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  1. Hey can you get on Skype some time this week?

  2. Hey 90SK,


    Do you still have these versions of your TSL robes?


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  3. Crap, well I could do Friday as well possibly, though within a more limited time frame. Monday could possibly work as well, but it'd either be from noon to three your time or for just an hour or so after five your time.

  4. Damn... I'm going to be out of town from Friday afternoon to Sunday Evening working on a on a project.

  5. Damn, so, yeah...


    I could be do some preliminary stuff, outline a few things with you via Skype this weekend. However, Paddy's busy with stuff and he thinks it'd be better to put off the majority of our part of the work for a month or two.


    So yeah, I'm free whenever you are this weekend, Paddy's more busy but we can probably throw something together if need be.

  6. Should be on tonight. I have more time today.

  7. Hmm, that stinks. Will you be available tomorrow?

  8. I won't be available today, sorry.

  9. Finished BoS:SR for the second time today. KFiles should create a new subsection called, "DLC Packs" for your mod; it was fantastic! I breezed through the actual game with the Super Skip Taris mod in about 2 hours, then spent the next 6 hours in BoS.

  10. I previously had a Windows 7. No luck. My best bet is to get a Windows XP SP3 with an old NVIDIA graphics card - those always worked for me when trying to play TSL. We should all just get "old computers" for the sole purpose of playing "old games".

  11. You should grab a copy of Windows 7 while you still can, I've never had very many problems with it. I only ever see Windows 8 in stores anymore and I can't stand its UI.

  12. No problem. TSL still doesn't work for me despite me recovering my old Vista. FML. I'm a deprived person; 4 years without it.

  13. Hey, sorry I couldn't get on yesterday - I should be able to get on tonight.

  14. Paddy and I are on Skype.

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