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  1. I believe ManiacZombies me can help on some of this, but all of my things are boxed up right now due to me moving houses. I should have ZAMN and GP SNES US releases for your work. I do not currently have a European release of GP; maybe I'll scour ebay.
  2. The what?!? This is a Lucas game?! Edit: There's this video: http://www.convivial.com/project/early-interactive-works/ As for the MI2 ending, don't forget that the Lucas Teams were quite into Twin Peaks tv zaniness
  3. Sorry Jenni. I was unaware of a Sierra title with the same name. I've updated the thread title to hopefully better clarify. But now I want to see what kind of boardgame you can come up with based on the Sierra Shivers horror title.
  4. Someone asked for all the known official posters... It looks like Full Throttle got one. There's a not-so-great one on eBay right now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Full-Throttle-Large-Original-Poster-Lucasarts-PC-Game-vintage-Lucasfilm-Games/362934487559
  5. Just chiming in that I have an original Oculus headset and I very much look forward to getting this. Also Max becoming a weapon to the dart board was among the good number of bits that I laughed at and that excites me.
  6. Yeah, sorry, the board game. I meant to link the mojo post (and put my comment there) but I can't seem to log in there anymore. https://mixnmojo.com/news/Whats-Bill-Tiller-been-up-to-Board-games
  7. The game Shivers, showcasing Bill Tiller's artwork has picked up some additional LucasArts alumni. Larry Ahern Larry is a former LucasArts adventure game designer/writer/artist currently working in the California theme park industry. He is part of the creative vision behind such beloved titles as Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and The Curse of Monkey Island. For The Shivers, he'll be writing some of the episodes included in the Core game, bringing his unique blend of cleverness and humor to our pop-up adventure! Jared Sorensen Considered to be one of the founding fathers of indie roleplaying, Jared started publishing tabletop RPGs back in the '90s (he's also another LucasArts alumni) . In 2003, he created Action Castle, the first-ever Parsely game that brings the intrigue of '80s-style text based adventures onto tabletops around the world. For The Shivers, Jared will be overseeing and editing all of our 16 initial episodes to ensure they flow logically and intuitively with minimal continuity problems.
  8. During the MixNMojo visit to LucasArts (and became a featured article), didn't the mojo crew snap a picture of some MI concept art that included the "pre-cannibal village lookout area"? I think that was the major first time that screen was made general knowledge. I couldn't find that image on MixNMojo so I had to go with this poor quality image from the internet. Ignore the red arrow and someone incorrectly thinking the image was of another part of Monkey Island topography. (The image is from this other article from a few weeks ago where other people just happened upon this image for the first time, but apparently within a broadcast news segment. https://kotaku.com/1990-tv-news-report-is-for-the-monkey-island-fans-in-th-1844598533 ) I had thought about working on "finishing" up the location properly. I also wonder as to the general point of such a location. I could see it as a preparation room before going to the cannibal village, as once you enter there you have to interact with them in some capacity. It might be a bit of a reprieve room, like when you need a reprieve from dealing with LeChuck hunting you down in the final acts of the games.
  9. Can't access my MixNMojo.com account so I'm posting here. https://www.polygon.com/2020/8/27/21404465/sam-and-max-vr-game-announcement-release-date-price
  10. Good luck with your kickstarter project! Do let us know when that is made public.
  11. TheScummBar is back, and has a section on Tales of MI. They have several cover arts for the game, including a not-large one of the one we're talking about: http://scummbar.com/imageviewer/imageviewer.php?useimage=/games/media/tmi/cover021413144226.jpg
  12. Watch out for the root beer. It can dissolve a tooth or a pirate in no-time. Nice pic!
  13. I just looked through my game folders and I couldn't find one. So I busted out my Special Edition DVD from TellTale and although its the cardboard cover to the DVD with that poster, it doesn't seem to come with a digital version of it on the DVD. Unless someone else knows better, I'd say we'd have to ask TellTale if they'd release it, or else everyone would have to just scan in their own DVD cover for themselves.
  14. There was a Microsoft Games poster, but it was more about Halo, Cortana, Gears of War, and two other games I can't recall. So that direction may not have worked out, but I bet there is still something out there for at least the new HD release. Sorry.
  15. These are quite excellent. I'm not of a musically gifted position to judge them, but as a fan, you've done a great job. I am impressed with what you've been able to capture within Midi format. I look forward to your Main Theme, especially with the hard work it sounds like this work takes.
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