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  1. So you're an uncle now. I remember what it was like to think someone my age (this was way back) had a sibling who was already independent. Now I look back and realize that it's not really that peculiar that an uncle could be younger than the niece/nephew.


    Congratulations to her and I hope that she gets through the endless nights of screaming and crying until she's kicking him out the door.

  2. I'm not. That was more like an inside joke that certain moderators would understand.


    How's your sister now?

  3. Just got back from some 'light' yard work. Tell me to mow the property, what trouble could that be? Yeah, with all the saplings, stray pieces of wood, rocks, and overgrowth around a half-kilometer perimeter... right.


    Anyway, I will get around to reading your poetry and see if I can decompile it all to trace where your life has gone in the last three months.

  4. Yeah, I'll get around to it. I still have a lot of your poetry that's piled up in deviantart that I need to go through. I'm surprised just how much you can write... you must really have had some problems. (Joke being that you write more when you're depressed)


    Well I would say not soon enough. My sister is way overdue for moving out of the house. I just hope that she gets a job soon, or things will fall apart for her.

  5. Not really. I've been going through scientific journal articles a lot more recently because I need to learn a lot before I get back for my last year.


    Glad to hear that your sister's not very tolerant to pregnancy issues. That should make things easier for you and your mother.


    My sister met this guy about half a year ago. They had known one another when they were children, but he moved elsewhere and they just happened to run into each other. He was much like the son my father wanted... right down to his name, Arron. And they liked each other, engaged within two months, and will be married on 09/09/09.

  6. Great to see you again.


    I thought I would do the same thing, but I have been busy with some unexpected events. Sister's getting married and I have to prepare to finish my collage career. I also have a cousin who's visiting and he's very inspirational. Get this; he's unemployed and lives with his parents.


    How are things with you? (I am really asking about your sister and mother on the latest issue) Have you been able to find some means of escape from all that?

  7. (click on 'you have 0 unread messages)

    Go under 'Edit my details.'

    There should be a blank screen under the 'optional settings' You need to check or uncheck a box and write down what you want

    The rest is pretty straight forward.


    PS: how's your sister doing? Is she in labor, or is that past?

  8. Get 1,000 posts and you can do that... or so I thought.


    Give me a few minutes. I only had to do it once, so it's not like the back of my hand, but I will get back to you.

  9. And just imagine it when the sisters start having their own. I have a friend who's sister has just become pregnant and her life has gone to hell. She has only one sibling as well.


    It's like an endless cycle where you can never get any peace because you get one every year instead of having all at once. I would seek just to avoid infants altogether.

  10. Wow, I really was surprised when you said 10. And you're right: I wouldn't have survived with that many other competitors living in the same space.


    My geography is a little rusty. Where is Keldabe, if I may ask? I looked for it, but don't know if there's a city named that.

  11. Curse you! How evil you were to do such a thing?!




    Although you were missed, I realize that people on these forums have lives of their own outside of a fictitious fantasy galaxy known as Star Wars. I know you've had a lot on your mind and don't take offense when something that does matter takes priority over something that really doesn't.


    Anyway it would be great to have you around, if only once in a while.

  12. Hello there. Been a while since you've visited this site. Now you're off and won't be seen again for at least another month it appears.

  13. Whoa, so you've got a very large family. I've got one sibling that has FINALLY gotten out of the house after 27 years. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to share everything seven ways.

  14. Oh I get it. How many years did you have to yourself before that bad-luck charm showed up?


    Get a muzzle for him, if you're bothered by it. Your parents might even find it amusing.

  15. So Scavangerman, what's up with your life?

  16. No problem. Semi-apology semi-accepted.

  17. Maybe, but I don't want to be painted as a maroon. I know that my 'rebelliousness' contributed to that, but people take it as though the opposite side won the debate. There is a significant difference between failing to prove something and having it disproven. I just can't see how people can make such logic without really addressing why the world functions as it does.


    Maybe I should just stick with SiD and Destined to Live.

  18. Not really. I don't know how to take my most recent incident. I did push my side a bit too hard, and things worked out well enough; but I don't know if I should bring up the original problem again. What one person did to set things in motion, s/he did something very admirable as well.


    I'll assume that it's best to say I'm not on worse terms with them than before.

  19. I rather like my avatar as it is.


    I actually took did that in photoshop and didn't really like the product. BTW, I think your avatar's inverted color scheme was nice.

  20. I think it's because the subjects I present are the hardest to accept. The world is more complicated than anyone can realize, so answers to problems are not simple. I don't exactly go in with the intent to win the debate, but to just get people to consider that there is a lot more to the world than what you get fed by the media.


    I'm all for more efficient cars, solar power, and other solutions that don't interfere with our lifestyle; but I really think that we should confront the reality that there is not going to be any magic bullet to all our problems. When I suggest something that works, but that people dislike... they often prefer not to feel guilty or worried about the outcome, so they choose the easiest side to accept as the truth.

  21. Thanks again. I do try to take other people's experiences into consideration, but when I go against someone who had been in the army (who actually stood up to defend the state) I just can't win in an argument because he would have more credibility than me. I can give sources, but those all constitute second-hand proof, and that others assume that it would be disrespectful to challenge a soldier who had been in battle.


    If I disregarded his experiences, then that would be; but if he were to proclaim himself an expert on matters he wasn't involved with, that wouldn't be the same thing. I wouldn't be questioning his validity as a soldier, but as an expert that he claimed to be.


    And yet people take what I say as a direct attack on a guy who gave his blood and sweat for this country. How dare I? I would put more faith in a good set of sources from one like you than one guy proclaiming himself to know better than all of us... even if he did fight for the US military.

  22. Thanks. It's good to know that it wasn't just me alone.


    I knew I was being a pest, but I figured that at that point, I'd already been painted as a fool. It's good to think outside the box, so don't let them tell you otherwise. It really is important to take everything into consideration that you could before taking a side, but I find most people just assume they are the center of the universe and nothing exists beyond what they experience. I try to look at where I fit in all that and how I relate to the other 6 billion people in the world.

  23. Thanks, but she's closed it down. And I was just trying to present some facts about the way things are. When Jae essentially proclaimed herself an expert and said she 'disproved everything I said,' I didn't want to win, but to not leave people thinking that I was just a maroon. That was the only reason I kept coming back, because my ego was on the line.

  24. A lot. You could see the thread 'suburban sprawl' if you like in Kavar's... I know you don't want to, so I'll just put it here.


    She lived in Chicago and proclaims herself an expert... in matters that extend beyond her own experiences. She attacked me through my arguments...


    'If you had been to chicago or New York, which you obviously haven't..."


    That is an attack because I never said I wasn't. That was aimed to be inflamatory and as an insult.


    'You still haven't looked at googlemaps, have you?'


    That was what she called a source... and she made that assumption that I never did that when I actually went steps beyond what she went through. It was a lot of implications aimed to discredit the person... not the argument. I don't care what she calls it, she insulted me and edged the thread so she would win.


    Of course, that's just my opinion.

  25. Jae Onasi... the problem is that she believes she is right and that anything I do or say that doesn't conform to her beliefs must be a fascist or something. I can stand yielding to someone claiming to be an expert, but not when they claim to be so in more than what they've participated in.

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