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  1. Hello there fellows. I know you have been inconvenienced. I am prepared to compensate you. Shall we say, one million American dollars?
  2. Hah, through an incredible amount of laziness I have just now returned. I locked my account and couldn't remember the password and finally reset it now... So I am going to see the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter on Sunday. Naturally, this is the sort of thing you dress up for. I'm making a top hat out of an oatmeal can and will try to find a suitably Abrahamic beard to go along with. Pics as soon as I have em.
  3. I've just been basking in the afterglow of building a new computer. Still have to purchase a new video card, though. I remember when I had this problem with Jedi Outcast, and couldn't set the volumetric shadows option on without making something slow to a crawl. Other than that, not much. I do improv occasionally, the theater scene here is pretty active. Avengers was cool, though Iron Man kinda did most of the world-saving. And now I'm going to work.
  4. I'll second the Clive Barker's Undying vote. It was quite good. VtMB is a good choice as well. Not always strictly horror-genre, but definitely enough to count.
  5. Thanks! Haven't been around too much but I still check in :)

  6. Sorry, I don't remember any map of that description. Perhaps you could try checking LucasFiles? Additionally, the most likely place for this sort of request is the Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy forums.
  7. Oh, I'd definitely try these, if only they were available in Texas. I'm probably the reason corporations that exploit people exist, but hey, somebody has to be that guy....
  8. There's a tendency (the most recent example being Google+ integration into Google searches) that emphasizes social networking as prominent in results you might search. Of course if you have a great deal of different minded people as your friends on G+, this shouldn't pose a problem. But if you do-- then you will never be exposed to alternative viewpoints... or at least, it will becomes something you have to do, rather than something that happens whenever you search for something. So it may be that, in the age of complete internet freedom, you may actually be exposed to fewer alternative viewpoints than when your freedom restricted by you geographical locale merely because you are more likely to click on something that conforms to the things that you've previously clicked. While I'm pleased that search is becoming more USEFUL, it is likely to be at the detriment of other factors. In this case it seems like it would contribute to a "digital apocalypse", since people would have insufficient answers to questions they might have, and no real way to resolve them.
  9. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  10. A few things which might help (not saying these are perfect, or even terribly well thought out, but it's a start)-- Overturn Citizens United. Make it illegal for there to be any political donations by corporations except to a central, traceable, evenly distributed public fund for each particular election which goes to any politician with over ~3% support. Require all direct political donations to be made by an individual. Cap those donations at some low number (possibly a percentage of the previous elections's total funding for all candidates), and have anything over that go into the general election fund. Make any private "perk" aka bribe given by someone to an elected official under $1500 various degrees of misdemeanor... for both parties. Anything over $1500? Felony. Alter federal election laws to have "instant-runoff" style ballots. Eliminate primaries since instant runoffs would make those obsolete. Eliminate "winner takes all" style election rules in various states. Make it a legal requirement that all house bills must be written by a member of the legislative body and read by every legislator voting on them. When deciding on a subject with which the legislature has no expertise, a panel of experts must be brought in and issue a publicly available recommendation. If a politician votes against the panel's recommendation, he must publish his explicit reasons for doing so. Make all bills "one subject", or they cannot pass. No attaching funding for bridges in Alaska to defense appropriations bills. I'm sure there's more things that could be done if I thought about it a little more...
  11. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Harmonic 313 - Word Problems Speak n Spells were awesome.
  12. Hi this is Sam, everyone knows me already since I'm old as Vima Da Boda (but much more handsome). But in other news I've been flying helis around in Battlefield 3 for a bit and haven't been doing too much here. This must change.
  13. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  14. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  15. I did watch Everybody's Fine. Pretty enjoyable, thanks!

  16. what's going on here sabretooth explain yourself this instant
  17. That's just cruel, Totenkopf. I for one have of course gotten you nothing! But I will say happy birthday. Fair trade?
  18. multiple premium vagaries of form which collude with the inexhaustible inestimable valuations of enchanting wordsmiths


    been listening to everything by this guy. what a guy.

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