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  1. Yeah, it has a way of doing that ;)

  2. Evidently, your definition of "tonight" is a lot longer than mine :D

  3. Hey Shana. Was noticing your chat with LDR about introducing your character in the ME RP. Just a heads up for you; I've planted my character in such a way that it'd be quite easy for yours to jump in. You did, after all, say that she was to work with Bailey, and my character is waiting there by Bailey for the Asari Counselor to send an "escort", as it were. Perhaps your character gets picked for the duty, being the new kid on the block? :p

  4. Writer

    Thanks! She was fun to come up with, and I'm betting she'll be funner to play :)

  5. Writer

    Caught that, did you? :)


    Keep your eyes open. She may be putting on an act ;)

  6. Writer

    Maybe. It depends entirely on what sort of story the RP is set to tell. If it interests me, I'll join.

  7. I'm still around. Just been waiting in silence 'coz it seemed like no one needed me :p

  8. Yikes! Your Purge RP moves fast!

  9. Aaaand, my first post in Brieder War is in! :)

  10. Looking forward to it myself. And on that note, to bed with me! It is, after all, almost 1 AM :) Night night, Shana!

  11. There you have it. Erica and Andrew Sullivan have now officially joined the Brieder War. Cheers :)

  12. Lol! And only after I wrote that did I glance at the thread and realize you'd already followed through! Awesome :D

  13. Sounds good. I'm in no rush though. Not planning to abandon this, no matter how long it takes :)

  14. I'm just dropping in here to let you know I'm still keeping my eyes on SR. Just as soon as Belina and the crew are ready for a formal meeting with Kavrik, he'll be there. :)

  15. I'm glad to hear it! Doc and I have been chatting a little bit. We think that my guy makes a great bridge to bring in his girl as well. So if we get this thing moving properly, they're both in neck deep along with everyone else. :)

  16. So... Check and Mate? :)


    Sorry... don't mean to pester, but I'm really, REALLY pleased with my latest post and I'm VERY eager to see how Perdy reacts to it :p

  17. That's alright. I probably shouldn't have gotten into something that involved anyway... I was just looking forward to doing stuff with Elissa :p

  18. Hey Tysy. You planning to do anything with the SW: Inception RP anytime soon? I posted my character for your review/approval :)

  19. Thanks for the invite man, but I think I'm about at my limit for how many RP's I can sanely keep up with (LF isn't the only board I frequent). Best of luck with Nirriven.

  20. I was actually considering it, yes. Just not sure what sort of character I'd do yet... though I think, if it's alright with you I'd prefer to be one of the 3% without a chronic illness. Much easier than trying to come up with something and I've gotten lazier in my "old age" :p

  21. Heh... that's interesting. *shrug* I'm not overly worried about it. If anyone wants to be spying on me, they'll basically have something to fall asleep to. I lead a very uninteresting life :p

  22. So the funny thing about my 'Not switching to DTV' thing is that, about a week ago, I was at a concert and I won an HDTV in a raffle :D


    However, had that not happened, I wouldn't have bothered. I'd have just watched TV via my computer and had it a day later than everyone else :)

  23. So Fear, War, Empire has a post outta me... where's everyone else? :xp:

  24. By the way, thanks for reviewing my story in Javyar's... not many people do that any more :)

  25. Yah, sorry I haven't been online much. Busy, busy, busy because I'm now into the second week of new job training :) I'm extra tired at the moment, so I really don't think you want me to post now. I'm pretty sure I can guarantee a post out of me tomorrow, though... especially if I start heading toward bed now :)

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