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  1. hey InSidious do you happen to have the MDL and MDX files for the tatooine temple from your lost modules pack? if so could i have a download link, istorian was going to work on restoring the walkmesh for it so it may be used in the lost ones. thanks in advance


    EDIT: nevermind we found it sorry to have bothered you

  2. thatsa fantasticaa

  3. kk we'll talk to ya later then

  4. hey canderis hop on TH

  5. hey logan hows RoR production going?

  6. sorry i havnt updated in a while been very busy when we get back to school on jan 4 ill prolly have a new update for time shift

  7. its not for me to decide canderis, ill try to talk them into it but they'd prolly wanna see some calidarian weapon renders first show me a few renders, and ill bring them to the team and see what they say

  8. depends on what it is :D

  9. happy b-day little late canderis srry bout that but i have been grounded lately sooo

  10. well small update demo and i are currently doing more work with the modules

    for tentanus, demo is making korriban look like it is at night and stormy, i am reskinning some of the characters to add a "drewton effect" and it looks rather good so far i still need to finish some more reskins and once im done i expect it to look rather well from there on i will be working on placeables and stuff until the time i need a scripter or something lse to make the powers, i really should get most of it done, excluding dialogue b/c i havnt gotten all of the lines sent to me yet

  11. once its up yea

  12. im already working on the files for the characters and trying to merge the script at the same time once the script is done i will email it to u so u know how this is going to go down kk

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