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  1. Couldn't find it, I'm remaking it now in HD.

  2. Uhh, which one? do you have a pic?

  3. Hey you never told me if we can get new character models in yet!

  4. Yea, thats cool, how about raising the rest so the top is even?

  5. Ok thanks I just thought that it looked a lot like ours. Anyways I forgot to awnser your question about my pic. It's not ingame, I just positioned the static mesh on the actor.

  6. I'm not on my comp right now but I will as soon as I am.

  7. I'm not on my comp right now but I will as soon as I am.

  8. Hey, did we let Cryo use the HD skin? I just checked out his latest mod and I'm positive he used ours...

  9. Yeah, but when I import, the parts that are supposed to be transparent are black.

  10. Ok, so how? Cause I want to get some trees in.

  11. Is it possible to get models/ mainly textures with invisible parts working?

  12. I have a new pistol model, if your interested, it has nothing ported, so its perfect.

  13. Its uploading to SVN right now.

  14. picture.php?albumid=526&pictureid=8192

    Ulmont made the head, its also HD, 2048x2048.

  15. Yeah, but you sure you want blue camo? I've just made a new camo pattern perfect for Jabiim...

  16. Yeah, that would be cool

  17. Here:


    Thanks, think we could use it for some sort of rebels or something?

  18. picture.php?albumid=526&pictureid=8175

    Could you make this into a real accessory for me?

  19. Hi, I have a new weapon model that I can't get ingame at the moment. Could you get me a screenshot of it if I sent it to you? It's already in .ase format. Thanks.

  20. I can do the folder thing.

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