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  1. Thanks very much xD happy to be back

  2. Juan, shoot me a Pm when you get the chance, need to discuss something

  3. Oi, Im back xD

  4. So im totally alive and back with a vengance XD

  5. Wasnt planning on it :)

  6. wtf was that about?

  7. Come to Hss when you get the chance

  8. Hey, you told me to get on lol im waitin on you now bud

  9. Not in game design anymore, that was junior year :) Programming, Adv 3d 2, Networking, electronics, this semester

  10. I do, and i am still very busy with stuff, when i come back things will move much faster.

  11. yes quite sure, ive been doing some....special, modifications to tlo, and i think everyone is in for a nice suprise.

  12. still busy with stuff, senior projects....school you know how it is, i should be back to my regular schedule sometime during or after winter.

  13. yes.....thats the first time they've ever posted a mod of mine and been too lazy to review it

  14. sorry but i changed it to moderated group a few months ago because people started posting things about the mod i did not want the public to know, nothing against you but both groups are now for use of the development team only.

  15. yeah there is a door

  16. hey calo i tried it again this time it worked, im running it on vista on my main comp, tested on my 7 laptop and it also worked ok, is your kotor a clean install? maybe something is conflicting with yours?

  17. good to hear something worked but still need to get npc's up, ill try to compile again

  18. i saw doors and thats about it

  19. I took a look at the module and i truly cant find any issues with the files, i even recompiled it but the npcs will still not appear, sorry i couldnt find the solution calo, best of luck fixing it though

  20. loh please send me all of rothions voiceovers as soon as you can

  21. hey check this out, there was a discussion earlier about the kind of halfbreed trilaras is, so i went to wookiepedia and found that the sith halfbreeds were actually of massassi descent with the exeption of ragnos, so i decided to skin trilaras as a massassi to see how that went, heres the result



  22. Well in case you didnt catch it, canderis and i are working on helos as the tlo launch point so tlo will be compatible with BoS:SR, trig and i are having fights again, and thats about it :) hop on TH when you get the chance.

  23. Hey LR hows the skin coming along?

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