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  1. The second wave of the figures go up on preorder tomorrow. I personally am not interested in this wave of "Diaper Dynamos" and Scuba Max vs Octopus, but I do look forward a possible third wave of toys... and possible licensed LucasArts properties in the future.
  2. Note: It's ScummVMs 20th anniversary! And GoG is also running a sale.
  3. It was sold, sure, but I believe that buyer was generous enough to provide some scans within the last few months here and now we have the work/poster that Laserschwert has made available for us.
  4. They may just be feeling the pinch from the global shipping crate shortage and ship docking backups. But also the many, many signatures may have been an oops-ie.
  5. I've been wanting to do another playthrough of the game (still playing as a saint). (Here's a fun article on playing evil when you wouldn't normally - https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-09-21-bastard-of-the-old-republic )(I believe Bioware released the stats of players (Mass Effect at least) and a good majority play good-ish over evil-ish). What originally drew me into Kotor was when I was picking my player face of the 10 choices there was one that looked so much like me that I remember being floored at the similarities. Looking back now it's probably an over simplification of the similarities, mostly due to the resolution, but wow I was engrossed. I'm looking forward to this release on PC or Xbox as well.
  6. Nice collection. I was lucky enough to get that postcard within the last year. It was a piece of merchandise/marketing for the game that I wasn't originally familiar with. I'm planning on putting up some forum walkthroughs of some of the neat items I've acquired over the years when I begin to unpack from my move.
  7. I'm pretty sure I've heard that they do a good job of catching you up on the full story at the beginning of this sequel.
  8. All of that work is wonderful and I am impressed (and a little jealous) of that map. I'd also like us all to discuss the official Curse of Monkey Island map that apparently was only bundled in the Korean box release of CMI. How has that been so seemingly elusive in our community of Mojo discussion and collectors?? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS7casu5MXJ5fzYwrIKMQpIn-2C1omdrODrGg&usqp=CAU
  9. Yeah, I want to know more about these Special Edition boxes for 1-2, and Tales. I was looking to make a special slipcover for the Tales treasure chest box release, but I'm curious about these. Please, do go on... And @Laserschwert , you tease!
  10. But swapping disks and hearing them be read was a joy of the era!
  11. I didn't even think to check out the German version of the ad in order to possibly get more original art from behind the text. Good thinking Laserschwert
  12. I just wrote under the news post on Mojo, but while I bought the game on the Oculus store I did notice that it only mentioned to use the Oculus Quest headsets and no mention of the Oculus Rift specifically. I only have the Rift and it won't be out of storage and hooked up at my place for at least a month. So I don't even know if I can even play the game I just bought.
  13. If you missed out on a Max stuffed animal I would suggest you consider waiting for another run of them instead of these exorbitant prices on eBay.
  14. Just a heads up: the Max plushie from uncute.com is back in stock. Don't pay the $250 for one on eBay. https://www.uncute.com/collections/everything-else/products/sam-and-max-stuffed-toy
  15. Yeah, I thought my bid was going to be large enough to secure it. And my plan was just buy it, properly scan the art, and then resell this one shirt. Not this time it seems.
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