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  1. It really is great. Far less quicktime events than the last one I played (Anniversary), much better "feel", really beautiful fire effects, and the bow is pretty fun to use. The only real gripe is that the tombs are very few and they are all 5 minute physics puzzle affairs. Kinda sucks when it's called Tomb Raider, but as a game it is significantly better than what came before it.
  2. I am also pleased that they're getting killed. LA hasn't been active in quite some time. I hardly expect Disney to just sit on the licenses, so this should mean more games in the pipeline for us!
  3. I understand you have Viewed this forum anon. Pray come back to this place. Or at least PM me!

  4. Playing Bioshock Infinite. Speaking of, you should do that too! (and Tomb Raider 2013)
  5. This project was also Greenlighted on Steam. +1 that if you haven't. Personally TLJ was one of my favorite games of all time, and Dreamfall was fun, though not amazing. I would love for the series to continue.
  6. Continue with the story and you'll have to pass through the bank. It will be unlocked then. Not the most straightforward thing, I had a time of it myself with that one.
  7. I manage indirectly about 150 people and directly about 8. I'm at a tech startup which which I joined about 3 years ago, and I've ended up as essentially a jack-of-all trades in my current position. I do training, payroll, outage management, scheduling, systems checks, host prospective clients, minor tech support, expansion buildouts-- anything really. Turns out such people are fairly useful and eventually get noticed (for which I am grateful).
  8. Sabre, well-wished have

    been my thoughts of late (I

    got Antichamber). What

    of your opinion?

  9. Far Cry 3 is really worth it. By far the best one for gameplay, even if the story is a bit whack. Got a really huge raise yesterday (+10k)! I am extremely pleased. The only problem is that I literally don't want anything currently, so it's probably just going to get banked until I find something worthwhile. Still a bit surprised...
  10. It seems to me that increasing gun ownership restrictions makes a lot more sense for preventing suicides/crimes of passion than it does to prevent rampages. I don't think it's too reasonable to base any laws on things which are so insignificant in terms of life loss as these rampages are. I feel the same about most terrorism; it simply isn't a big enough problem to justify the reaction it has obtained. Mostly, I feel that if you have to reach for rare and emotional events like rampages to justify your political interests regarding gun control, you clearly are not looking in the right places for your reasons. If you want to ban guns to whatever extent, that's a perfectly legitimate goal-- but don't outright manipulate people who are hurting. It's crass and feels like going to someone's funeral so you can sell life insurance.
  11. I listened to this after seeing it posted. It is quite good!
  12. Game: Mass Effect 3. Closely followed by Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3. Year of 3s for me. Indie games: I REALLY LOVE SPACECHEM. Movie: Moonrise Kingdom. B Movie: Iron Sky (AMAZING) TV: American Horror Story.
  13. After watching a few episodes of Dexter season 7, I have finally realized that I am actually watching blonde Miranda when Hannah is onscreen. I feel dumb for not realizing it before, since she reminded me of something but I couldn't think of it. Obviously, I need to play more Mass Effect...
  14. Darathy long has

    it been since we last drew words

    together, too long.

  15. So true. I love dressing up on Halloween. This year I did Tony Stark, with one of those circular pushbutton lights with the arc reactor shape drawn on it. It looked really good under my shirt!
  16. I have a Kindle Fire and a Kindle 3. The Kindle 3 I've filled with a huge amount of public-domain books, and those won't ever be taken away as I got a lot of them from Project Gutenberg. Quite honestly it's a great purchase if you're interested in reading classical literature. I'd often use the audioread feature on the bus, and the screen is great. I was skeptical of the lack of physicality when I got it as well, but it turned out I didn't care much after being able to have 40 books I can flip through easily. Note, that it won't be a conversation piece though... part of the reason I keep a few actual books in my backpack as well. The Kindle Fire does have a nice reading app but I rarely use it for reading since it's much worse to read on than the e-ink displays. It's a Netflix/internet device only.
  17. Technically it's a zombie! Fortunately I like zombies.
  18. I am preordering this game. Rome TW was my one true love out of the TW franchise and this looks like it can only be better.
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