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  1. Kreia is not on there for the same reason the exile and Revan aren't they can be very good as they are you and kreia is a very sneaky person and would get some serious votes.
  2. Dorak because never did anything to stop you and he is interesting.
  3. Darth Malak? I defeatd him with a stun baton wearing mando assault armour (and a few life support packs)
  4. i guess thats true so if a mods listening put it in rep newsfeed.
  5. well yea I was looking for characters that had more of a role.
  6. no sions on there because he is pretty cool actually i never noticed he was the only k2 character on there.
  7. Which of the people do you like I prefer Revan but I decided to not have him for reasons known to all so I choose Jolee.
  8. no i already have the armour
  9. k1 and it should be actual
  10. I ask something not really hard. Can someone make jango's helmet for me. It's not a really huge thing but it would be really nice if someone made it and if you post it somewhere mention me in the read me you can do whatever you want with it.
  11. in kotor there are no actuall mandos there are just the ones that are recruited and become a "mandalorian" the actual mandos died out years before the kotor saga began.
  12. its possible just i dont think the feat one is or at least not if you can edit or mod really well
  13. thanks the sword was just a thought but Ive got the lightsaber which is good enough
  14. I am asking for: 1.a lightsaber that looks like lukes episode 6 saber and a sword for the govenor on taris that looks like baccas blade if someone makes these I would be grateful.
  15. well when you have visas with you she says that she felt vash die shortly after you got there
  16. that would be great SS I would like that. P.S. i couldent do any of the stuff you do in modding
  17. I found it on an old resource along time ago and it closed down but it was a single lightsaber with two more curving off from the middle one.
  18. Im thinking and at one time sidious had a three bladed lightsaber and i would like if someone would be kind enoughto make it and put it in game somewheres.
  19. no i want jangos armour specificly.
  20. Im checking something for the end of the game nothing big.
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