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  1. Hey, thanks for the b-day wishes. Sorry I didn't get back sooner; was in Europe and very busy with my class.

  2. Ping

    Kind of bored, actually. I can't wait for college to start again in two weeks. :)

  3. Ping

    Haha, thanks. I was just browsing Deviant Art one day and saw it, and since I liked it so much, I made it my avatar. ;)

  4. I'll see. College is really starting to get intense, and finals week hasn't even started! I'd like to, I just don't know if I have that much time.

  5. Hey Chev! I just read through the new chapter you released for your Magical Strike Force fanfic. I hate to say it, but you wrote my character better than I ever could, hahaha. :D

  6. Ping

    Thanks. You have a happy Easter, too.

  7. Me? Lol, thanks for the nomination. Really appreciate it. :)

  8. Got my character up. Tell me if I'm missing something ;).

  9. It's good to see you again, too. :)

  10. Ping

    Sorry, but I'm going to have to sit this one out. I haven't ever played the game, and on top of that, I know absolutely nothing about it other than the fact it's an RPG and the main character is Shepherd. The timeline you gave helps a little, but I really don't know the context (ie, what's a Graybox?) Sorry. :(

  11. Sure, I would. My activity won't be as frequent, since spring semester has started, but yeah, I can do it.

  12. That's fine. I figured we had to be waiting on somebody. :)

  13. That's totally fine. You're the writer, so I trust your decisions. :)

  14. I'm enjoying winter break alot, since I've been so busy with college. It's a nice way to recharge after getting burned after your first semester. ;)

  15. Of course you can use my character! I'd love to see the story once it's done. :)

  16. It seems interesting. I think I might try it. :)

  17. Sure, I wouldn't mind doing another RP. I'd love to join. :)

  18. Hey! How've you been? :)

  19. I wouldn't mind coming back, but I've been kind of busy lately, so unfortunately, I'm going to have to say no for now.

  20. No. I decided to let it die since only me and you were the ones posting.

  21. Meh, stuff happens. It's disappointing, but I understand. :)

  22. I'll take a look. No gurantees, though.

  23. Ping

    Oh my god...well, I hope you can fare well amidst all the damage. Good luck! :)

  24. Yes, just have some patience.

  25. First off, since you're new to RPs, follow these rules:


    1) Be as descriptive and as specific as you possibly can.

    2) The only characters you should control are the ones you yourself made. Unless you have explicit permission to control a character, do not bother to control them.

    3) The threadmaster (in this case, me) has the final decision, and can only make plot decisions unless permission is given to the other members. It's considered rude to contradict or challenge the threadmaster.

    4) Kind of goes with the one above, but follow the rules given in the Casting Call. If you aren't clear on something, then ask the threadmaster

    5) We were all new at some point. ;)

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