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  1. Oh, hey Hockey, ya I should start going there again :D

  2. If you'd like, but my established nick name is just K1. :)

  3. And now I'm back. :D

  4. :D Nice avvy by the way.
  5. The Sky, and right now, the ceiling. :D

  6. Thanks! If you're talking about my avvy, it's more bright red.

  7. Dont know exactly what you are saying....

  8. That would be pretty cool.

  9. Ya, don't ask, I just randomly thought it up one day.

  10. Sure! For your first few commandos those are pretty sweet Mandalore! :D

  11. Someone else will probaby make it before me, because with the way I know how to do symbols, I'm not quite sure how to make the mythosaur skull cover the WHOLE helmet

  12. Me? Well seeing as I have no idea what they are.....well not really no.

  13. I use Adobe Photoshop CS2

  14. No, and let me guess, Ivory is yours, well, if so, be assurred that I am now using blank models and had no Idea about them before, so didn't have anything else to use. I will take them off of that site, and definately never use any other than Blank models.

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