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  1. On 1/1/2023 at 2:30 AM, MichaelSon said:

    @Jake and @Laserschwert Can and are you allowed to tell if you are involved in any similar future projects with Limited Run that we may be starting putting some money on the side? Maybe for Zak McKracken or Maniac Mansion? Or even the Indy games Last Crusade or Fate of Atlantis? Both would be great addition to the upcoming Indy 5 movie I presume.

    I might be a little late for this, but sure, I can tell you that they are also releasing LOOM. 😉


    Of course, I couldn't tell you if anything else was in the works, but I CAN tell you that right know I don't know if anything else is in the works.

  2. 5 hours ago, Scummbuddy said:

    There's also the Steam streaming devices so you can use Big Picture mode on your TV. I use that to play CMI on the TV.

    Samsung smart TVs up until their 2021 models don't even need an extra device, as they support the Steam Link app. Your controller can simply be plugged into the TVs USB ports.


    Newer models don't support the app anymore, though.

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  3. 8 hours ago, bennywhitebread said:

    I have notice some little differences in width between the new framed/clean versions and  the others with text

    It seams the framed and marble one looses some width.

    Welcome to my world. Image aspect ratios are tricky all the time, but in this case the clean and framed versions actually have MORE width than the other versions. The original poster was more of a 3:2 aspect ratio, so that's what I cropped them to. Most of my other posters usually stick to a 4:3 ratio, and that's what I picked for all the other framed posters (MI1, MI2, Zak). So to stay in line with them, the one for MM became 4:3 as well. For that, I needed to expand the artwork a bit on the sides (and the bottom), which is why I could just offer the clean version at 4:3 as well. If there was a question somewhere in your post, I hope this answers it.


    15 hours ago, Lagomorph01 said:

    I just saw it again today and I noticed the “smudginess”, by lack of a better word, your older restaurations have. But I guess that’s because there’s not too many sources for that poster, right? I’d love to take a look at the original painting, I love it to bits and pieces!


    If smudginess refers to just lack of detail, then that's just because back then I couldn't do better. Sure, for many of the updated posters, more and better sources have turned up. But also the tools I use (and probably my skills) have improved over the years, so that even when using the same old sources, the results are considerably better today. I think the Zak poster - for the most part - uses the same source scan I used back in the day. It's just that I am now using a lot of machine learning tools and models to clean them up, fake detail or remove artifacts. See this post on the very first page, where I mentioned it briefly.

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  4. Professionally I haven't worked much with CMYK outputs. First and foremost I produce for screen, so that's what I usually color-correct for: my calibrated screen. And I'm pretty sure most of this project's potential audience doesn't know about CMYK, and is perfectly content with what a regular printing services produces out of my files.


    Those who DO care about it enough to preferably send a CMYK file to the printer, are most likely proficient enough to convert it properly themselves. That being said, most of the tools I use for retouching, upscaling, etc. don't even work in CMYK.

  5. Yeah, color reproduction is a very fuzzy subject. I've found an online printing service here in Germany that matches my monitor's calibration quite closely, but it'll be different for everyone. But as much as you'd want a "correct" color on all the posters, I can tell you, it's impossible. A prime example is Monkey Island - here are scans of several different releases:


    Good luck, telling the correct colors from that.

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  6. Variants are a double-edged sword, as they quickly clutter up the thread (MI1 is already a beast in that regard), and adding color variations on top of layout variations multiplies the problem. The v2 variant for MI2 was never really close to the original coloring, so I ditched it for the updated version. I might revisit MI1 to slightly desaturate the coloring, and maybe adding more variants as smaller thumbnails might be an option? I'll think about it.


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  7. I don't really have a priority list, as I just continue working on what I feel like that day. Zak is close to done, so that's probably coming next. Maniac Mansion is quite far along as well. I'm still missing more scans for Outlaws and I'll probably get some better scans for EfMI soon.


    I've played around with logo removal on The Dig and Loom, so those might get an update further down the line as well.


    Apart from that, there are no immediate further plans. What myriad of unscanned covers/posters are you referring to?

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