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  1. The game was really fun to watch, the Germans really put on a show. At one point I saw a Brazilian fan waving a Mexican flag towards the ref lol. No disrespect for the Brazilian squad, because they really are great footballers, but they just didn't deserve to make it to the top 4 when compared to the rest of the teams competing, just saiyan...
  2. During one of my playthroughs of this game, I killed Zez and Vrook, but let Kavar live. Intrestingly enough, when I arrived at Dantooine Kavar immediately spoke of my betrial to the Jedi and attacked me. No conversation was available. Hope I helped.
  3. Yeah, you kind of walked into that one.

  4. Darn... Kinda saw that coming. :xp:

  5. That's a good question.

  6. So, would you be so nice as to let me know how close you guys are on finishing this secret mod of yours? Just a rough estimate. Like, should I get my hopes up for something before christmas?

  7. It's on hold for the moment. But, I may need help later on.

  8. Eh, quick question: Are you still working on your WIP, Disappearence on Yavin?

    If so, anything you need help with?

  9. Greek gov: "Choose, people! Either we go bankrupt and we have no money, Or we take away all your money and dont go bankrupt!!! ARENT WE AWESOME!!!" I praise all citizens who peacefully protested against these measures...
  10. GTA San Andreas (With all those mods...) KotOR (Classics for me) Jedi Academy (yea... wow...) Age of Mythology (not the expansion, good-old strategy game) Counter-Strike (!) DotA Allstars on Warcraft III Thats about it.
  11. Suppose I buy a game. Then I stupidly lose the discs (lost for ages). Is it morally right to download the game from a pirated site? I mean, you would have already contributed in the company's future releases right? And remember, I mean 'morally' not 'legally' right.
  12. Sounds convinient. And next thing you know the army is patrolling outside your house for your own safety. And then they vote for you, just so they're sure you vote whats best for you.
  13. Well, about everything! :lol:


    Most of them need further texturing, a walkmesh, then the whole setup of the .mod file.

    Is about the ruff estimate :p

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