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  1. Thanks for the advice LiWar . By the way, I like your press in case of emergency button Hockey
  2. So sry for double posting, but I've made alot of commandos lately, and assuming there is someone who still goes on LF, here: (Didn't want to make one gigantic post) Eliminator: Nightshock: I've been getting alot better as you can see.
  3. Here's a Commando I just made, haven't put one on in a while: Cutter And another: EDIT: I also decided I'd give RC-226's Request a try: Recon
  4. Thank you very much, and ya i'm using PC and it is a simple LAN game, so everything should work fine .
  5. Every time I go to play Multiplayer on it with my brother we start the game and it forces us to click the auto - assign, which puts us both on opposite teams every time. I couldn't figure how to change it so I thought I'd ask.
  6. Oh, I see. Surprisingly, I haven't played either yet.
  7. Wow, haven't been on the CCP website for a while. And I think my commando has been commando of the month for a little more that 1 month.
  8. Very well done Rinku! (Ya, I know I haven't been on in forever)
  9. Oh, hey Hockey, ya I should start going there again :D

  10. Ya, me too, and Maliph is my favorite character from it, so I had a sig done of him .
  11. Thanks alot for the Sig Revan, its awesome.
  12. Here are the pics: Unfortunately, i can't find a bigger pic of the character.
  13. Its ok, a good sig maker has to have a break sometime. I decided to make a sig of my own for once, cause i haven't really bothered trying too much before. If there is a way to make my current one bigger without totally blurring it, let me know
  14. If you can ever make a sig for me revan, use my current avatar instead of the arbiter like i said before (If you need a bigger version of it i MIGHT be able to find one)
  15. Nice Sigs everyone! I know I haven't been on very often, sry, and I am coming on more now.
  16. I haven't made a commando in forever, almost literally, so: Maelstrom:
  17. Cool sigs everyone. Revan, if its not to much trouble id like a halo Arbiter sig made, you can use whatever pic you want, and just make up a quote, or use one of my previous ones.
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