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  1. You may or may not have noticed that some original Steve Purcell Sam and Max concept art went up for sale on eBay recently. Concept art for the lovely statue that was created many years back. Four images (each on 14"x11" paper) of our favorite dog and rabbity thing captured from different angles to be used with sculpting the duo in fabulous 3-D. The art went up for a $4,000 price but sold within a day or two for an undisclosed "best offer price" by the undisclosed buyer. But like the latest in NFT art, you can view the artwork right here! Right-clicking is encouraged. Sam and Max Concept Art 4 shot Sam and Max Concept Art A For comparison: Sam and Max Final A Sam and Max Concept Art B For comparison: Sam and Max Final B Sam and Max Concept Art C Sam and Max Concept Art D
  2. @Laserschwert Not sure when you added the Game Title Separators on the Adventure Games poster post but they are beautiful additions to the post! May I ask how your work on the CMI advertisement 2-page spread of "reclining nude" skeleton crew member is coming along?
  3. Hey there,fellow AGS'er! Congratulations on your game development success. I have already pre-ordered your collectors edition. I was wondering if you also ported your previous two games to the switch to possibly be some hidden Easter eggs/games like DOTT/MM. But I can imagine the large amount of work it would take converting AGS to Switch code.
  4. Just another heads up, the Max plushie is back in stock (or just preorders right now) but don't hesitate! Get yours before the scalpers do! Also, this awesome Sam and Max drawing to commemorate it... https://www.instagram.com/p/CXjI21Vr-OA/?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.uncute.com/collections/everything-else/products/sam-and-max-stuffed-toy
  5. El Pollo Diablo LIVES!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D9REahV7Rt4&t=630s
  6. I'm hoping it's just a wav file of Dominic's singing on MI3. "For those cold, dark shipboard nights, We've got boxers, briefs, and tights Made from cotton, silk, or satin, In styles Anglo, Dutch, and Latin, When you sail don't take a chance Wearing nothing 'neath your pants! Trust...Silver's Long Johns! (They breathe!)" (Thanks ScummBar!)
  7. Psychonauts 2 would go on to win XPlays 2021 Game of the Year award as well. I noticed it from DoubleFines tweet.
  8. Do we have any word on a timeline for a GOG release for this second remaster?
  9. I feel like if this was official it would have a TM trademark stamp on the back so I'm more inclined to believe it is not official. But that shouldn't detract from it too much. It is quite nice and unique!
  10. "Psychonauts 2 Wins 'Xbox Game Of The Year' At The Golden Joystick Awards 2021" Hot damn, way to go DoubleFine!
  11. New merch released today. Shirt, poster, and a neato spinning pin.
  12. Fangamer.com just announced that they will have new Psychonauts 2 merchandise hitting their digital shelves on Monday, Nov 22.
  13. This CD of Zak, Loom, and MM has some different artwork as well, including more space above Zak. Maybe too small to work with? https://www.ebay.com/itm/133861248762?hash=item1f2ac08efa:g:g74AAOSwyMhhKUrD
  14. I'm quite curious as to where that title-less image of Zak even came from and if it wasn't just some fan-creation.
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