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  1. Grossly insulted as usual, eh? :)

  2. Whose palm did you have to grease to get the promotion? Congratulations! :p

  3. Hey! Congratulations on joining the staff!

  4. No. That's not how it works, guys, and you know it. I'll admit to an oversight regarding the number of threads about this topic, but we don't just ban people like that. I've merged the existing threads, so they're all in the same place. Thread closed.
  5. Bravo! I wish I had the time to help out, in whatever small way I could, but I wish you guys all the best - I can't wait to see what you've all been beavering away at.
  6. Sad to hear that! Like many I used to love browsing the mods there. I only flirted with modding for a brief period, but if my 'Jedi General robes' ever resurface, please let them know they have my permission to upload them.
  7. 'For generations the LFN network has been the guardian of Star Wars games, before the dark times... Before Disney'
  8. Hello Gentlebeings. Glad to see there's still a few of the old ne'er do wells still hanging around. It's been too long. I don't pop in as often as I should, or even post very much anymore (hell, my last post was over a year ago!). I guess it's the nature of life - we stay involved, but inevitably we have to prioritise - and sadly, for too many of us LF has fallen by the wayside. For over a thousand generations, we've been the guardians of Star Wars games, before the Dark Times, before Disney... It's quiet, yes, and as Lynk says, in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. This community has given me many fond memories, great laughs, and good friends over the years - I regret that we've grown apart slightly, but I don't think it's dead. With the new Trilogy, and the new games on their way, I see some hope.
  9. We don't anything about this new X-Wing beyond what it looks like. It might be an older design, or it might be top of the line. In the (I guess now non-canon) background of the original X-Wing was top of the range when the designers defected to the Alliance, and that was just a few years before Yavin. Lynk's example of the F-18/Super Hornet is a good one - modern Jet fighter design has changed very little since the late 70s and early 80s, both the original F-18, and the even older F-15 are still in use by the US Air Force.
  10. Well, I drew Ghana for the work sweepstakes, so go Ghana! But the chances of them beating the Germans are about as likely as me marrying Liv Tyler, so yeah...
  11. I think it's great that, from those pictures and the desert sets, at least, that they're trying to do as much as they can manually and not rely on too much CGI. I've no doubt that there'll there'll be a Bantha load of CGI in the movies, but it's awesome that it's not the first thing they've gone to.
  12. I sincerely hope so. So long as they nuke the 'escaped the Sarlacc twice' bit I'll be happy either way.
  13. Cast of Episode VII Announced Max von Sydow. Awesome. Haven't got time to look up the other names yet, but Max and Andy Serkis are awesome. EDIT: Oh, and John Williams returning as composer. Obviously.
  14. Does this mean I can stop caring about C-Canon and so on? To use a similar, if not completely related example that I've raised before, it's more or less the exact position that Paramount/CBS have had with Star Trek and its licensed works for a long time now, Authors and Game Developers have created a rich universe based on the lore of Star Trek, but series creators and executives haven't been defined by it. (though their EU is considerably more messed up). Leland Chee has done a great job as Holocron Keeper, and I know George has never let himself be defined by the EU he set in motion, but I think his mistake was actively tying the main Star Wars universe into the EU. And, as others have said, it's not like they're going to go all Fahrenheit 451 on us and burn anything considered heretical. It's all still there for us to enjoy. Even the Holiday Special.
  15. Thanks for all the rumours and updates, Shem! We may as well do away with actors entirely soon. I can see why Ian McKellen was reportedly annoyed whilst filming The Hobbit. Ian McDiarmid was a young man playing an old man in the original trilogies. He was around the right age when the prequels came around. My only concern is that Peter Mayhew, as much as we all love him, hasn't been in the best of health over the last few years, especially since having both his knees replaced. I just hope that the filming schedule doesn't add to those health problems.
  16. I suppose if your friends weren't aware of the game around the time of it's release, then I can understand their thinking (though I don't agree with it) - especially so if they're comparing KOTOR to something like Skyrim, or other, more recent games. Unless you're a hipster; but I don't think that's a road we want to go down... I'm not sure that's what he said, at all. And I disagree. There are plenty of old games that I return to again and again because of their appeal.
  17. I read somewhere that Fisher was quoted as saying that Disney had already assigned her and Hamill personal trainers in anticipation of filiming, and that the studio was fine with the shape that Ford is currently in. As far as the 'Story Group' I think it was inevitable that the post-RotJ EU would be declared non-canon, but to use another franchise as an example, Star Trek has never had an expanded universe. It has books, games, etc - everything Star Wars has to fill out the the world (not to mention CBS's coffers), which leaves the creators free to do as they please creatively. And it's not like they're going to burn all the books, after all.
  18. This deal's getting worse all the time... Disney withdraw Star Wars comics license from Dark Horse, move back to Marvel I suppose it makes sense from a business standpoint, but it still sucks, Dark Horse did some pretty awesome stuff for the Star Wars Universe.
  19. Since Superman and Dr. Strange have already been mentioned, I'd have to say Scarlet Witch. 'No More Mutants'.
  20. I'm looking forward to it, but I must admit I've not been a massive fan of either David Tennant or Matt Smith's Doctors (though I have grown to like Matt Smith a bit more). Trying to avoid spoilers, but... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) War Doctor? Too many questions! I'm also looking forward to the BBC Drama about the start of Doctor Who, 'An Adventure in Space and Time' - unfortunately I'm not sure when that's going to be broadcast overseas. And I should say I'm massively looking forward to Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, I've loved his work since seeing him as King Charles in The Devil's Whore, and of course as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It.
  21. I butted heads with Astro a few times, and I never really got on with him on here, but I did share many of his interests, and respected him for his values (even when different to mine). It's always a shame to lose a talented spirit, regardless. RIP.
  22. I think many of us still poke our heads regularly - in my case I'm still around, but generally it's a flying visit to see if anything interesting is being discussed, and half the time now I don't have time to read things properly before I have to worry about something away from the computer... I think consolidation is a great idea. And regarding Kavar's, I must admit I did play a part in some of the hostility and unpleasantness - and when I look back on my own activity there, I regret most of it. Maybe regret is too strong a word, but I'm not proud of many of my contributions.
  23. It is embarrassing, but you have to remember, they were learners once too. They might not think that way, but it's true. And if anyone ever tries to force their way through a gap whilst you're in the middle of a turn, it says a hell of a lot more about their road attitude than it does your ability.
  24. It'll get easier. You'll still make mistakes, but it does get easier. I only recently passed at the start of September (yes, at 25 I really should have learnt sooner!) and I started my lessons in January. But, the amount of time it takes really does vary from person to person - there's no right or wrong amount of time. Good luck, it's a lot of fun.
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