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  1. I had looked through that and I thought maybe I'd skipped over it or something haha. I registered on another forum and I'm infamous for name changes there... so I was unsure if I'd had one here. hehe.

  2. Hmm... I have been recently inactive for various reasons. But I totally just found my old Fic Tears of the Force and I plan on finishing it up. Only reason I'm telling you this is because you seemed interested in it. heh. :)

  3. lol that's just evil. :xp:

  4. :devsmoke: hehehe


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  5. Thaaaanks. Because of that picture of Tali you posted, my reply has had me singing Team OomiZoomi songs in my head ever since, because of the way I said Kaidan's "biotic powers!" in my head. >_>

  6. Regardless, I understand that spam is annoying and such. I was a moderator on a forum and deleted many posts that were spam, so I understand staff policies regarding spam. As such I am quite sorry for problem, sir/ma'am.

  7. No problem, had it been to the extreme I wouldn't have jokingly gave a reminder. :)

  8. In regards to the Mass Effect 3 post, I didn't know I was spamming cuz I thought we were on topic. We were talking about Mass Effect 3 romance. I sowwie. :S

  9. Okay. Thank you. Any criticism is welcomed.

  10. I'll have to go re-read then. :p Which might not be until tomorrow, I have to babysit today. :xp:

  11. Hi. What do you think of my story? I have tried to improve it. Although i mainly write dialogs and add some scenes.

  12. Oh sure, just allow me to finish up this play through of ME3, I'm almost done. hehe.

  13. If you please, I'd like to know what you think of the last installment of my story series. :)

  14. Hello. I just wanted to personally thank you for reviewing Tears of the Force. ^^

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