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  1. That's a really good idea as source material and perhaps using Adobe Photoshop Content Aware tool, it would be able to replicate it outwards? All of my boxes are still in storage until I get my house (this market is ridiculous!) so I probably won't be your source for scans just yet. As for the edging of the boxes, the bottoms has the logo, the UPC box and some other items blocking the marble. All the sides appear to at least have the logos/titles of the games. I do wonder about how much the marble pattern wraps around into the inside of the box lid but I don't think it is all
  2. Does anyone have the Nightlight audio dramas of Grim Fandango? Their site is offline and they are also not in the mixnmojo media section. I never got into them back in 2002 but I was interested in doing so now. I wonder if the website is saved anywhere other than archive.org. I'd be interested in reliving the whole presentation. Thanks!
  3. A bunch of them stormed ebay.com recently. I don't know who made them either but I snagged a vinyl set myself.
  4. I just wanted to call out here that not only has @Laserschwert brought about these wonderful posters for the Mojo and other video game communities, but he was also a part in the restoration and creation of the Star Wars Despecialized editions with Pete Harmy, and was given a call out on this recent video. Thank you Laserschwert for all that you do.
  5. Beautiful work and thank you for sharing!
  6. I'm curious about the music in the coming game. Is there enough interesting material that a soundtrack release, even digital, is in order?
  7. The difference in the background art styling and the pixel art actually works for me here. I'd suggest an update to the Sam and Max box inventory item to be something more Indy, but nothing is coming to my mind besides a Top Secret crate for Top Men.
  8. Will this have VR Freelance Police-Force Feedback? Wait, no, that's terrible. What spawned the idea of combining Sam & Max with this VR game? Not that I'm complaining... the world needs more Sam & Max. I need more time to prepare questions!
  9. The Secret of Monkey Island, of course.
  10. Hah. I loved Worms Armageddon back in the day. I even bought myself a nice big box edition for my collection just a few months ago. I do want to check out these speech packs. Max by himself could make for a good pack. Maybe purple and green tentacle too.
  11. As mentioned earlier, my wife is playing through Curse of Monkey Island and thoroughly enjoying it. She has just lost the Blood Island "map" to Captain Rottingham and encountered the second-biggest time waster on the sea, the dreaded rhythmic shanty. She is now about to embark on insult swordfighting, against random pirate captains and then finally against Captain Rottingham himself. I was shocked to see that within the manual that comes with the game there is no space to track insults -- not even a Notes section on the last page. Just as well, within the official strategy guide th
  12. @Udvarnoky That's it. I totally had forgotten about that extra scene. Thank you for the reminder. @FaNaTiC You've got to be correct. Good point. And "Ghost Groom" and "Ghost Bride" are also the attributed names within the CMI Strategy Guide. Maybe those names are more memorable than if there were many "Goodsoups" listed within the credits. I'm still hoping for a larger Haggis sketch though!
  13. Within the final act of Curse of Monkey Island, at the Big Whoop Carnival of the Damned, it appears that we almost had two additional characters to interact with. A "Father Pirate" and "Son Pirate". The Father Pirate was to be voiced by Denny Delk (Murray), and "Son Pirate" was to be voiced by Alexandra Boyd (Elaine). I'm curious as to what silly interactions Guybrush could have had with these characters. It's amazing how well characterization is conveyed in these sketches. I feel the dad would be both pompous and dismissive of Guybrush, while the kid pirate looks like a unfortunat
  14. There's a minor error on the Mojo: Curse of MI Concept art page. The image of Murray floating on the plank (page image 42 of 55) is linked to a larger version of the cannon mini-game and not a larger version of the concept art of Murray floating about and cursing Wally.
  15. @Jake I assume those two MI items in the bottom picture include a "sell sheet" for MI2 and a really clean copy of what would be put into the Adventurer magazine?? It looks pristine! What is it?? And I haven't seen that "This Store Protected By Sam and Max" window decal before. Love it. And way to get one of those Zak nose glasses store display! Just wow. I would love to see more when you can go through your LucasArts and TellTale stuff.
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