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  1. They're included in the ultimate talkie version, because that one uses a low-effort MIDI recreation that some LucasArts music site made 20+ years ago.
  2. Fun and wonderfully animated. "Are you El Carlo?"
  3. Yeah, it does - but it's really hard to tell how, since the original publication in the 1800s had no indication of harmony - and various versions have used the simple "implicit" harmony, or something slightly more "spicy". So, other than the standards of the 1600s (when it was supposedly written, although we don't know if the melody is newer), the harmony in MI2 might be the correct "original" one, for all we know.
  4. Just to demonstrate that (only usable on desktop, and Firefox likely won't like it, since Firefox doesn't like WebMIDI) Here are the two versions after each other - very small notes, even on a large screen (because I never finished adding ways for it to "wrap lines"). You can remove the first or second line in the text field to see either of them a bit larger. https://music.jither.net/?share=Gs2WvmuS1j0nnnTKfVz3 And here they are on top of each other - the original transposed up an octave, but other than that, just added a few pauses to line it up with the MI2 version. https://music.jither.net/?share=8ZQZHIxDilTxhIBBrpQ4 (Note: The first measure is an anacrusis/"pickup measure" of 3 beats rather than a full 4 beat measure, just because I found a bug in my player that wouldn't play back if multiple staffs start with a pause). I also know this one from childhood - it's a recurring motif in a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. And I never considered that it would be anything but a reference to the German song - not least because the lyrics could describe the fate of someone with a gambling problem.
  5. On a related note: Until the remaster, I actually thought we saw Bernard's eyes whenever he faced left or right. My mind always interpreted one of the pixels of the rim of his glasses as a pupil for some reason. Why my mind never questioned why he was always looking at the ground, I will never know.
  6. @s-island is correct - and indeed, in the Loom intro, min-jiffies is set to 0. Which is "as fast as possible".
  7. Added some more of those pesky "L" vs "I" OCR-errors (and "RN" vs "M") - if there are any left, you'll probably find most of them if you do a spell-check on the text But looking great!
  8. Yeah, you can be pretty sure that DREAMM won't introduce such changes. But that aside, I've seen maybe one ribbon on a real book (late 1800's) that was attached to the bottom. In some ways, it's more practical - the end doesn't get creased under the book, and it's slightly easier to remove it from the pages if the book is large (downwards rather than upwards). However, as far as I'm aware, book ribbons weren't even a thing in the 1700's anyway (not making an appearance until around 1850). But then, neither were grog machines or audio books-on-parrot.
  9. They actually weren't. Ever since Maniac Mansion on PC, save/load screens have been rooms with SCUMM scripts like everything else (heck, I think in the case of save/load that wasn't even hardcoded on C64 - can't check now, though). (ETA: Well, except for SCUMM 5-6, where they aren't rooms). But other than that, great summary of the differences.
  10. I don't think you need to rebuild the leaf - it's a relatively common glyph in fonts, called a "hedera" or "fleuron" or "aldus' leaf" or - in unicode - "floral heart", and although I'm not sure where this exact design originated, many fonts copy it - or try to. One of the ones I think does it best is "Symbola" (free): https://fontlibrary.org/en/font/symbola But there are many others copying the same design. You'll also find copies of this design in MS Gothic (not quite as well drawn), or in Deja Vu Sans (really badly drawn) and somewhere around hundreds of other fonts (although some will obviously do their own design fitting with the general font design). The sharp corner towards the top of the left glyph here is intentional - and it looks like it's also in the MI manual - an "ink trap". The glyphs are at U+2766 and U+2767 - or you can try just copy/pasting these, and changing the font: ❦❧ A pretty nice version without the ink trap (although I'm not particularly a fan of the way the swirl and the heart meet in the upright glyph) is Bainsley: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/bainsley
  11. Looking good - a quick look, and added a few typo/OCR corrections - sorry for possibly ruining the pristine preview for others. I'm guessing the difference in character width may simply have to do with PostAntiqua not really being owned by a single foundry, so there'll likely be slight variations between them. Or they might have done a slight no-no, and stretched the design in the original manual. The flowery bullet is a "bit" low-res - but that may be the Adobe previewer. In any event, very well done so far - impressively accurate!
  12. Indeed. And of course I couldn't resist to take a look... A lot goes on during those first frames, other than just showing the logo. The machine rating is measured, based on how long it takes to first draw the logo room - but that's not what causes the speed-up - but rather this (pseudo-SCUMM, as per usual): override skip-intro ; some stuff to wait for the music here... run-script sparkles sleep-for 1 second override skip-intro sets up where we'll go, if ESC is hit. "sparkles" is the script that does the sparkles ("run-script" means this script won't continue running until "sparkles" is done - or the override key is hit). At the beginning of the "sparkles" script: min-jiffies = 5 Yes, that's for "high frame rate". It sets the minimum jiffies (60ths of a second) for a frame to 5 - i.e. 12 frames per second. At the end of the script, when the sparkles are done, it's set back to 6 (10 frames per second - also the initial value for MI1). If you hit ESC in the meantime, the script will be stopped before it reaches the end, and "min-jiffies" will stay at 5. So you have to wait until the sparkles start - when it's set to 5 - and hit ESC before they end, when it's set back to 6.
  13. Without having looked much at the data (or your conversion) - or knowing much about how BG's template works, I'm pretty sure the .wav files are standard WAV (containing ADPCM data, which is just compressed) with no extra info - if memory serves, the loop points are defined in the .xsb file (which is a relatively complex format), not the xwb file. So if you're not replacing that one, I'd expect it to really just use the loops from the old music. The .csv file might be telling the iMUSE-wannabe engine where to jump (haven't looked at that either), but at least where to jump from is likely handled by events defined in the .xsb. But I could be completely wrong about that, since - again - I haven't actually looked much at it at all.
  14. Not sure what you're asking about But Laserschwert's video does indeed look great - rarely see upscales that really work for me.
  15. Inventory icons are a bit of a special case in SCUMM. They're object images, but they have special status in SCUMM - where everything else is mostly unloaded when you leave a room, inventory icons have their own behaviour, but - at a quick glance - they're actually present on at least disk 1, 2 and 11 (haven't checked others). The special room - called, fittingly, "all-disks" (the index file has original room file names for the game) - has global scripts, costumes, sounds etc. No object images, though (and obviously no background for the room) - because normal objects cannot actually move between rooms. The hamster in Weird Ed's cage is not the same one you see when you put it in the microwave - they're two entirely different objects. Yeah, there's some "The Prestige" level existential dread there.
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