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    Bipedal and vertebrate
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    On the shoulder of Orion
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    Destroy and spit
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    IT Emperor
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    Fallout: New Vegas
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    Monkey Island
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  1. Juan, shoot me a Pm when you get the chance, need to discuss something

  2. Excuse me, but I was wondering what the Sleheyron Mod is? Could you explain or point me to wherever you posted the info?

  3. Happy Turkey Day!

  4. We're closing in to the release date of the M4-78 EP. . .


    Vote for your favorite voice over style for M4-78 at the M4-78 Social Group.



  5. Hello juansaman! Just came for a little visit :p

  6. Check the Social Group.

  7. No problem, bro. Is almost finished. :)

  8. Ok, thanks man!

  9. Ok. Give the weekend to finish it, OK?

  10. Yo. We really need the helos diagram ASAP. Please?

  11. Hi man,

    from now I'll have more time, so it's time to go back to projects! I'm reading the social groups to get up to date and there is a lot of news and info to digest :)

    The flow charts are great, but I'm missing the one for Corellia, could you check it?

    Let me know if I can help with something.

  12. I message disbeliever with the same txt.

  13. Great, do not worry,

    could you please send a message to Disbeliever to have him know this as he's the team leader?

    Thanks for all your precious work and time, man, I know you are bussy.


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