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  1. Why, thanks for the compliment. You've got a well-done character, too. ;)

  2. Hey, Chevron!


    I was just wondering, what do you think of my character in Magical Strike Force S? I kind of feel like he and Kai have similar personalities.

  3. Hey, Chevron. I started a recruitment thread for an RP I'm planning, and I was wondering if you're intersted. It won't hurt my feelings if you're not, but just want to let you know about me taking a shot at trying my own RP :).

  4. Not really. I've given it a look and it didn't interest me too much. I might actually make my own RP soon.

  5. I was actually trying to meet up with Commander Q's character and co. Obviously, I'm not being descriptive enough.

  6. Hey, Chevron, was my latest post in Magical Strike Force S clear enough? I tried to make it so my character meets up with some of the others, but it seems they didn't quite get the message. Then again, I could just be overreacting, though.

  7. Yeah, I figured as much. I'm just waiting for them to get to Korealis.

  8. Hey, Chevron, me again, and I happen to be bit confused right now on Magical Strike Force S. I noticed one of the characters has said "...we'll have the federation take care of her once we're finished in Korealis." Are they on Korealis, or are they about to go there?

  9. Ping

    Chevron told me that I could start out at the colony, since a person named Captain Aiko is located there, but I'm fine with other options. And thanks for letting me join. :thmbup1:

  10. Ping

    Hey, Shana, I don't know if you've seen the post I made in the Magical Strike Force S thread in the Backstage Casting call section, but I'd really like to join the RP. Chevron 7 has been helping me out a bit with getting started, and he said to let you know that I'd like to join in. So, is it all right if I join?

  11. Yes, I do want to join Strike Force S. It's my first time doing this type of RPG, so I'm still learning the ropes. And I put my character's age at that since I thought I saw someone who used a character at that same age. I might change it, but I always like to get more than one opinion on things. Anyways, could you send me the details for the storyline so far? This sounds really fun, and I'd love to participate.

  12. Wow! I knew the mod was hard, but Ididn't know it was that hard! I commend you :thmbup1:

  13. It would be fun to fry some ewok butt! I better not tell my little brother, though, since he likes ewoks and jawas :lol:. I also can't help but wonder how many levels are done in the mod, but I do know that at least 2 levels are 100% complete. Thanks for the info!

  14. Hey, DSM, did you look at the walkthrough I provided a link to? Like I said in the post, it tells the location of the Ewok easter eggs. I hope the Ewoks come in the mod!

  15. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate you helping me. I'll be downloading Mozilla when I have the time. Once again, thanks!

  16. I downloaded it from interent explorer, maybe that's the problem...

  17. I've downloaded it from the official LucasArts site, there was a link to the patch at the help desk. Thanks for helping me out!

  18. Agent Katarn, I've tried downloading the Episode 1 Racer patch more than once now, but the stupid thing still won't work. Any help would be nice!

  19. Thanks! I'm going to take a look at the problem tomorrow, since I've been really busy

  20. I honestly haven't started it yet, since I can't find any description about the problem I'm having. I am really, really sorry that I didn't post the fact that I couldn't find it on yoda's help desk. I'll keep looking for it though.


    Edit: I've found Episode 1 racer on Yoda's help desk! Maybe now that patch problem will get solved. Once again, sorry I didn't post that I couldn't find it on yoda's help desk.

  21. Yes I did fix that glitch I mentioned. Thanks for looking out for a noob like me!

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