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  1. Check out the story I made, about the SOC Unit clones and the Mandalorain trainers.. http://www.lucasforums.com/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=833

  2. nevermind lol

  3. Prudii, I think it may be Hooper who uploaded that Rapture vid for Carbonite Modders...err Carbonite Games is what he calls it on there though. Anyway I figured since you're the first on i've seen on I'd tell you that it is in fact CM material.

  4. Since making their body is currently impossible for me I just go out and find a sprite base and use paint to add clothes and colors.

  5. what do you use to make your little sprite people? :p

  6. ahhh well I have one too in unrealed but I don't know if I can clone or copy it. I want Kad'e to have the assassins helm (Phase 2 helmet with an awesome visor) and the shadow clones to have the helmet they have right now. Only problem is that they both have different skins.

  7. I got one in unrealed on my labtop, just don't know how to extract it and where it is :p

  8. well I used jedi knight 3 models for helmets. When I just pop em in their without any tinkering they don't work right so I had someone else fix them (format them) and I was wondering if you had a mesh for the Phase II helmet that I wouldn't have to mess with.

  9. what do you mean by "formatted"?

  10. thanks :D Hey you wouldnt happen to have a formatted Phase II helmet would ya?

  11. Show spoiler
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  12. if I knew what your email was O_o.

  13. yeah I can wait that long :D I'll email you the mesh and skin

  14. Sure, I can give it a shot. I'm at school right now, so you'll have to wait a good 6+ hours. ;)

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