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  1. Don't worry. Being too hard is good because you can tell the other guy what mistakes he makes and so he can become a better writer. It's just that I didn't have free time those days. That's why I did not comment on the review thread or posted a new chapter of my story.

  2. That is why i dont like Revan in TOR.
  3. He doesn't want to create a mod. He wants to give some ideas, if someone wants to steal them.
  4. Or learn to mod and make it on your own. If you really want to make it, then try to learn some modding first. Anyone with the skills to make a TC, will create their own storyline.
  5. Okay. Thank you. Any criticism is welcomed.

  6. Hi. What do you think of my story? I have tried to improve it. Although i mainly write dialogs and add some scenes.

  7. All of your story series are good, but i really liked the last one. I hope that soon you will write another installment. Cant wait for it.


    What do you think of my story?

  8. Thats why i love our politicians!
  9. OT better than the PT. Reasons: 1) Except episode 3, that i think that it is the 3 best star wars film after ANH and ESB, the acting in episode 1 and 2 was just horrible. 2) The story is just.... idiotic. I mean the people elect a queen. ( Queen and democracy at the same time? If it was a constitutional monarchy, then okay, but this is unrealistic.). 3) I hated Anakin in episode 1. He should have been older. Also i hated the space battle. 4) In episode 2 there is no friendship between obi-wan and Anakin. I see more fighting between them, than friendship. 5) In all 3 movies the romance dialogues were horrible. 6) GL instead of having a good story, creates a movie based on special effects. Overall i prefer the OT, although i have to say that RoTS is better than RoTJ. And Qui-Gon is the only good character in the PT.
  10. Thanks. I appreciate the comments on my story, because it makes me see what i have done wrong, so i can fix it.

  11. I am not going to pay 15 euro every moth just to play TOR!!
  12. I found this videos on youtube and i was amazed. Does anyone know about this project, or what this is? Is this some kind of fan made KOTOR 3? If yes then it is realy good. Videos:
  13. Hi. I want to say sorry if i offended you in the last thread, about reality and phantasy.

  14. NAME: Xin AFFILIATION: smuggler GENDER: male AGE: 34 SPECIES: human APPEARANCE: He is around 6'0, he has brown eyes and brown hair. WEAPONS: A blaster and a sword. EQUIPMENT: Typical smuggler clothes. OCCUPATION: Smuggler HISTORY: Does this mean that i can create 3 semi characters? He is very well trained because he was a republican soldier. But he decided, with his wookie friend named Harr, to become a smuggler. And with the help of a 23 years old jedi apprentice named Helena and a jedi knight named Nick, he goes for new adventures.
  15. will this have shops were you can buy health packs and other things? are there going to be party members? also does the character have a starship or something like that?
  16. will this have dark side or light side ending?
  17. i finished my fic STAR WARS :RETURN OF THE SITH http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2759759#post2759759


    can you review it?

  18. story: A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY.... STAR WARS : RETURN OF THE SITH It is 100 years after the death of darth Traya, and the sith that survived have formed brotherhood of the sith. with darth raptor and ryox the brotherhood of the sith waged war against the republic and it's jedi protectors. The republic now is at the point of beeing destroyed as it has been split in two, separatist and republic, the trade federation has created a droid army for the sith,countless Knights fall in battle, and many more swear allegiance to the new Sith Master. A lone smuggling starship, the Ebon Hawk, flies to the planet Alderaan. Xin, a smuggler and harr a wookie friend to xin, are the pilots of this ship.... characters: republic: christos, a jedi knight ben, jedi master. master to christos dak,republic trooper. smuglers: gula the hut. xin, friend to harr. harr, wookie friend to xin sith empire: dark council darth raptor darth ryox trade federation leader( the one who takes him will decide the name) separatists. droids. none faction: nick, farmer leaves with his uncle. john, friend to nick you can create also your own character. rules: 1) read my fic:http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2759759#post2759759 2) no god moding 3) use from one to three characters. 4) have fun! i will take christos, ben and darth raptor.
  19. You're wrong. You clearly haven't played K1 and 2 and/or actually read Tales of the Jedi, or you just like to complain. Characters, organizations, planets, and so on from TOTJ do show up in KOTOR, and both BioWare and Obsidian loved to delve in the background of the era. In fact, one of the first things Obsidian did on the job was to read the Tales of the Jedi comics. A lot of what you're describing had even been changed long before BioWare came along. Things like the term Sith, red lightsabers, and the history of the Jedi had not been set in stone in the 90s, and this led to continuity errors caused by various authors contradicting each other without even knowing it. When Lucas finally sat down and defined a clearer history, Tales of the Jedi and others like it became out of date. Most of the changes the two developers made were stylistic ones. Technology that's falling apart and armored guys riding on the backs of flying robots were hard to portray at the time in a video game, and still are today. And in a lot of cases, they just thought it looked silly. These kinds of changes are common when adapting something from one media to anther. Stylistic elements of a comic don't always work in another format. Furthermore, when designing K1, BioWare initially planned to have the game more connected to the Tales of the Jedi series. It was to take place sooner after the Sith War, and Bastila Shan was actually Vima Sunrider, a character from TOTJ. When they were not allowed to do this for legal reasons regarding the name Sunrider, they decided to stay away from the comics more than they planned, setting the game a full 40 years after the Sith War and 30 years after the last TOTJ comic; characters who might have made an appearance in the game were now just names from history, while others had their backgrounds rewritten to fit the new timeline. You're also conveniently ignoring one important plot point: both the Jedi and the Sith freakin died after the Sith War. This is not something new. This was shown in Tales of the Jedi. The Jedi Order, with many of the oldest masters dead, was rebuilt from the ground up by younger Jedi like Nomi Sunrider. There were no masters left to teach the next generation, and many of the great teachings were lost. Even the damn Jedi library at Ossus was destroyed, and this is mentioned in K2. In fact, Atris' motivation throughout the game is to prevent this from happening again. The Sith, on the other hand, were completely dead. In fact, they had been completely dead in Tales of the Jedi too. Then they came back, caused a lot of trouble, and were then completely dead again! The Sith of KOTOR were different from the Sith of TOTJ; they were not trained by Sith, as Exar Kun, Ulic Qel-Droma, and the Krath had been. These were fallen Jedi, more like the original Dark Jedi that were cast out and later became Sith - no doubt why the conflict is later called the Jedi Civil War. They did scavenge the tombs of Korriban and other worlds, seeking out the knowledge of the past Sith Lords, but as clearly shown in K1, this wasn't something easy; the Sith had left traps behind, so their enemies couldn't steal their treasures, and only the most worthy Sith could survive and claim their secrets. K2 explains even further that many of these artifacts had been destroyed by eager Sith who didn't handle with care. And the Knights of the Old Republic comics even portray a shadow organization of Jedi tasked with hunting down and destroying Sith artifacts from the war. Again, this is not something new. The Jedi from TOTJ hid all knowledge of the Sith from their students as well. Others had made their way into the hands of those who couldn't grasp what they had - into museums and such. By KOTOR, the Sith were thoroughly dead twice over. And what secrets Revan did learn from the ruins of the Sith Empire, he kept hidden even from Malak. The rest of your complaints are simply laughable. Even when the games are actually stylistically faithful to Tales of the Jedi, you find something to complain about. A padawan with an unusual apt for Battle Meditation, a skill that normally takes years to develop - yeah, Nomi Sunrider was supposed to be Bastila's mother. A walking corpse and a Force vampire would also fit right in with ghosts and a zombie in a tin can. Tales of the Jedi is known for its more supernatural take on the Force, by far more so than anything else in the Expanded Universe, and some of these elements show up in the games, more so in K2. If you have seen anything of Star Wars beyond the films, by now you should know that other writers have other perspectives, that they disagree a lot, and you should be used to it. Hell, even TOTJ contradicts itself all the time, because there were two writers on board - Anderson and Vetich - who each had their own agenda. Star Wars is full of continuity errors and inconsistencies. If you have a problem with that, fine, but you can't blame it on one work that happens to not "fit in" with another from 15 years ago - especially when Lucas himself had already retconned the hell out of it, and when BioWare and Obsidian actually did try their best to keep the spirit of Tales of the Jedi intact. If you were like any normal fan - and by normal, I mean overly obsessed - you would have decided on your own little history that sorted out all the errors, instead of just complaining about it to people who don't care.
  20. galen marek? he is the main hero of star wars the force unleashd 1 and 2
  21. Kotor is not a copy of PT,darth primus, the attack on Dantooine you say is a copy of ep 3 attack on coruscant,because episode 3 was realeased at 2005 while kotor 1 at 2003. maybe ep 3 copy kotor. and the purge of jedi on kotor 2 is an OT copy not a PT because if it cannot be a copy of ep 3 purge because kotor 2 was realeased at 2004. You may think Kotor 2 is not star wars. thats untrue. first of all you criticize kotor 2 of overpowerd sith lords but one of the creators of TOTJ said that after sith war 3, the sith wars became a circus. kotor 2 is beter than TOTJ because its not the usual fight of the bad and the good guy. its more philosofical. in Nar Shaddaa for ,examble, kreia says ,after you gave a poor man money, that what you did for good became bad. and after saws a video of an other poor man killing the poor man ,that you gave the money, for his money. you really think of what will happen if you use light or dark side of the force. and many star wars fans say that kotor 2 is more starwarshy than TOTJ.
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