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  1. Oh - no, no no! Sorry for the confusion, Wilhuf isn't my son! Sorry for the confusion. My son is playing Star Citizen, and Wilhuf is also playing Star Citizen. We're all three in our Enigma Enterprises organization. If you know of any other cool people to include, please let me know.

  2. I never knew that Wilhuf was your son! I accepted your invite. Just because of that, I'm totally hyped up about the game now. I can't wait to fly with you guys again!

  3. Hey man - sorry for the delay in responding - I rarely log into these forums. Anyway, my son, Wilhuf (formerly of Lucasforums) and I are also getting Star Citizen (we already have our ships), and I've already created an organization called "Enigma Enterprises". If you have a handle, I'd be happy to invite you. Just let me know what it is.

  4. Hey Vagabond! My, it's been a while. I believe we used to run in the same X-Wing Alliance tournament circuit... I've been thinking of creating a Star Citizen organization for all the old-timers of LFNetwork. What do you think? It would be nice to do space runs again in the future!

  5. How's it hanging, home slice?

  6. Hey, old friend. How are you? It's been a long time - too long. Wilhuf and I still game together, from time to time. Would sure love to catch up some time. You can email me at: vagabond_nomad@yahoo.com.

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