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  1. They were close to ITLaP Day. The third and final installment of The Legend of Monkey Island will arrive on 28th September.
  2. It includes islands that, as of SeMI is concerned, don't exist yet.
  3. Did anyone else notice that the map seen on the table next to Kate Capsize as you begin your Legend of MI Quest, is a slight remake (rip) of a World Of Monkey Island map of the MI islands, from 2002? I can't seem to find the artist but I assumed it was a Paco Vink piece but I could be wrong. Am I way off here?
  4. For those not playing along at home, and cannot wait for the Jake-Marius playthrough, here is episode 2 by Outside Xbox.
  5. This second trip to Melee is what I have planned for the weekend. Can't wait!
  6. What game is this for, if not Herc's Adventures being supported??
  7. Just trying to enjoy some pizza during my lunch break and... wait, what is that? Oh, that's right. We forgot to fix the USA flag at the end of Day of the Tentacle. This is the timeline we live in.
  8. And he would tell you this would make him "nine....errr, twenty one" years old.
  9. I completed an objective, signed off, and when I returned to the game using the book on my ships table, I had my progress still saved but none of the Pieces o Eight I had collected. So I'll have to do that but all over again and now I'll recommend anyone do a playthrough in one sitting. Bringing my ship back to the island did let me see I could instead disembark at the Governor's Mansion as there is a spot to dock and two ladders to climb up there before you're supposed to be there. You can't enter the mansion or do much of anything. You also cannot walk past the guard as if you wanted to go back into town. Just thought it was interesting that you can even get over there by water.
  10. @MurraySchull If you restarted the Tall Tale back with Kate Capsize, then you restart the tale from the beginning. To continue from where you last had progress saved, I believe you need to consult your log book on your ship.
  11. For those who don't want to play, it is a bit fun to watch those who a) know their way around Sea of Thieves and b) are a lifelong MI fan. Like Andy from OutsideXbox and he, Jane, and newcomer to MI Ellen, go through Tale 1 on their YouTube channel.
  12. @TheOGeLGee Press "F1" to go into the MI Special Edition game menu and there should be an option/choice for showing subtitles??
  13. You might say that I'm "SeMI-curious".
  14. @Remi Referring to this game with the acronym of "SeMI" is pretty perfect. Bravo.
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