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  1. @Udvarnoky That's it. I totally had forgotten about that extra scene. Thank you for the reminder. @FaNaTiC You've got to be correct. Good point. And "Ghost Groom" and "Ghost Bride" are also the attributed names within the CMI Strategy Guide. Maybe those names are more memorable than if there were many "Goodsoups" listed within the credits. I'm still hoping for a larger Haggis sketch though!
  2. Within the final act of Curse of Monkey Island, at the Big Whoop Carnival of the Damned, it appears that we almost had two additional characters to interact with. A "Father Pirate" and "Son Pirate". The Father Pirate was to be voiced by Denny Delk (Murray), and "Son Pirate" was to be voiced by Alexandra Boyd (Elaine). I'm curious as to what silly interactions Guybrush could have had with these characters. It's amazing how well characterization is conveyed in these sketches. I feel the dad would be both pompous and dismissive of Guybrush, while the kid pirate looks like a unfortunat
  3. There's a minor error on the Mojo: Curse of MI Concept art page. The image of Murray floating on the plank (page image 42 of 55) is linked to a larger version of the cannon mini-game and not a larger version of the concept art of Murray floating about and cursing Wally.
  4. @Jake I assume those two MI items in the bottom picture include a "sell sheet" for MI2 and a really clean copy of what would be put into the Adventurer magazine?? It looks pristine! What is it?? And I haven't seen that "This Store Protected By Sam and Max" window decal before. Love it. And way to get one of those Zak nose glasses store display! Just wow. I would love to see more when you can go through your LucasArts and TellTale stuff.
  5. Last night I was watching my wife play through Curse of MI for her first time. She's really enjoying it and loving the silly dialogs. Although I feel like I've seen and heard everything in that game she stumbled upon a voice line that I hadn't heard before and it had me cracking up. Dominic, once again, really delivered on a line. Related to getting a crew together... I don't think I've heard that line before but the timing and delivery was just so funny to me.
  6. This reminds me that years ago I once attempted to scan all of the Adventurers myself, but with a scan-bed that was not large enough to handle the full-covers and the results were a hundred scans that needed to be properly stitched together and those edges were just a smear due to the pages lifting up at those folds. That effort was futile yet I doubt I ever deleted those scans. This is nicer.
  7. The remakes of Grim, DOTT, and Full Throttle have made their way to the Xbox ecosystem and they actually might also be a part of their "Game Pass" where they are available to download for free if you are a member. I don't know if those games have made it over to their "PC Game Pass" feature (yet) though (and PC Game Pass should essentially merge with their Xbox Game Pass).
  8. Maybe wait to see the product quality first before brandishing their logo? Who am I kidding... I need a fine leather jacket.
  9. I'll just go ahead and assume we're finally getting that Star Wars point-n-click adventure game.
  10. While you work on another one or two could you see about documenting your process a bit for a post? I would love to hear about the effort being put in here!
  11. I've been looking to introduce Curse of Monkey Island to my wife and while I think the original CMI can look beautiful, perhaps some graphical upgrades may improve the enjoyment for a new player now that we're in the future year of 2021. Along with AndywinXp's new work on fixing iMuse issues within CMI and ScummVM, I wanted to test out the two current options for improving the looks of CMI within ScummVM compared to the standard edition. 0. No Filter. 1. Graphical Filtering (ScummVM built-in smoothing). 2. Experimental xBRZ add-on for ScummVM (Written up by Dimi on
  12. I'm glad you brought those shirts up. Recently on eBay there had been a DOTT Tri-Box and two excellent shirts for sale. The DOTT Tri-Box sold for over $406 US (300 GBP) and was available with a Buy It Now price. I was so tempted but actually the photos showing the inside of the box showed me just how flimsy the box is and it actually discouraged me to drop so much money on "a box". A Day of the Tentacle shirt was also recently sold (but I can no longer find the link (ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-VTG-90s-DAY is all I still have of the URL)). I think it sold for less than $200
  13. @jake Just letting you know that I just received a SkunkApe email about getting the game at 50%, but unfortunately was sent to my Junk email.
  14. While I certainly do not know for sure, I don't think they've released specific items from other big releases as separate releases that I can tell.
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