underwater world.


    "Have you made many developments with medical advances?' Tuhrop asked the representative.


    "We are currently in the works of a new type of medigel, designed efficiently for soldiers on the battlefield. Unfortunatly, I cant spare much detail; its classified." she eyed Tuhrop. "But right now we are more interested in the data you have on Cerberus. How is it you acquired it?"


    "Derelict Cerberus Vessel. We'll tell you all the details once we speak to your boss."


    "He's not here at the moment, I'm afraid. He's at the colony making negotiations." The representative revealed. "I am his Personal Assistant... I apoligise, I did not formely introduce myself. I am Neesa, I organise the Head Facility Manager's calendar and appointments. If we just store it in his archive for now, we'll begin analysing once he returns."


    They passed through the main lobby, which was populated with employees and receptionists. The modern architecture was remarkable visually. Pillars of marble stone could be spotted, which Tom intepreted as art deco.


    Neesa, the receptionist, walked them towards one of the desks - where a tall skinny man was standing next to. He had slick black hair and a skull-like cheek boned face. He wore an all black tunic, defining his visual sense of pride. Something about him rubbed Tom off the wrong way.


    "Executor Hawking, Head of the Research Facilities security." Neesa introduced. 'He will give you a guided tour, if you wish. He will also lead you to your quarters."


    "Our... quarters?" Tuhrop enquired. The thin man eyed the Turian.


    "I'm afraid this is part of our security protocol. You must remain here, in this facility, until the Head Facilities Manager returns from the Negotiations." Hawking spoke in a raspy voice. "Afterward, he will appoint to analysing "your data" and report to the systems alliance cyberwarfare devision. You cannot leave until all of the above is complete, and without my supervision."

  6. "I always love a fight," she told Zack, "but on the chessboard. Mostly."


    "Ayah, I always hated chess..." Tom added, awkward elevator music like from the citadel was playing in the background. "Everytime I go up against someone, its either a draw or a loss. I've always been a blackjack sort of person..."


    Admitting his weakeness in chess was probably alot better than reminding Quiri of how she almost got herself killed by Eclyspe Mercenaries just from playing one game. Not to mention the fact that it probably was not the appropriate occasion with the Facility Representative in the elevator with them.


    The elevator made a halt. The door slid open, and revealed a wide hallway; with a window running across the wall overlooking the underwater world below the ocean. People wearing lab tunics and security officer uniforms were seen everywhere.


    "Impressive..." Captain Tuhrop was able to mutter.

  7. Naruto was not at all pleased to hear Takeda's particular choice of words. Words that were all too familiar.


    "In case you forgot Takeda, these enemy shinobi seem to have tricks and jutsu that we've never seen before. If they managed to bring Zarela back from the dead then they may have brought more of them back. And we have no idea how many would be back at Akagi's village."


    "That is essentially the concept of Team Work, you of all people should understand Takeda. With allies by your side, you gather the strength you need. Working alone will have you facing difficult situations where you are forced to get out of your own way."


    Naruto crossed his fingers and eyed Takeda. "Here's an example: I'm a bad guy. I hold you at knife point. I tell Karela to kill an innocent child, or you will die."


    "A close friend of mine once chose this path. He became one of the most notorious, dangerous people of the Shinobi World, and I was forced to kill him. Dont make the same mistake as he did."

  8. ""In the unlikely event that we don't find information on this new enemy in the archives I would like to make a request: I would like to take a small force back to Akagi's village just in case some of the enemy are still there."


    "Since the Samurai are now under our refuge, this inevitably will become one of Konoha's affairs." Naruto stated. "I will organise a Team for you, under the condition that a Jounin be selected for leading the epionage, of couse."


    He pulled from his filing cabinet a pile of documents, detailing profiles. "Takeda may accompany you as well, seeing as he is took a good role in the defences. Its logical of course to send you, because all of you have witnessed it first hand."


    Naruto placed his hands together. "Give me time to assemble you a team."

  9. Tom ran out from the ramp exiting the ship, so as to join the others. He was breathing heavily, like he was in a rush... which he was. He also could not help but admire the view of the ocean and the colony.


    Tom glanced apoligetically at Captain Tuhrop. "Sorry I'm late. I had to prep the ship's security firewalls before shore-leave."


    He assumed Rogue, the Geth Infiltrator, would not use the elevator. Even with camoflage on, it be easy to spot the outline of the invisible synthetic up close and personal. Tom speculated either a ventilation shaft, or even the elevator shaft itself. Either way, what was important was that Rogue was able to infiltrate the research facility undetected.


    Tom joined the others in the elevator. The mechanical doors slid shut, and Tom could feel the downward motion of the elevator moving down. Through the windows, they could get a good view of underwater world, with many coral reefs scattered and exotic fish swimming around.


    "This station does not intefere with marine biology?" Tuhrop enquired.


    "Unlikely." The representative claimed. "This facility is designed to be environmentally friendly. Its run by Hydroelectricity, naturally of course, and we have kinetic barriers surrounding the tower that ensure no marine life gets intefered."


    "What research do you do here exactly?"


    "We study and experiment further usages with element zero, since most of it on this world is harvested from beneath the ocean floor. There are other divisions in this facility we study, like Marine Biology. Sirta Foundation is one of our biggest sponsors, as our study with marine biology goes towards medical advances."

  10. "Akagi's village was destroyed by unknown forces. These shinobi we fought at his village...they were really powerful. We managed to save most of the villagers but Akagi lost a lot of men trying to drive them back. As of now...Akagi's villagers have no home and I was hoping that they could stay here."


    "Destroyed you said?" Naruto echoed. "Though they lack major practices for basic ninjustu, they are a tough enemy to face. To hear they have been swiped is indeed a disturbing thought."


    The Hokage crossed his arms. "We will provide a safe haven for the Villagers. But I'm afraid they are going to have to set up camp in the training fields; we dont have enough buildings here in Konoha to sustain and shelter an extra population.'


    "These shinobi are quite strong. They're much more difficult to combat, but can still be beaten. I shall find out where these shinobi got their abilities, and how they brought Zarela back if you will allow me,"


    "If these people are as dangerous as you make them sound, then by all means. Normally, we would send some of our own in the archives for research and investigation. But because you have had first hand experience with the enemy, I'll grant you full access to the archives. This acception is strictly limited to your investigation only."

  11. "I would have no trouble bypassing their systems," Rogue said, in a pleasant tone. "I can also be the lookout for Cerberus,"


    "If that is the case..." Tom switched his console off. "If you are confident enough in your skills, I have a job for you."


    If this synthetic was confident enough in its abilities, then there may be a way to do both tasks. "I want you to infiltrate the Research Facility. Undetected if possible."


    "Then I want you perform an espionage around the base. Find any possible connection to Cerberus. If there is, whether they have been notified of our arival should be relayed to us - give us a little heads-up warning. Understand?" (I'll pm you later Cyborg, for the details ;) ))




    The ramp of the Valkyrie descended down onto a platform, opening up the exit. Captain Tuhrop walked from the ramp and onto the metal floor.


    The docking platform of the research facility presented a beautiful view of the settlement. Tuhrop could hear the sound of crushing ocean waves surrounding the building. The facility seemed to also act as a lighthouse for the settlement as well, as high above them, Tuhrop could see some type of housed beacon at the top of the tower.


    Right before the offshore crew, a systems alliance uniformed representative approached Captain Tuhrop and exchanged a hand.


    "We have been looking forward to your arival, Captain Qui'in Tuhrop." she greeted.


    Tuhrop accepted the handshake. "I assure you, what we have is legitimate. This is definatly worth your full attention."


    He activated his omni-tool, and displayed a holographic representation of the Cerberus Genesis data. The representative rubbed her chin.


    "I see... We'll need to fully analyse this data. Why dont you and your crew step inside?"

  12. my first time playing a female character haha


    Name: Kiyoko West

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 31

    Rank: N7 Alliance Marine Lieutenant

    Class: Infiltrator

    Appearance: WIP

    Position: First Mate (Is this fine, Alkonium?)

    Backstory: Lieutenant Kiyoko West is an N7 Alliance Marine from Japanese Descent. She is an Earthborn, and joined the Systems Alliance at age 19. After earning her rank, her service record mainly consisted of recon and counter-terrorism assignments. Her most notable to date was leading a squad to prevent a pirates raid on the Human Colony Christin, and dealing with a hostage situation that involved reprogrammed mechs on a research station.

    Within the council's interest, they recomended sending specifically an N7 Marine on the mission, in reference to Commander Shepard's service. Kiyoko is strong willed, tech-savvy and can hack through almost anything to aid in combat.

  13. ((sure, no problem :) ))


    The Hokage woke up with a sudden disturbance. After his vision returned from its blurry state, he saw too all too familiar figures right before his desk. He had to pat the side of his head, to make sure he was not seeing things.


    "Either the hangover from the previous night is causing me to see things, or I'm seeing someone I havent caught up with in such a long time.


    He shook his head to make him snap out of it. "Karela-chan... its been... going on a year now I think!" Naruto scratched his head. Then his suprised face turned into a deep smile. He stood up to hug her. "Its good to see you! Konoha has not been the same without you!"


    Naruto then stared at the armored man whom stood next to Karela. It took him a while for him to recognise that it was Akagi, the Samurai from the far lands. "Akagi-san? What a reunion. I'd come over to hug you, but... I know how Samurai are when it comes to personal space." he laughed.


    He crossed his arms. "What brings you two here?"

  14. Two Days Later...


    Masurao Kenjustu Academy - Land of Forests


    Ryuu stood before the Warden - the head and the 3rd Generation Leader of the Masurao Kenjustu Academy. Her office was decorated with ceremonial weapons and armor. Pictures of her family stood on her desk, along with messes of paper and documents. She was a middle-aged woman, the colour of her hair matching her Yukata robe. Her most defining feature - a scar running across one of her eyes.


    "And thats the full story." Ryuu finished. "Please forgive me. I had to intevene - innocent lives were at stake."


    "You did well, Ryuu." Warden Kusanagi commended. "You provided us with the information we needed. Afterall, we (you especially) were very curious to what was occuring from your home of origin."


    "Karela will be looking through Konoha's archives to find clues as to who these people are and their goals."


    "And you say she's from Konoha? One of our recent pupil's friends perhaps?"


    "I have already notified him; I thought it best that he needed to know. He was abit suprised to hear about Karela. Afterall, its been a year. He's writing her a letter to her now as we speak."


    'No doubt. He is an excellent student. If we further investigate, it might be worth considering Kaneda Yamagato to assign it to him?"


    "I'll consider it..." Ryuu said.

  15. ((haha fear not, Archon. I dont intend on this RP dying - I'm too much inlove with the franchise to let that happen. Besides, you should feel complimented that I actually do read every word of your posts, because your intepretations of salarians are quite interesting to read :) ))


    "Human:Tom, I have to ask you something. It has been three years since the attack on the citadel, and the geth are no longer a threat. However I am aware you organics can still hold grudges. I believe simply walking off the ship would not be the best COA. Would you recommended I stay aboard the ship, or cloak myself and follow?"


    Tom turned around from his console to glance at the Geth which stood before him. "Hmm... I can see how this might pose as a problem..." Tom rubbed his chin. "If it just became news to me, the Alliance are not even aware the opposite faction of Geth have been reprogrammed."


    He began pacing back and forward. "I dont think following us would be a smart idea. If this is an state of the art Alliance Facility, they are most likely equiped with updated security. They might even be able to detect Geth Infiltration, even if you are cloaked with a Stealth Field Generator..."


    Tom thought about what he said, and chuckled sheepishly. "Listen to myself; I'm begining to sound like Kallick. There might be an alternative; you can probably hang around the town, and keep an eye out for suspicious activity outside of the facility. Give us a little heads-up warning if anyone like Cerberus is approaching."


    There was a slight turbulance and vibration. The ship had obviously docked. Tom continued his conversation with Rogue.


    "Or do you think you can find a way to bypass their security systems undetected? I dont know how you Geth work..."

  16. "I think that before we do anything else we need to get the samurai and the villagers to the hidden leaf village and consult the Konoha archives before we do anything."


    "Very well." Ryuu nodded. "Do you require any further assistance? I need to report back to the head of my Order, and give him an update. We may have to intevene, if this has become a serious matter."


    Afterall, Ryuu's primary objective was reconaisance. Intervening in a battle wasnt exactly part of the plan, but it wasnt like he could stand around doing nothing while watching people get slaughtered. The code he followed was flexible enough to allow him to do so, within proper reason.


    He needed to report back. The newest pupil, Kaneda, might be interested in what Ryuu had to say; what with encountering one of his old friends. And besides, he also originated from Konoha as well.

  17. "Well she's okay in my book Tuhrop, she's not a fan of Cerberus,"


    "I cannot imagine any other sentient who would be." Tuhrop added simply. "Extremists, the lot of them are."


    He glanced at Zack and smirked. "I've got work to do, Hudson. I'll talk to you later." the Turian was about to walk off. "Oh, and Hudson: in the future, try not doze off during our crew meetings. You're involved in this just as much as everybody else."


    Tuhrop walked off the scene.





    The Valkyrie appeared right before the mass relay, after making the jump. Soaring through the heavens of the Harding System of the Helix Nebula. Within the next hour, a small ball growing larger in the distance appeared through the cockpit window.


    Osiris appeared on their scanners. Most of the planet was covered by oceans of liquid water. European-sized areas were spotted on the planet's surface, and the atmosphere was nitrogen-oxygen based. Perfect choice for colonisation.


    Vessels and Cruisers surrounded the planet below. Tuhrop opened a communications channel.


    "Osiris Control, this is GS Valkyrie: requesting permission to land?"


    "GS Valkyrie, this is Osiris Control. As you are within Systems Alliance and Citadel Space, our security protocol is initiated."


    Tuhrop stated their business, claimed quarantine and informed them that they are carrying weapons. He also provided identification and registration of the ship.


    "GS Valkyrie, this is Osiris Control. Permission to land has been granted. Please be advised that once entering a Systems Alliance controlled building, you are not authorised to carry weapons. Understood?"


    "Crystal Clear..." Tuhrop acknowledged. "Valkyrie out!"


    The Valkeryie descended into the atmosphere below, and made her way towards the human colony. It was a settlement right where the beach is; probably larger than any typical human colony.

    Its most notable landmark was the tower standing within the ocean, surrounded by sea water. Most likely the research facility they were meant to head towards.


    Tuhrop pulled switched on the intercom. "This is the captain, we have arrived at the colony and are about to dock. Please get yourselves ready, and keep in mind alliance security protocol forbids bringing weapons into the research facility."

  18. Cade threw his luggage on the floor by the corner of his quarters. Atleast his room offered a decent bed and a porthole looking into the great empty void of space - all the essentials he needed.


    Suddenly, Cyan - the binjiphant and Lyna's pet arrived on the scene. It jumped onto his shoulder, and began chirping with affection.


    "Heh, how you doing you little rodent?" he ruffled up Cyan's fur. "Its been a while, hasn't it? I wonder what ever happened to those little pups you squeezed out a few years back?"


    He stood up, and began unpacking his things. Time to get settled, and be ready for the next set destination.

  19. "I was actually thinking that we could head to the hidden leaf village and see if they can give them shelter. The hidden leaf is one of the larger villages and it may have enough room. As for this other village...I've never heard of it before."


    "Jōmae is a village located within the Land of Keys. The shinobi residing there are experts in espionage and reconaissance. Arguably, they have the biggest information network in all of the Shinobi World."


    "Of course, their services are not cheap. Their Information is a currency to them; it is their weapon. Their defence. And they would rather die then expose their secrets. Well, secrets regarding the safety for their entire village understandably."


    Ryuu paced closer to Karela. "If this threat is outside their boundaries, then negotiation may be possible. But like I said: it wont be cheap. They will want something in exchange."

  20. "And it appears that they have the ability to bring people back from the dead. I know of only one type of jutsu that does that and from what I saw they weren't using it. This jutsu was something new."


    "I dont know of any group that fits with that description." Ryuu added. "Nor one that uses that particular category of forbidden justu as their signature."


    He walked to the edge of the cliff, and gave a small rock a little kick down below. "Can match similarities with familiar organisations and syndicates, but... or perhaps they have advanced and developed new battle stradegies. Too difficult to decypher."


    "Arashi are probably out of the question. Not many remnants left around the world to sustain themselves. Their prime motive was harvesting, to make themselves stronger."


    He turned back to Karela. "Once we get these people to safety, you will probably need to consult with other villages. Konoha might have a large enough archive to determine who they are. Or perhaps even the Jōmae Village , but there it may be difficult to negotiate with them."

  21. Tom listened to Naut'uan, explaining how sapient species may be unable to understand or comprehend a hanar soul name without the use of certain technologies or implants. It made sense, if a soul name could only be limited through body movements, visual communication and bioluminescence.


    "Tom is a good friend, so please be happy with the knowledge that Tom may call It by a nickname, as most other hanar would take great offense at being called an ethereal being of undeath, or even at having a 'nickname' at all, this is a good example of It's hick nature. Tom will earn the knowledge of It's Soul Name one day, as will It's other friends: John, Kallic, Chiron, Selia...... Maybe not Selia."


    "Heh, understandable..." Tom agreed.


    "This One hopes Tom is happy with this explanation, if not, then It is truly sorry, and apologizes most deeply. It would bow in deference, but It would rather not plow the ship into a mass effect field."


    "That probably wont be necasary." Tom added. "Sorry on my behalf as well: I didnt mean to pry. I was mainly curious, Ghost. I dont know that much about your species. If it is that important to you, of course your entitled to your own personal matters and beliefs."


    Tom looked down the bridge from the cockpit. "I've got to get back to work. Good talking to you, Ghost."


    He walked down the bridge and passed the CIC. Tom took the stairway down where the General Crew Quarters were located. There the Asari guest was speaking with the captain, as well as surrounded by other crewmen.


    "Wow... she sure did won the weekly popularity contest." Tom muttered under his breath. "It must be quite claustrophobic..." he took the elevator down to the engineering deck.


    Tuhrop wondered if Tom was thinking the same thing just as Zack, one of the Freelance Mercenaries, walked into the scene. He began admiring Quirinius.


    "So this is what we did on Omega? Tuhrop you sly dog, I didn't think you'd actually listen to one of my ideas,"


    "I "did" nothing. I got hunted throughout Omega, and the next thing I knew Tom, Chiron and Kallick brought her aboard."


    The next thing he knew Zack began flirting with the Asari. Tuhrop looked a little sheepish. "I apoligise; Zack may lack proper courtesy, but he's one heck of a Vanguard. Which by the way, I'm sorry we couldnt stay on Omega long enough for you to find work."

  22. "The journey from here to the mountains is safe. We won't encounter any attackers,"


    Ryuu nodded, the wind blowing in his face. The villagers should be safe, hidden within the caverns of the mountain.


    Karela approached Takeda, open to suggestions as to what to do next. She turned to Ryuu, with the same question. Takeda was the first to respond.


    "Perhaps we should bring the villagers to Yoroi and his village. I do not believe Zarela knows where that is,"


    "We must also not rush into action. We dont know who these people are. Otherwise, they would not have sent me on a recon mission. If we find out exactly who or what we are dealing with, we can build a strategy. We need somewhere with a vast archive to determine who it is."

  23. "That makes little sense, Tom, we can't get off of their hit list before they know it, without them knowing it..."


    "The one they call "Illusive Man" would... but you're right: my apoligies." Tom scratched his head sheepishly.


    "This one doesn't think we'll stand a chance, considering, but self preservation says that It will try."


    Tom found the hanar's unique usage of pronouns amusing. The way Ghost always refered to himself atleast. "I've always wondered, if not curious, Ghost; as to why the hanar always call themselves "it". I've heard something about how they have Soul Names...?"




    Tuhrop watched Quirinius' performance. She was quick, and her concentration was very high. She might make a useful Biotic as well.


    "Well, I'm certainly impressed. I was actually asking if you had any notable technical skills, but this could work well for all of us. We mainly specialise in transportation and deliveries: especially collected bounties during those particular assignments. We are Freelancers... Mercenaries... Oddjob People. You'd make a fine addition to security. Especially with Cerberus on our tail."


    "An unwise decision Asari:Quirinius. Rogue noted Quirinius' claim. "Your attack would only have forced me to take action. I would have had to incapacitate you, or kill you if you continued to attack. Your time control requires much concentration, both a strength and a weakness. I would have also detected you when you drew closer thereby losing your element of surprise. I would have turned and shot you in the stomach to stop your movements, then to your throat if you continued to attack,"


    "Ehough, the both of you..." Tuhrop interupted. "I will not have my crew fighting over who is the better of the rest. We are equals." he smirked at both the Geth Platform and the Asari.

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