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  1. I was so looking forward to her. That was a great design, and she would have sounded great in a combo with Jojo.
  2. I was thunderstruck by the ending as well, but after attempting to jot down my feelings several times, decided to take a step back and just let the thing sink in. Now I think that I should have seen it coming. Of course Ron would double down on the bewildering ending of LeChuck's Revenge. There was no other way. And it's more complex than I thought at first. We're not switching from the reality of the Monkey Island stories back to the frame story. We're switching to kind of an interlude reality, with which Guybrush trolls his son in the same way that Ron trolled us all those years ago. Boybrush becomes the fans, the fans become Boybrush; and Ron becomes Guybrush just like Guybrush becomes Ron. All too fittingly, Guybrush-Ron would hastily concoct an alternative one sentence ending after Guybrush/the fans tell him what they would have liked to see. But that is of course no kind of "satisfying" ending within the self contained reality of the Monkey Island series. Like many others, when I hear fans lamenting how the ending of Return destroyed the Monkey Island series, I have to think of the same criticism voiced about LeChuck's Revenge. It's actually true: The Monkey Island series was destroyed back in 1991. The hole that Ron tore into the fabric of his creation's reality could not possibly be closed. LeChuck's Revenge made a sequel impossible, and more than that, even undesirable. ... ... it's still the best game of the series and has spawned no less than four sequels. 😎 Maybe it's not so much the ending of Monkey Island 2 that Ron wanted to recreate, maybe it's what happened to the series after that final and all breaking ending. A new tree arising from salted earth. The new steward of the Monkey Island series will have to honor the series' spirit yet they will be utterly forced to completely ignore the authoritative ending of Monkey Island 6, the final word of its original creator. What a delicious irony. Whoever takes up the baton to conduct these characters in the future, I'll definitely be in the audience. The monkeys are listening.
  3. If you're interested, Terminator 2 - Judgement Day is just about the best action/sci-fi movie with emotional depth that is out there. Boen's minor antagonist role is that of a psychiatrist stunted by decades of seeing the worst, and he skillfully walks on a tightrope between scientific interest turned sadistic impulse and halfway well meaning treatment of his patient. One minute you just want to punch his face, the very next you'd like to tell the protagonist to not treat him that brutally. A small role, but a perfect performance in a perfect movie.
  4. Yeah I know. Three posts above and more than a week ago. 🤣 That's why it's so embarrassing for me to only have stumbled upon it yesterday. I really need to celebrate this more.
  5. Only now have I stumbled upon the teaser. Telltale's actual swan song deserves just this. I'm pissing my pants with anticipation. An hour of additional JEJ music, finally the soundtrack release on bandcamp, a day one release on gog.com and of course a European tourist that actually looks like Marius would be great. 🥸 This should be discussed more ... ... it should have its own subforum dammit. Looking forward to laughing my butt off about the Aeroschwein and Weltraumliebewachzauberkrieg jokes again.
  6. Oh, they're definitely cool. There isn't much to it besides LeChuck's Theme and Cemetery. 😬
  7. I haven't made up my mind about characters, story and puzzles yet, but the music, to me, is stellar. First of all, there is no shortage of new themes/tunes/motifs in this game. I must have listened to the Blockade theme about two thousand times, and I still think that technically, that should count as three new 'tunes'. Several new motifs on Brr Muda have caught my attention and I was humming them for days, the main town hall music especially. The accordion theme of Guybrush and LeChuck fighting is also great. There is almost no rehash of old themes on Monkey Island, Scurvy, Brr Muda, and Terror Island. Melee didn't quite click for me, but then again, not everything has to. The iMuse opus magnum is of course on LeShip. A few new themes have made it to my piano (though I'm trying my fingers at Phatt Island Jail right now and it's a bit frustrating), there's one LeShip theme that I really love. But of course LeChuck's theme is looming throughout LeShip. There's that one variant where I feel like they "call" out with the first notes of LeChuck's theme and "answer" it with notes from the cemetary theme. And I really feel like they "reworked" themes in an often surprising and elaborate way. Like transposing the Lookout theme (unheard since TSoMI, I think?) into a minor key, and immediately it sounds like it was written that way. And the rock version of the Scumm Bar, wasn't that great? I had hoped that being ten weeks too late to this game would have the ultimate perk of hearing all the new arrangements by fans on youtube. They're not yet there, sadly. I really think this soundtrack deserves more recognition and praise.
  8. Ohhhh let's do that, that gets really interesting with Curse. But don't forget to factor in perspective!
  9. Wait, this thread still going? You guys are pathetic in the best possible sense. Just so that this is clear, no counting monkeys in Return until GOG gets the game. As to counting islands ... folks ... why doesn't anybody listen to me? "In 2008, Royle writes, a nissologist—one who studies islands—named Christian Depraetere “selected a threshold of 0.1 sq km… and calculated that there are 86,732 islands at or above this size on earth.” When he reduced this threshold to .01 square kilometers, the number jumped up to around 450,000. When he brought it down still more, it rocketed to nearly 7 billion, “although there is some doubt as to the validity of his formula at this scale,” writes Royle." If we use quantifiable measurements to determine what an island is and what is just a speck of dirt in the ocean, there's yet another problem, which is that we don't know how big these islands on the screen really are. Unless of course we measure our islands in Guybrushs.
  10. I don't think Europeans are Devolver's target group here.
  11. The greater spoiler to me is that it reveals one particular formerly released screenshot to possibly contain deliberately falsified information. And I really really hope they did that. In other news ... THE CLOSEUP. How cool is that?!?
  12. I finally got it, folks. 🤯 Back when Dave said that chronology might become difficult, he meant that it might become difficult with the Monkey Island game that's next after ReMI. Return to Monkey Island concludes the timeline – not the series – with an older protagonist who finally gets his shit together. But video game characters aging in that way, that's unheard of in this kind of serialization. Directors of future Monkey Island games will likely choose to place their story between Tales and Return, get him back to his younger self. These games will be prequels to ReMI. This of course means that Ron could kill off Guybrush at the end. Just saying. 😅
  13. Effing love your stuff!! "Bad Days" for Monkey Island? Pretty please with Turtles on top?
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