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  1. hey, nice is it on YT?

  2. I think i fixed the probelm... I am testing it out right now. Ill let you know

  3. LOL ok, tell me if something doesn't work correctly, and I will fix it for you and again if you want something edited.

  4. alright, I will re-send it from GMail, will see if you get it =)... if there's anything that you don't like let me know, or if there's anything you want added.

  5. ok, sent u an email, don't know if you got it, let me know =)

  6. haha probably soon lol xD

  7. good job, it looks really nice =)

  8. lol will do, just check the group every once and a while there will almost always be new stuff posted daily. lol And it's comforting to know that you can do some head modeling xD

  9. Haha you seem like you'd be a great addition LOL welcome aboard! glad to have you

  10. Hey, what's up? lol

  11. haha oh ! now I understand lol that's a smart plan Logan i think i'll use that idea. If you have any help to offer, as usual, feel free to xD. I am actually planning on completely finishing this mod haha even if it does take 'til TOR comes out xD. As long as I can get a few experienced or intermediate modders then i should be good, as they will be the ones that will be in charge of the mod with me. And u type pretty well on ur cell haha although im guessing ur boss wouldn't like it xD

  12. Hey logan, long time no talk lol and thanks for the welcome =) but I don't really understand what you mean by small episode setup and the goal is to hopefully have a team of beginners, intermediates, and skilled modders on this project to hopefully help me create and finish the old ROTNR mod that I started a year ago? lol Seeing as when I took it on myself it came crashing on my head lol

  13. sorry for a bit of a long reply lol but my modding is very slow right now seeing as everytime i fix my lptop it breaks lol hb u do u have any projects?

  14. Sorry for the late reply im not on too much anymore, but I will look into this and try to help you with it

  15. Ha thanks for the help =) and glad you are modding... it just makes everything so much more fun! doesn't it?

  16. No problem just glad I was able to help =) and no, I didn't see that Marius moved it to the tutorial section I will have to check that out =P (Love to admire my work xD)

  17. Basically yeah, but I have only a "strong" outline for the first mission now. I just finished the model of the level, now, I am going to UVW Map texture and Put it into KotOR... WooHoo <---I know I am going to get some compilation errors :-p

  18. sorry, my laptop broke a little while back (January) so it took them 1 1/2 months to fix it :(... So I haven't gotten much done since then but I have some fresh ideas now, so sorry about not getting back to you in a month LOL. I was (luckily) able to recover everything off my hdd so I still have the first 2 levels w00t w00t

  19. google sketchup eh? I never liked that LOL, but you're right it is better than GMAX. LOL

  20. thanks, the mod is coming along kinda well... haven't had all that much time to work on it since my skool started but now I have more time and will probably finally be done on like the third level *I hope :) *

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