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  1. I hope you're still working on this project, because the intro section was just 🤩🎵🤍. On a related note, I'm looking for an active online forum-ish place to discuss video game music, and one that is so rabid about the whole thing that people would even discuss piano sheet music. I can't find anything like that. Does anybody have a suggestion?
  2. Monkey Island 7. There, I said it.

  3. Any chance for this to go up on youtube any time soon ... preferably in 2023 ... ? Oh, I see, it's just "a scene", no video.
  4. I can see how this would have fit right into the Lucasfilm canon. Beaver hat dude and the girl with the propeller cap are my favorites. And that animated chainsaw ... maybe they wanted to lay something to rest with this game already.
  5. I just googled myself into the John Williams fan forums trying to find out whether it's "Raider's March", "Raiders' March" or just "Raiders March". 🤣 My official soundtrack versions, both Raiders and Crusade, choose no apostrophe at all. My Spielberg/Williams Collaboration CD tracklist (that one with the Struzan cover) has the apostrophe after the s. So, uhm, it seems like nobody actually knows for certain, but an apostrophe's after the r would mean that there's only one raider in the movie – which the title already contradicts.
  6. Actually, I want that credit for bringing the thread up September 30th after nobody had posted for eight months. Felt like a complete necro to me. 😅 The reckoning has begun though ... the topic of proper citation has exploded on youtube with hbomberguy's latest video and there will be ample fallout. ⛈️
  7. Absolutely brilliant. You're definitely knocking previous arrangements out of the park. The opening might be one of the most difficult pieces to do, because it incorporates the Raiders March so prominently. I've heard that a four digit number of times in its fully orchestrated variant(s), and yours still sounds great. I've listened myself unconscious with the existing stuff on youtube over the years, especially the 3:16:20 version that somebody uploaded in 2014. I'm still obsessed with the idea they'd reboot FOA and use an orchestra for the soundtrack. And I still think that overall, it's the best that Clint, Michael and Peter have ever done. Yes, better than Monkey Island even. Not looking that forward to the end credits actually, as that would be more Raiders March. 😅 An actual track that draws on Fate of Atlantic specific themes and introduces the motifs would be "Sophia's presentation". And of course, there's all the themes while exploring Atlantis that really stuck with me and elevate the soundtrack above a mere hommage to John Williams' undoubted genius. I'm looking forward to hearing how you're progressing.
  8. Monkey Island Heardle #375 🔉🟥🟥🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️ #MonkeyIslandHeardle I was discontent with how this game was always either solved on the first attempt or not at all, but this was a nice change.
  9. Njargh, thanks for the update! On the plus side, more time for JEJ to weave his magic.
  10. What I wouldn't give for a bit of Remastered Devil's Playhouse right now.
  11. I knew the specific game immediately, but I still failed getting the exact title right.
  12. Monkey Island Heardle #342 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ #MonkeyIslandHeardle Ahhhh the memories.
  13. I love how Jason immediately draws the Beyond Good & Evil 2 comparison – a game that is highly unlikely to ever release especially since all it ever should have been will now be poured into Star Wars Outlaws. The new Indy game was clearly meant to release with Dial of Destiny. That failed. But Dial of Destiny also bombed, so there's reason number two to never even finish this. 😩 I'm so fed up with this industry.
  14. Monkey Island Heardle #340 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ #MonkeyIslandHeardle Too easy! 😎
  15. Fourth attempt. Not bad for a game I haven't played since it came out. Thanks go to Helena Holmlund (spoiler!) for still getting it right.
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