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  1. pilot's lounge but that's a star wars games site, but hey so is this?
  2. I liked Rey's theme, the only one that stood out. and the scene at the end.
  3. playing some SWG on the SWG Reborn server. NGE, the patch that came out in 2010, close to the game's close. it's not too bad, nostalgia...
  4. got some jeans, a few hoodies, including a hoodie with captain phasma on the front
  5. i love rebels...and i've been playing uprising on my phone during downtime at work. had a nice christmas morning and afternoon with my dog and my girlfriend. watched Furious 7 and some of office space. going to my parents' and my sister's tomorrow morning which should be fun.
  6. the second time watching it was much better experience for me. It's growing on me i suppose. I'm looking forward to the next season of Rebels.
  7. it was better the 2nd time around.. though i doubt there'll be anymore nods if any to the EU or any planets from EU books. just hoping Rogue One doesn't screw it up. i doubt they'll show Kyle Katarn...i guess that whole story is shot out. Star Wars Uprising is a game for the smart phone/tablet it's an rpg/mmorpg you can make a cartel and group up, etc. it's pretty fun.
  8. seeing the force awakens again tomorrow in 3D. does anybody on here play Star Wars Uprising? also...interview tomorrow at 10. think i'll go to sleep. gonna be a good day tomorrow.
  9. so, who has seen the movie? i'm planning on seeing it again monday, this time in IMAX 3D since it won't be as ****ing annoyingly crowded (less anxiety). oh yeah speaking of anxiety...i'm all out of meds. gonna see how i am the next few weeks and if i need to schedule another appointment with the shrink so i can get more, i will...
  10. i saw the force awakens today. I've got way more questions than answers now, still pissed at disney for ****ing the whole post rotj EU. hopefully Rogue One is awesome. oh yeah the movie was ****ing awesome.
  11. the added 'no. nooooooo!!!!!!!' in the luke vs vader scene was interesting. time to go do christmas shopping!!!!
  12. going to see it tomorrow. some piece of **** on facebook spoiled me on one of the veteran sites i frequent. really pissed me off. then again i should've known better. maybe it wasn't a spoiler, but i think it is. why do people have to be such ****ing ****suckers? my girlfriend bought us tickets for tomorrow afternoon. i think i'll watch return of the jedi tonight.
  13. so, who's seeing the force awakens? I'm going to see it either tomorrow or saturday if there are any tickets left. in the morning/early afternoon preferably to avoid all the kids.
  14. guess i'm gonna be celebrating russian christmas and chinese new year. my current job thinks i'm a great candidate for working xmas eve, xmas day, and new year's eve. they're just days anyways, right? and they're fortunate they don't have to pay me holiday pay. which is pretty ****ed up. but whatever, i'm used to getting raped by employers. getting myself back in shape by running. 3 miles a day at least every other day. school is over. so glad the semester is over. i'm through with it for a while. at least i have an associate degree which the only requirement besides 2 years working where i work to get where i want to go career wise. as far as the job as a press operator my friend is trying to get me into, i'm relying on someone there to get fired which i don't really see happening as the guy is related to someone in upper management, so i will just remain where i am and embrace it for the time being. at least i am not miserable there like i was at walmart. doing my christmas shopping on friday, just a few things i need to get.
  15. Ever have "Schwarma" ? I enjoyed that at this middle eastern restaurant while I was deployed. Can't find any place that makes it quite the same.
  16. Department of Corrections Academy was boring as hell. I got one thing out of it, the defensive tactics training. so basically i'm a black belt. I also got CPR/First Aid certified (ADULT only. sorry kids, you're on your own!) so at least I get to bring something back considering I'm either gonna drop down to part-time 1 day a week or quit this job altogether for a job as a press operator. Gonna be great being back to my 3-11 shift and having the mornings off so i can be back on my gym schedule and play SWTOR alot. Got good news over the weekend about reclassing, the whole brigade is training and we are now Light Infantry brigade...pretty thrilled.
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