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  1. Quirinius told the story of her Krogan father and her growing up. Then went back to the topic of her current situation. Explaining that she couldnt go back to Omega, given her circumstances and life/death situation... not that that was uncommon for every citizen living on Omega.


    "I don't want to spend the rest of my life running and hiding--or, at least the remainder of my Maiden years."


    "Then perhaps a compromise is in order." Turhop proposed. "I may have an offer: as you may realise, its not as simple as hiding out on this ship for the remainder of your years... mind you, Asari live for such a bloody long time." he jested. "I do have a crew position available to you. You work for me, and I'll provide you food and a place to sleep. Plus the standard crew wagers. Far better, and honest life than being a Omega."


    "If you are interested, I'll need to know what type of skills you have."




    "This One thanks you Tom, your assistance is most welcome. It was a bit of a hassle turning around mid-jump to return to the Sahrabarik System from going to the Farther System, but we encountered no hostility, which It counts as fortunate. It only hopes our journey into the Traverse is just as uneventful,"


    "Any time, Ghost." Tom acknowledged. "And with luck, we'll be off of Cerberus' hit list before they even know it."


    He walked towards the control panel to the side of the wall, and flicking a few switches. Doing the whole "techgeek-to-ship inteface routine" Tom always labbeled it as. "If not, well... We're all hoping you do the impossible for us Ghost. No preasure." he smirked.

  2. I know you're having problems with getting online, but if you have a DSi, then it's able to connect to the net through WPA, however DS games only use WEP security. To solve this problem, best thing to do is to turn off the security settings for that period of time so you don't have to deal with WPA or WEP or whatever.


    That kind of seems like a waste though: turning off my internet security for the sake of ONE pokemon. Thats why I wanted to do it the old fashioned way and having to wait. 70 days has gone by, and so far no Riolu. I've obviously done something wrong :( too think all that effort of patience has been for nothing...


    Honestly, I've never messed with the Safari Zone, go to McDonald's and use the free Wi-Fi and check the GTS for Riolu (assuming you've at least seen one and it's in your Pokédex). Or you can wait until Black and White come out because I will most likely start playing again and I pretty much completed Lynk's Pokédex for him...


    Oh and if you're going for a Riolu it is probably unlikely, but if you have a Lucario just make it **** a Ditto and you're good to go.


    Thats kind of the whole point with me finding Riolu in the first place: he is not in my Pokedex. I'll do as you suggested and see if my local McDonalds would allow me to connect my DSi to WiFi.


    Other than that, I dont know anyone else who legitally owns Diamond/Pearl or a Riolu for that matter. I say "legitally" because I got conned by my a$$hole of a friend to eat the last slice of pizza one night, in exchange for trading me a Riolu. I did so grudgingly with a full stomach... only to conclude with him saying that he doesnt own one, or Diamond and Pearl.

  3. I may as well sike up you hardcore Pokemon fans out there for the upcoming Black and White series coming out soon. But thats beside the point: I am in need of some desperate help. I keep looking up online, and nothing seems to work for me: I am being provided with mixed responses and different opinions - all of which is driving me to the brinks of frustration.


    Most of you are probably thinking: "why did you come here?". Two reasons; I need a solution to my problem, and secondly, I cannot be bothered signing up to another forum.


    I own a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver. And like most people, I am having trouble trying to capture a Riolu from the Safari Zone. I have been given the blocks, and placed 10 Forest Objects and 14 Peak Objects within the Meadow. I tried changing the DS clock to add 70 days to the game time - which expectadly did not work. So then I had to actually wait 70 days, since December 1st last year. There is still no sight of Riolu. I even used repel, to ward off the weaker pokemon and increase my odds of finding a Riolu. After a few more digging, I began suspecting Riolu only arrives during the mornign, according to some unconfirmed sources, so I changed the DS clock to suitable time in the game. That too has not worked.


    I dont understand what I am doing wrong. What I described above is exactly what I have done. I got the block informaiton for the Safari Zone from Serebii.net. If any of you has played this game and is an uber expert with the Safari Zone, can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong and guide me through the process step-by-step? Much will be appreciated.


    ((And no, dont even bother sharing your friend-code with me and offer a trade: even though my DS is connected to the internet, for some reason it is blocking me from playing online. Its impossible for me to resolve.))

  4. ((oh very well then :rolleyes: we'll do a slight time skip. We've already planned what we were doing anyway :) ))


    Ulrich keyed in the galaxy map the coordinates to the Helix Nebula: their chosen destination. There an Alliance Research facility was situated on a human colony world labelled Osiris, within the Harding System.


    Hopefully they wont be tailed by Cerberus Opperatives on their way, or to the most of their worries: already be waiting for them.


    Ulrich walked into the cockpit where the Hanar floated amongst the ships controls. "I've keyed in the coordinates to the Helix Nebula. We ought to arive their within a few hours." he informed Nau'tuan, or "Ghost" as some of the crew members refered to him. ( ;) )




    As everyone was dismissed, Tuhrop approached their Asari guest. "Quirinius, right?" he greeted. "May I simply call you Quiri? Its much easier..."


    He crossed his arms. "Anyway, back to the point. Given under these circumstances of bringing you aboard my ship to patch you up, theres the question of what we do with you. As you are undoubtly aware, we are heading for Osiris, within the Helix Nebula. Do you have someplace to go?"

  5. ((ok, what the hell just happened? Why is it that we are missing a few days worth posting/replies? I refreshed the webpage a few times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. Are any of yous seeing the same thing as I am, because I swear we had more replies on this thread. Now they vanished!))

  6. Kallic assumed correctly: everybody was expected to attend. Including the pilot.


    "Will be at the conference - on time this time, too - will analyze syringe, hopefully with Chiron's help, in the meantime. Will it be in the general quarters ((the ship's living room basically)) or galley? Oh, and should I bring the asari if she comes-to?"


    "The general quarters will do perfectly..." Tuhrop looked abit sheepish. "I've just realised very rarely do we hold a conference between crew members. Depends upon our circumstances."


    "And yes, if the Asari wakes up and is a stable condition, she is invited to come along." And with that, Tuhrop left the medical bay.




    Half an hour later, Tuhrop and Ulrich were standing around the quaters awaiting for everybody to show up.


    "Have we figured out on what to do with the data, sir?" Tom said, after a long silence. Tuhrop glanced down at him.


    "Thats why I'm holding a crew conference. I want everybody's opinion on this; this data is worth more trouble then it is."


    "If it belongs to Cerberus, should we not take it up with the Citadel Authorities?"


    Tuhrop gave a pfft. "We are within the Terminus Systems. The Citadel Council doesnt give a vorcha's ass about them. I doubt they'll be kind to lend us a hand."

  7. "We'll also be in Nal Hutta shortly. Make yourself at home."


    "Thank you. I'll go set up, and meet you later..." he left the cockpit to walk towards the crew quarters. Cade had been on many ships before. He was always on the run in deep space, either from something or voluntarily.


    It was a rather fine looking ship. Cade could get used to this. He made his way to his appointed room within the crew quaters. Atleast his room had a porthole overlooking the outside.


    Soon the ship took off and away from the docking bay of Zeltros. It exited the atmosphere and into darkness of space...

  8. "It's time that we get moving."


    Ryuu nodded. He then looked over at Takeda. Even with his mask on, he knew that look in his eyes. Given from the way he looked at Asuka, like she abandoned him. But Ryuu could somehow also sense she was not the only one. Loneliness - an inflicting, distractive wound that would take time to heal


    Ryuu could relate, but now was not the proper time to acquaint himself with everyone: they needed retreat the villagers to the mountains where they could seek refuge.


    "I should scout ahead, and make sure we do not run into any ambushes."


    Ryuu walked towards the one named Asuka, who was just standing there feeling guilty. He looked above her, the collar of his Haori covering his mouth and only his steel colored eyes were visible. "We need to get moving."


    He turned around and continued onward to the Mountains.

  9. ((haha thanks Archon. I admire your enthusiasm ^-^))


    Kalick and Chiron explained who the Asari was, and how she was brought here. How Tom and Frank found her, paged Chiron and took her to the medical bay.


    "Chiron respond to Tom's page first, know more than I, can only give you the technicals Captain, but she is, as of now, disarmed, and shall remain so until you say. Have to admit Captain, she's a bit - as the humans say - 'gung-ho', very unpredictable, but can trust her for the most part."


    "Unpredictable? Thats a comforting thought..." Tuhrop added. He walked towards the Asari, and noticed rapid eye movement underneath her lids.


    "Besides, need more women aboard, too much male friction - including Selia, too - not good for morale, soft touch nice addition. Take my 'professional' advice."


    Tuhrop chuckled at Kallicks comment. "Are you implying my ship needs a "womans touch", Kallick?" he smirked. "And techincally, she isnt a woman. But I'll talk about possible recruitment with her when she awakens. She does owe us for this, after all."


    ((Quick! Somebody hold Quirinius' hand! She needs a big hero!))

    ((umm... ok :confused: practicality taking place :D ))


    Quirinius' hand fell off the bed, and looked limp. Tuhrop picked it up from the air, and placed it back onto the bed. He reached for a Heart-Rate Wrist Monitor and strapped it to her wrist. "If she took a something that halted her bodily functions, then best to keep an eye on her for now." He stood up and stared at his crew.


    "I will be holding a conference in the next half hour, in light of recent events."

  10. "It's times like these I wish Kaneda was here. He would know what to do."


    Ryuu ears raised up when he heard her speak "Kaneda". He knew that name. One of the new students who enrolled in the Kenjustu Academy located within the Land of Forests. Quick learner. Also a very laid-back sort of person, depending on what aspect people see it as. Ryuu viewed it as a weakness.


    "I know that name... though there are many who are given such a name throughout the world. I wonder if out of all those, the one you mention is the one I am aquainted with."


    He glanced at Karela. "Originated from Konoha, I think... excellent student. Not to mention lazy. He who your talking about?"

  11. An hour later, Cade returned to the dock - carrying a bag of his luggage, and another bag filled with basic essentials when going on a mission; medpacks, ammunition, etc...


    He climbed aboard the ramp leading into the freighter Lyna labelled as "The Justice". He was looking forward to seeing the ship through her paces, and how it compares to the Ossanian Angel - which was now in the hands of his own team. Before leaving, he made it clear to them that if they sold her, than he we'll be coming back for a little "compensation".


    He walked to the cockpit, where he found Lyna. "I'm back. Whats available for accomodation?"

  12. "I have no idea who you are but I just want to thank you for helping Akagi and his men. If you hadn't shown up when you did we might not have made it out of the village alive."


    Ryuu glanced back. "I was sent here to investigate, because I knew the village well... this was once my home."


    He looked back at the village, being slowly swarmed with the enemy shinobi. Then back at Karela. "Then I sought another life. But regardless of our differences, they are still my people. I am glad to offer you my assistance."


    "But you know more than I do already. We intercepted mysterious behaviour in the region, therfor sending me to investigate. Do you have any clue as to who they are and what they are after?"

  13. "Captain, you can call me Rogue," the Geth Platform extended an arm. Hesitantly, Tuhrop shook the Geth's hand. Clearly organics have been under the observation of sentient machines for a long time.


    "Welcome Aboard, "Rogue"" Tuhrop's mandibles positioned to form what appeared to be a grin. He crossed his arms. "Alright, uh... integrate into the Valkyries systems. And we'll discuss the Cerberus/Genesis data later. There's another matter I need to attend to."


    He left the brig, after nodding at Thiyan. He walked to the medical bay; where Kallick, Chiron and Frank stood over the comatose Asari laying on the bed.


    "Damn. Just as I am about to interogate her, she falls asleep at a conveniant enough time." Tuhrop said to his amusement. He stared at the Asari, and the jury infront of her.


    "Who is she and how did she get onboard." he then turned his attention to the Human with a Walrus Moustache. "And who are you?"

  14. "That was before the Revelation. Most Geth did not worship the Reapers. They saw the Reapers as Old Machines and the Geth that did join as Heretics. After Revelation the Heretics rejected the Old Machines and now all Geth share the view points of the True Geth,"


    It was interesting watching the Geth, and the responces it provided. Not many people have had the opportunity to interact with a geth this up close. Tuhrop saw very little reason how or why a machine would be even capable of lying.


    He sighed. "I hope I dont regret this..." he reactivated his omni-tool, and disabled the mass effect field barrier imprisoning the Geth.


    "Alright. If you're going to stay aboard my ship, then you will follow me under my command as your captain. So what should we call you?"

  15. Ryuu just finished pulling his blade out from an enemy shinobi. He was interupted of course when Karela came out of nowhere and ordered a retreat. Akagi responded, and called his troops back.


    Ryuu dodged an uncoming attack, and leaped atop of a nearby rooftop. He swung his blade through the air to clean it from the staining blood, and out it back in its sheath. He followed Akagi and the rest of the Samurai Warriors across the bridge and towards the mountains where the villagers hid themselves.

  16. Tuhrop continued staring at the Geth. He wondered if it had any reason to lie. Is a machine even capable of lying?


    "I saw the vessel and was curious. I downloaded a copy of the files to my omni-tool and attempted to hack them. I could only decipher the word "genesis"."


    "So you want to help us decypher the file?" Tuhrop recalled. "You're asking to join us? But I thought the Geth are allied with the Reapers - sentient machines that threaten organic life?"




    Ulrich watched the Asari shake Chiron's hand, with a sense of doubt behind his eyes. Was it a mistake bringing her onboard? Could she be trusted? Afterall, she did compete in a sport that involved slavery as the grand prize.


    He also felt the same about Frank. Could he be trusted? Was he really what he said he was?


    Ulrich shook his head, and rubbed his eyes. He had better things to worry about then trust issues. "I got to get back to my duties. System Diagnostics wont run themselves." he exited the medical bay, and headed towards the command deck computer, near the cockpit. It was during then that he remembered the Captain mentioning about a Geth onboard.

  17. "What were you searching for then?" Thiyan asked. "This 'Genesis' you're looking for... what is it? Was it something we found on that freighter? Captain, do you know what it's talking about?"


    "It was part of the reason why we were on Omega." Tuhrop began. "When we encountered the derelict Cerberus Freighter, we found an encrypted data file on the ship's main computer."


    He activated his omni-tool around his wrist. He searched through his archives to pull up a holographic representation of the file they encountered, written in a series of characters and numbers Tuhrop could not understand - the only thing understandable was the file's title: Genesis.


    "Whatever this thing is, it almost costed me my life. I was with an information broker, trying to sell this. In the midst of negotiations, a Sniper took out the broker and his guards. He's been chasing me around the markets, up until now."


    Tuhrop continued to gaze at the orange holographic projection of the Genesis file. "My guess, it was an agent for Cerberus; trying to clean up their own mess."


    The captain looked back at the Geth.


    "So what is your interest with this? Has it got something to do with the Geth?"

  18. Name: Alec Thade

    Race: Half-Elf

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Appearance: torchlight_alchemist.jpg yeah, i know :rolleyes:

    Reaver Type: Soulreaver

    Equipment: Nirvana Staff (used as both a Melee Weapon and Long Range, as it gathers psykick energy attuned from the wielding Soulreaver), Hand Canon Pistol.

    Backstory: Previously, Thade worked as a Blacksmith at the ocean side Seanshire. He had not learned of his abilities until recently when he began hearing people's thoughts. Unable to control them at first, he was soon discovered by the Authorities and the Priests. He has been on the run since then, leaving from town to town. Eventually, he came across a village that wasnt within the jurastiction of the Priests, and learned to control his powers. Now he works as a local Blacksmith whom works under a different alias.

  19. "I... I understand. If you really want to help, you can. I don't mind. But if you change your mind, I won't hold it against you."


    'Wait..." he held up a hand to urge the Lyna clone to stop. "Just let me gather my essentials, and I'll rendevous with you later." he pulled out his dataPad.


    "You go on ahead, and I'll get ready. I can take a shuttle off world and meet you somewhere. Specify a destination?" he scratched his head. "Oh yeah, before you ask; remember that old rust bucket of a ship I had before you... um... nevermind... its still around here somewhere. Do you need it, or have you already got a ship?"

  20. "Not medical expert - that's why I ask you - would you agree that longterm observations of her physical stability and overall health would be best? Or do you feel she'll be fine with the 'regular' release procedures?"


    Tom stared at Kallic with a confused smirk. "Not a medical expert? And all that just came from the top of your head?"


    After Quirinius explained her former occupation, Tom scratched his head. "Aria T'loak was getting suspicious, and it doesn't pay to have her breathing down your neck. I'm Quirinius V'tala, by the way." She smiled by way of introduction. "I'm glad to meet all of you."


    "Tom." he pointed to himself. He looked over at the Salarian and the Krogan Doctor. "You've aleady met Kallic and Chiron. And our captain; Qui'in Tuhrop."


    He looked back at her. "Which by the way; you may want to speak with him in regards to your current situation and figure out what to do with you."




    Tuhrop walked from the bridge, and walked passed the medical bay. He took the stairway down towards the brig - where Thiyan and the Geth resided.


    It stood in the cell where it was imprisoned by a mass effect barrier. It was in the middle of a conversation with the drell. The turian joined in.


    "We're heading to the Farther star cluster for temporary refuge until we figure out our next course of action." he turned to the Geth.


    "I have questions for you. Its not usual to be in the presence of a geth where it can speak vocally. Or maybe our sub-dermal translation implants have gone haywire. But thats beside the point." he crossed his arms. "Are you going to pose a threat against me or my crew?

  21. Tuhrop walked towards the bridge, where the cockpit resided. The pilot seat was empty.


    "Naut'aun! Where the hell are you?" Tuhrop announced. Soon the Hanar floated into the cockpit. "We need to get this bird up in the air fast." Tuhrop added. "I dont think we will be visiting this place again any time soon..."


    It was hard to tell the expression given from a Hanar, but it could be assumed that the floating Jellyfish was confused. "How much did I miss out on, Captain?"


    "I'll explain later. Just get your keister glued into that chair of yours and get us the hell out of here!"


    "May I point out captain, that we Hanar do not share similar digestiv-"


    "NOW!" Tuhrop barked.


    The pilot did as he was told. The Valkyrie detatched itself from the docking-bay platform, and hovered in mid air. The engines fired up and flew the freighter through the downward structures of omega. Soon the red jellyfish was shrinking into the distance, as the Valkyrie soared away from the asteroid field.


    "Specify a destination?" Ghost enquired.


    "Anywhere thats not here!" Turhop replied.


    "Very well, the Fathar star cluster it is!"


    The Valkyrie engaged the FTL drive, and soon entered a spinning vortex of stars. Ghost rested his hands behind his head.


    "Alright, we oughta arrive there within less than an hour." Naut'aun "said" happily.


    "Well done, Naut." he turned around and walked out of the cockpit. "I have something I need to attend to..."




    "This is the Valkyrie my dear. You should stay here for at least another hour. Then you can walk about that ship if you wish....as it appears we must be leaving."


    There was a sudden rumble and turbulance. Soon the heavy vibration stopped.


    "I think we have already left." Tom eyed around the medical bay. He looked back at the Asari, and added a continuation of the story.


    "Anyway, we found you in the club just lying on the floor. Scared off the Salarian and the two Krogan Body Guards, and called Chiron for assistance. Then we took you aboard, treated you and then happily ever after."


    Tom made a slight pace around the room. He stopped and crossed his arms. "Unless of course we get stalked by Eclypse Mercs and Chess Fanatics?"


    ((edited for the sake of Archon's Hanar character, so as to fit him in with the RP :) ))

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