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  1. Wolverine. I'd like him if it weren't for his freaking "healing factor" power. What's wrong with just having claws as your power? If he was actually, you know, kill-able, I could take him seriously.
  2. http://www.theforce.net/story/front/Author_Aaron_Allston_Has_Passed_Away_156868.asp Thank you, Allston, for writing many of my favorite EU books. Rest in Peace. He was always one of my favorite authors.
  3. Same here. I keep telling myself I'll watch, say, Evangelion or .hack, but can never bring myself to do so. My younger brother is especially annoying about it, since he's always pestering me to watch Naruto or One Piece. It's not that I don't like them, it's that I can't be bothered anymore to watch a few hundred episodes to catch up, and then keep up with it weekly.
  4. I got to talk with him a little bit since he liked my avatar, him being a Sherlock Holmes fan, and even linked me to the 3pipe problem when I said I did enjoy European art. That was over 3 years ago, and I still have his PMs in my inbox. I didn't look at his blog as much as I probably should have, and I didn't really talk with him too much beyond that, but it was a privilege to be acquainted with him and talk with him, even briefly. RIP Hasan.
  5. That video has a pretty good point. They've pretty much made one bad decision after the other, and now they're facing the consequences. I agree with what he's saying; Capcom probably does deserve what's happening to them, but it's definitely not a good thing if they go under.
  6. I'm not so sure; here in the Northeast, rugby isn't even on the radar, and it's associated more with prep schools. It does seem to be getting popular in the West and South, though. I do enjoy watching both soccer and rugby, but never could get into American football, despite being American myself. I also enjoy watching Australian Rules football (on the few occasions I find it on TV or the web ). That sport is not for the faint of heart.
  7. I'm honestly so angry right now. Both my parents are government workers, and thanks to the shutdown we are currently making squat while my parents are paying for my college tuition. The political extremists in Congress have made my life only harder, instead of making it easier. Why? Because they don't want Obamacare, and they think it's okay to screw over a bunch of people just because a law got passed that they don't like.
  8. I feel the same way. I'm a junior in college right now, but I really don't know what I want to do, job-wise, outside of college. All's I've really wanted to do was just travel, really, and I kind of wish time would slow down just so I could build up enough funds to do that. Beyond that, I have no idea what I'm going to do.
  9. It does a bit; their rivalry with Panathinaikos is legendary. Sounds like your dad was trying to be a rebel. This also happened the other day when USA played El Salvador, and the Salvadorian fans started throwing objects on to the field: http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/2940945/donovanshades.gif
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Crete had about 2 or 3 teams located there. Any reason in particular why you support Olympiacos?
  11. What I would not expect is for Greeks to go to a soccer game and *not* riot. And seriously, AKs? I didn't know you could buy those in Greece. That amateur video seemed more like bad luck to me, though the video before that was a quadruple fail. Those refs also remind me of the ones in MLS; they typically make bad calls just for attention.
  12. That's very optimistic, but who in their right mind would believe you could beat Germany? The only times I've seen them get beaten are when they're having an off-day, and even then, the teams fight tooth and nail for the victory. My summer right now has been spent watching the Gold Cup, North America's version of the Euros. I have fun watching the USA win, but it's pretty much always a certainty that it will either be them or Mexico who win the competition. That, and I'm waiting to see when Cuba will lose a player to defection. This current tournament also produced this gem: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  13. Did not know that. Thank you for the tip.
  14. I was going to get a PS3 soon, and then this happened. I'll probably just stick with the WiiU though; alot of the games I want that end up on the Playstation tend to also end up on the PC. I remember saying a few days ago that the WiiU was looking pretty good by comparison up until now. Looks to me like Sony and Nintendo are going to leave Microsoft in the dust.
  15. @Lynk: Not disputing the fact that's common, I'm disputing the fact that this interview is real. To me, the responses look like something that all the Disney haters want to hear just so they can say "See, I told you Disney was evil!" instead of adopting a wait and see approach. That, and they sound kind of robotic. And "poor money into it" - make corrections before the thing's published, seriously. I honestly don't believe a legitimate website and/or legitimate interview would look so amateurish.
  16. A "reliable source" my ass. This page looks rather fake to my eyes.
  17. Doesn't TellTale have the license for that? I keep hoping they'll re-release the 3rd and 4th ones, if only for completion's sake. Overall, I'd say the move is good; LucasArts hasn't published a good game since the early oughts, so I'm not worried.
  18. That explains alot. I watched the entire first season and a little bit of the second before I lost interest. It felt like they used the same plotlines over again. I would expect a show to get its act together by at least the third season, though.
  19. I'll probably end up investing in a Wii U; alot of the Xbox and Playstation games have never really appealed to me that much, and if they do, I can usually get it over Steam. Nintendo consoles and PC are all I need to be happy. The problem is that once I stopped subscribing to Nintendo Power, I actually became less aware of certain Wii games that existed for the less casual and more hard core crowd, although some of this may be due to the more coverage I see to CoD or Halo. This time, I'll make sure to do my research.
  20. THAT. I didn't say it since it had been released in 2011 elsewhere, so I wasn;t sure if I should count it or not.
  21. Kid Icarus, just because it's the only one I've played. Still trying to find The Last Story.
  22. Is it a bad thing if I haven't actually played any of the games on there? I voted for The Walking Dead, just because I watched a playthrough of it, and it could get quite emotional at times. I'll be surprised if it doesn't come close to winning Game of the Year in some other circles.
  23. 1) I haven't played too many FPS games lately. Action-adventure games are what I'm playing right now, and I'm trying to get my hands on some ye olde adventure games. 2) 1995 or 1996 - played Wolfenstein, my first ever game. Dark Forces soon followed, and just went from there. 3) I always look for a good story and a satisfying gameplay experience. That's probably why I've been looking at adventure games lately, as some popular games today don't exactly impress me with the story. 4) Run out of ideas? No. I blame the current community; people keep buying CoD and Halo every year, despite the fact that they're basically the same games. But companies need a profit, so they do exactly what works. 5) It must interest me and not be hyped to the point it's all I hear about. I say the latter because I found Halo to be mediocre at best, so I've kind of developed an aversion for uber-popular games lately, unless it's Nintendo made. I trust Nintendo to a fault. 6) No. 7) I get nostalgia, and sometimes I find them better than games of today. Generally speaking, my personal rule is that if it was made in the 90s and well-received, then it is better than most of today's games. 8) Pretty good games, though they can't match the quality of games from my youth. I will admit to looking down on some modern FPS games, since they're being milked so much, and my previously stated bad experience, though do attempt to be objective. 9) Something to alleviate my boredom. The problem is, I'm always bored. 10) Not really. I get bored with a game, I get another one. I see a game from a series I like, I buy it. If I think it's one of the best ever, then I replay it. 11) Why did I not like Halo and everyone else found it amazing?
  24. Halo: CE...I seem to be the only person who utterly hates that game. Oh well. Dark Forces should definitely be on there. I remember hearing some where that it was the first game to have things like multiple floor levels and crouching, or at least it was a few things we take for granted in games today. And no Ocarina of Time? The original Legend of Zelda was revolutionary, no arguing that, though I'd expect Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, or Skyward Sword (this one is pretty recent, to be fair) on there. Personally, I would want Xenoblade to be on there, but that game is so recent I'm not surprised. That, and I seem to be one of the few people who have actually played it.
  25. All Republicans have to do is stop appealing to the Christian Right and become more moderate. People in general are more likely to vote for a moderate rather than an evangelical politician.
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