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  1. Hey Logan, I'm curious if you may have some kind of head for a Republic soldier with a mask equipped so that you cannot tell what gender the character is without looking at the body. If you do, would you mind if I use it? I'm trying to create a disguise item without actually replacing any of the armor slots.

  2. Oh my gosh, I know, its been far too long...

  3. Finally starting work on SOTE again?

  4. That's been my problem too. I finally figured out how to make new areas pretty easily and I have another idea which if it works will make the process a thousand times easier; at least for interior or exterior buildings and cities

  5. Unfortunately I never really had the patience to figure it out. Well, to be more specific, the exporting of models from 3ds into a usable format.

  6. Hey, since you have an understanding of how modules work, would you be able to help me with getting some new modules from 3DS Max into TSL?

  7. If you want to do it without the save game editor you could just go to the 2da file in KOTOR Tool that grants force powers as specific levels and set it to say give you 10 powers upon level up. However, you would also have to go to spells.2da file I believe to change the level required to access Force powers since due to you being level one, you won't have the ability to select 10 different force powers.
  8. ModHex is about halfway done.

  9. I cannot seem to locate this page, it's blank. Would you mind helping me out?



  10. Global Variables is a references for Booleans and Numbers.


    Booleans are true or false statements that start out by default as false.


    Numbers on the other hand are number references. They can equal anything from 0 through in theory infinity but I suppose the most you would really ever want to go is 25. I think my biggest one I ever did was 15ish. By default they are 0.

  11. Quick question. Can Global Variables - number be 0,1,2,3,4..etc OR can you only have 0 and 1?

  12. Well, I am at home now and we've recently had issues with a very slow connection, so I'm not somewhat limited on my times...

  13. I thought you said you lived on Skype. Day two and nothing ;)

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