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  1. Nah, I'm a recently graduated 21-year old (soon to be 22) student struggling to find a job. Plus, I live in the middle of nowhere.
  2. I believe so. I haven't bothered to rummage through and find it, but I'm almost certain it looks just like that. The particular model of Lee-Enfield that I own is a Mk. III; I think it was the type used in WWI.
  3. My username is my actual middle name. No, really; my mom and grandparents are Chinese, and my grandmother made my Chinese name "Ping," so my parents decided to make it my middle name. I also thought it would be kind of funny to go around the internet with the name, too, due to the whole server ping you see when you're doing multiplayer games.
  4. Have a Lee-Enfield and its bayonet stored away somewhere, and quite like it. I have always been partial to war scythes, though. Don't ask why; I guess I like the simplicity of turning the blade upright.
  5. I was just thinking that myself. I have something to get excited about again with all these new releases.
  6. Reading volume 1 of Hellblazer. I like what I see so far.
  7. Valiant Hearts, without a doubt. I am unashamed to admit that it's the only game that's ever made me cry at the end.
  8. The "light-claymore" has those thingies on the end for the same reason swords have a cross-guard; to protect your hands when the blade slides down to attack. It looks weird, but when I stop to think about, it actually comes off as very practical. I'm felling cautiously optimistic for this. The trailer has the same feel as the OT, which was exactly what made Star Wars good in the first place. On the other hand, I feel like they could screw this up big time.
  9. I've been playing quite a few fighting games lately, and I was wondering out of all the fighting games you've played, who do you think is the hardest to master? A few from my list: -Gen (Street Fighter 4): People who have mastered him make him fly everywhere, but mastering him is just plain confusing due to his stance system. -Lei (Tekken): Like Gen, only difficulty is multiplied by ten since he has about 5 or 6 stances to keep track of. -Akira (Virtua Fighter): It's tempting to put half the cast from VF on here, but I've yet to play a character in any game that requires you to let go of a button after 1 frame to correctly execute a move.
  10. Subsequent articles are saying these results should be subject to peer review, something I agree with. I do, however, buy this particular story since Kosminski being the killer does add up with alot of accounts by police officers and a few of the witnesses.
  11. Link. Interesting story. Very lucky they managed to recover an object in that condition. Am I the only one creeped out by the fact an officer decided just to bring home a bloody shawl, though?
  12. Quite a sad passing. What made him so beloved is that you could tell that nice personality of his on the screen wasn't just an act; he really was that nice. You will be missed, Mr. Williams.
  13. Dialogue is in desperate need of work, IMO, but otherwise it has potential.
  14. Germany is the new World Cup champion. I was hoping they'd win, but I didn't expect the game to go into extra time at all.
  15. Hey, thanks for the b-day wishes. Sorry I didn't get back sooner; was in Europe and very busy with my class.

  16. It's like the USA's defense decided to not show up to the game. Plus, once I saw Lukaku burning all the defenders I knew the US wasn't going on. Speaking of Belgium, I'm a bit surprised they weren't able to score a goal against Argentina, especially after letting an early one in. Plus, was anyone expecting Costa Rica to take the Netherlands to penalties?
  17. Sounds nice! I think I saw somewhere it was the highest viewed soccer game in America ever. Being in Belgium atm, I stayed up until about 2:30 in the morning watching it in a bar with only about 3 other people, bartender included. Even with so few people, it was pretty animated, since the one Portuguese customer and the bartender got into an argument about Ronaldo's performance. I felt like it was the start of a joke, actually (So an American, a Belgian, and a Portuguese walk into a bar...) Brussels was also going nuts from the Belgian win against Russia. Speaking of that particular group, was anyone expecting Algeria to win 4-2 against South Korea?
  18. USA 2-2 Portugal...just had to break my heart.
  19. USA managed to beat Ghana. Missed the game thanks to awful wifi in rural France. To anyone who saw the game, how did either team play?
  20. I was freaking out after van Persie's goal. Flying Dutchman indeed. Plus, who would have expected Spain to get routed 5-1? I was guessing a score of 2-1 or 3-1 in Spain's favor.
  21. Missed that game, unfortunately. I'm currently in Brussels and was meeting up with an old friend. Anyways, I thought only one of the refs on the list was bad (Mark Geiger, as anyone who has watched MLS can attest to), but I'm utterly astounded that there have been controversial calls already. Caught part of the Cameroon-Mexico match, where the officials were pretty awful in calling at least one or two legitimate goals offsides. Hopefully the next two matches won't be as bad.
  22. I wouldn't be so sure. Mexico has been god-awful lately, so it's pretty realistic to me that Mexico will get clobbered by everyone. I actually have Croatia down to advance.
  23. Anyone here going to keep up with the World Cup in a week? Which team(s) will you support? I'm hoping the US can get out of their group, but that probably won't happen considering it's the group of death.
  24. I've always thought they were the weakest in the series, but I will be getting them; hopefully Nintendo will add some things in to make it more fun. I was also really impressed with the visuals back in the day, so I can't wait to see what it looks like on the 3DS.
  25. It's a shame alot of the good canon got neutralized, though quite frankly I don't really see any other way they could have done this. They'll at least still be canon to me.
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