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  1. You just called me "Max"... HIOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?!? :p Hey, ner vod.

  2. Oh! that's right!

  3. Haha. So basically just watch out for the mods?

  4. I cannot seem to find the thread :L You gotta link?

  5. thank you. I think I have discovered most the forum... so what are the basic do's and do nots?

  6. no. I'll have to check it out. Akaan means "war" and Par'jila means "triumphant". It isn't a phrase or anything. Just random words to form a name

  7. I was doing some research on Star Wars and I came across the site. Found your profile and figured I'd stop by :p

  8. Ello there sir who I have never met before...

  9. Your name and avvy seem familiar... I KNOW I've seen that face before... who is ut? :p

  10. Just exploring the forum. I must say, it is rather nice...

  11. Ello there, LDR

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