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  1. Thanks. I think I know what I can do with them. Probably get around to it in mid/late-December.

  2. Exceedingly so! Many thanks, good sir. Sorry about the tardiness in responding. I've had a bit of a chaotic time doing some webserver restructuring, and designing a new theme for Logicisms. Site's offline, but I did wish to express interest in the Malachor suggestion.

    Think you could send me the skybox files? Can't promise a lot of concision, what with the holiday season and accompanying chaos, but I'll certainly see what I can do.

  3. revan.png

    This one, if you please. Many thanks.

  4. On another note: If you're able, could you possibly send me a player head? I'm thinking of making some masks as well.

    .obj format would be optimal. No need for textures or other such things.

  5. Alright. I'm working on #2 of 5, so it shouldn't be long till the whole batch is ready to be sent.

  6. Do you want .blend files with textures, or .obj files with textures?

  7. Ah, many thanks.

  8. It still might look pretty good if you attach some cinematics of it to some new, KotOR-friendly modules, eh?

  9. Correction: Uroboros has 6,168,577 quad-polygons. If you ever want some pre-rendered animations with it, I'll be happy to provide my services.

  10. A query, if I may: Does a standalone model of the Ebon Hawk exist in the KotOR game files? If so, is it possible to extract it?

  11. I'm definitely interested. As of now, the only problem is actually paying for the membership. My job doesn't pay much, so ToR is a low priority.

  12. Jai'galaar Bralor was the next.

  13. I know a place where you can get rubber slugs. I hear those'll take good care of any wayward bears.

  14. If it's possible he knows where you live, get a gun. Shotguns are easy to get in most states (usually a 24 hour waiting period for those eligible to purchase). I'd go for a Remington 870 Express. 18-inch barrel with a 6-round capacity. I've got one, and I love it.

    That may be taking it pretty far, but it's better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it. Plus, guns are fun.


    If he's sent you any messages on any forums or websites, forward them to the mods. Save them to possibly present to the authorities if he gets really serious.

  15. Could be a dynamic IP, or perhaps Tor? If the mods were able to check for Tor nodes that might tell a bit more.

    He's been following you for how long? And why exactly? :raise:

  16. I was taking a snarky shot at the OP for calling the Tourettes Guy funny as hell.

  17. You were referring to the now locked thread, yes?

  18. I don't find hell funny. Tourettes Guy...depends on my mood.

  19. Aha! I had wondered who the sardonic poster was! A familiar tone under a new name. Why Avlectus?

  20. GTA? Is... is that you? :eek:

  21. Oi. Just checking in, to apologize for the delay, and to let you know that the last table is almost complete.

  22. You are no fun. smiley_smug.gif

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