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  1. @Huz @Remi I felt the same way; heard it as old Blondebeard.
  2. I think I can also be a help here too.
  3. What a Nightmare on Melee Street.
  4. Oh great... Just what we need. ANOTHER secret to Monkey Island. Maybe this is a way to add another "Insert Disk 22" joke. 😛
  5. Prepare your Sam and Max plushies for combat. iAm8Bit is back with new plushies of Raz and Lili from Psychonauts 2. 18” Talking Raz Plush 18” Talking Lili Plush
  6. It is a shame that it seems so hard to get in touch with Jo Ashburn. I've really missed his takes on the Memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood.
  7. Another round of small updates: ‘The Lair of LeChuck’ – Players will no longer intersect with the statues on Monkey Island. ‘The Lair of LeChuck’ – Players will no longer find themselves launched into the air when walking near the rock ladders by the stockade on Monkey Island. Seems Guybrush always seems to have trouble around rocks on Monkey Island... [ Restore ] [ Quit ]
  8. Okay, I have opened my box and retrieved the USB Drive and the game-disc CD. Both media have seemingly the same "Loom.exe" file of 273 MB, which does an auto-install of seemingly just one Loom game folder. I see: Loom --Loom ----901.LFL ----902.LFL ----903.LFL ----904.LFL ----CDDA.SOU ----DISK01.LEC --Loom.exe --testapp.exe (which so far seems to just run Loom) --unins000.dat --unins000.exe And after having the game open, I couldn't not recall what button combination may tell what version the game/scumm may be. It also wasn't in the manual. And finally, my google-fu has failed me. I cannot see how to find the version number (unless perhaps I download DREAMM?)
  9. You're all trying to get me to unseal my Loom box aren't you. Well, it's going to work. I'll report back later today.
  10. I wrote a whole bunch below but then found this direct link, which I suggest you use now and get a quick update. LRG and Purple Dot - Update/Shipping Lookup If you don't get the shipping info that you expect, I'd say reach out with the link I wrote further down. ------ I suggest you reach out to the "Purple Dot" group, as mentioned on their new shipping initiative FAQ. LimitedRunGames and Purple Dot shipping From the FAQ: "You are even free to reach out to them directly for an independent update on your pre-order." --- Good luck!!
  11. @Jake, I am ecstatic that you are involved with that one and that someone was smart enough to let you. I also have received my Loom LR edition but I haven't opened it up yet so I can't confirm the included versions but I don't have a reason to doubt it either. And I also have received my "This Time It's Virtual" box but have also had already-released items held up because I had lots in my one order. @Lagomorph01 can you check if you have other items with that specific order? Limited Run Games started an initiative recently to allow users to have half-orders shipped separately but you have to make that effort with their shipping distributor.
  12. I added Double Fine, Autumn Moon, and Telltale Games to the considerations. I think I was just so excited I forgot to mention those potential games. With these new editions, perhaps now I'm most excited of the possibility of an RTX enhanced Psychonauts with cleaner figment textures.
  13. With this incredible piece of Nvidia's RTX Remix tech now in open-beta, who here will be undertaking texture mod refinement on LucasArts games of the DirectX 8/9 era?? DirectX 8 LucasArts Games: - Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - Star Wars: Republic Commando - Star Wars: Starfighter DirectX 9 LucasArts Games: - Armed and Dangerous - Lego Indiana Jones 1 - Lego Indiana Jones 2 - Lego Star Wars (other) - Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - Lucidity - Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge LucasArts (Others listed as RTX capable?): - Star Wars Rogue Squadron - Star Wars The Force Unleashed - Star Wars Episode 1 Racer - Star Wars Jedi Academy - Star Wars The Old Republic DirectX 8 Telltale Games: - CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder - CSI: Hard Evidence - Sam & Max Save the World (but we have excellent remasters now) - Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space (but we have excellent remasters now) - Telltale Texas Hold 'Em DirectX 9 Telltale Games: - Back to the Future: The Game - CSI Deadly Intent - Game of Thrones - Hector: Badge of Courage - Jurassic Park: The Game - Law and Order: Legacies - Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent - Poker Night 1 - Poker Night 2 - Puzzle Agent 2 Telltale Games (Others listed as RTX capable?) - Wolf Among Us DirectX 9 Doublefine Games: - Brütal Legend - Costume Quest 1 - Costume Quest 2 - Gang Beasts - Hack 'n' Slash - Mountain - Psychonauts DirectX 9 Autumn Moon Games: A Vampyre Story In all seriousness, the Indy game could probably be a winner with a texture mod pack and enhanced lighting. Maybe even Armed and Dangerous too. Lucidity had a strong light focus to begin with and may be perfect just as it is. I bet some fun could be had with Monkey Island 2 though...
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