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  1. Pipe down, children. Yes, I'm playing a guy this time Name: Darach Bakar, "One" Age: 48 Appearance: Image: Darach Bakar Occupation: Heir to a galaxy-wide hotel empire/ revolutionary Force Sensitive: Quite so. When Darach was a child, his parents were asked to give their son to the Jedi Order and they refused. Darach was an heir and he would grow up to claim his 'throne'. However, when he was twenty-five and had just graduated from college, Darach was taken hostage by an unknown party. Six months later, he was released and he refused to speak of what had happened to him. Nonetheless, something obviously did, for he returned to the galaxy with a basic grasp on how to use the Force and a real talent for concealing that power.
  2. "This one was not announced," Rellis said with a smirk. "Not to Alena, and I daresay not even to Gastus." She extended a hand to Rosha. "Rellis Thren." -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reibe laughed softly. "Oh, you know so very little, Kid. You are right when you say we both pledged to fight the 'Sith menace', but you are so very wrong when you think the Hunters failed. Do you know what a hunter does when its chosen prey is stronger than it is?" She pushed lightly off the rail and began to pace slowly, back and forth behind him. "A true hunter will not become intimidated by the size or strength of its prey. It merely knows that it must become smarter than the prey, take measured strikes, bring about its prey's downfall in tiny little ways the prey could never suspect." Her pacing stopped and she turned to fully face him. "The Hunters have not failed. Our tactics have simply changed. And if it means keeping out of the galaxy's gossiping eyes, ears, and lips, so much the better. As much as I miss the days when the Jedi Order was led by a Skywalker, we Hunters have finally returned to our roots." She leaned against the rail once more. "The one you call Kavrik Zall. His name was Lotran Griss, and he is now dead. However, you are not the only one who believes in the visions brought to us by the Force." With a sudden, unexpected intensity, she caught his shirt and spun him to face her, quite the feat of strength for a woman of her size to be doing that to him. "Listen to me, and listen carefully, Dakran Ardles," she said, staring sharply up into his eyes. "The path you find before you will not be easy to walk. It will take you very near the Dark Side, and while you may think there is an easier way to find your hidden brethren, rest assured that any way that seems easier will lead to your downfall." She put her left hand on his forehead and transmitted an unfamiliar Force signature into his mind. "Her name is Rellis Thren. Find her. She will lead you further." Then, she pulled her hand away and vanished right before his eyes. Her voice whispered in the corners of his mind, Keep to the path, Dakran, for it is only at the end of this path that you will be reunited with your Jedi Order.
  3. Both women saw the Togruta man approach, and once he'd asked his question, Rellis glanced aside to Alena and waited. Alena eyed the man carefully before replying. "You may inquire," she said, "but I need not explain myself." Rellis laughed softly. "Eh, be nice, hey Alena? Maybe he's the one you were to meet." Alena retrieved a small holo-projector and switched it on. "Ever see a guy like this?" The holo was one of Gastus, his face fully exposed. On second thought, she switched the projection to one where he had his hood up, concealing his face. "Eh, he'd probably have looked like this, talking to you." -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reibe stiffened. "You know," she told Dakran, "I've been alive for a very long time. Therefore, it really takes a lot to set me off. Nevertheless, the name Kavrik Zall still irks me. It wasn't your friend's real name; he swiped it out of the past. The real Kavrik Zall was a bounty hunter about a hundred and forty years ago." She shook her head. "Either way... why are you looking for your friend?"
  4. As soon as the words had left Dakran's mouth, he felt a powerful Force presence right next to him. However, if he glanced to either side, there was no one there. This person had to be strong in order to fool a Jedi. Then, her voice came to him from all sides. "I liked your story back there," she said, but he still could not see her. "For all the times I've heard it, I must say you managed to get it mostly right. You're one of the few who's ever bothered to do a little research, and that tells me you're looking for us." She suddenly appeared, leaning against the rail to his right. And what a sight; dressed fully in black leather, dark brown eyes glittering in the low light, long brown hair braided neatly, and a tiny patch on her left collar, an embroidered 'SH'. For all the stories he'd told, and all the rumors he'd heard, now Dakran Ardles found himself face to face with a Sith Hunter. And not just any Sith Hunter, as her next words proved. "Reibe Vailar, Hunter Leader. What do you want, Kid?"
  5. A sleek ship came out of hyperspace not long after Roshe Te and Gastus had completed their conversation. It shimmered silver, reminiscent of the paint jobs of the Naboo Royalty starships. But unlike those ships, this one was heavily armed, bristling with weapons from every conceivable nook and cranny. This was undeniably Alena Batel's ship and it entered orbit shortly after leaving hyperspace. "Secure all systems for my return," she instructed. "Initiate shuttle launch prep." With these commands given to her ship's AI, she left the cockpit and made her way down to deck six, the lowest deck on her ship, where the landing shuttle docked. She entered it and said, "Seal shuttle, and launch." The shuttle ejected from the underside of the ship and Alena took control, directing the shuttle down toward the surface. As it descended, she allowed herself a few brief moments to be annoyed at her brother. Of all the people in the Dominion she could get her assignments from, Gastus was the one that annoyed her the most. Given her status as a spy for the Dominion, she felt that she was authorized to access a lot more information than Gastus ever let her. And so, she was landing on the Togruta homeworld to meet someone. "Prick," she muttered under her breath. She supposed she could think of it a bit differently. Perhaps Gastus never told her the full story on her assignments because he was confident she could handle any situation he might throw at her. She scoffed. Yes, let's pretend he's like that, she told herself. My brother, the faithful one. And on that scoffing note, she landed her shuttle, hoping Gastus had given more information to whoever she was supposed to meet here. But the first person she laid eyes on upon leaving her shuttle was a surprise to her. "Rellis Thren," she said, putting her hands on her hips. "Fancy meeting you here." The young Sith Hunter laughed softly. "Let me guess," she said. "You had an argument with your brother and so he's been very vague on whatever information he gives you." "Either that or he didn't know you were coming," Alena shot back. Rellis nodded. "Yes, let's call it that," she said. "Gastus is rather amusing when a situation takes him by surprise. At any rate, Hunter Leader told me the Dominion wanted one of us for something. Reibe chose me, and therefore, here I am." "Are you the only one I'm to meet here?" Alena asked curiously. Rellis shook her head. "I think not," she answered. "Let us hold here for a few minutes. Reibe mentioned 'at least one other', though she couldn't give me any specifics."
  6. Keno, I betcha if you start this thing and us few who've actually joined it start posting such greatness as has never been witnessed by the young eyes of those around us, their eyes will pop clean out of their heads and a few may join. I'm gonna try and get in touch with one more person, but if this fails, I'm going to start demanding that we get this thing rolling anyway
  7. What's wrong, Tepe... three players not enough for you? You're delaying this too long; I'm coming up with new characters to torture you with... for example, a sister to Gastus Name: Alena Batel Age: 21 Species: Human Gender: Female Appearance: Image: Alena Batel Affiliation: Appears to fluctuate, but her true affiliation is Sith Dominion Bio: Only a handful of people high within the ranks of the Sith Dominion know that the woman called Alena Batel did not carry that name at birth. At birth, she was Deitra Dantes, younger sister to Gastus Dantes. Unlike her elder brother, Deitra inherited her father's eyes and was thus able to see perfectly. However, this also diminished her dependence on the Force and so she was not as skilled in use of the Force as her brother. By far the wilder of the two children, Deitra ran away from home at fourteen years of age. At this time, she took on the name Alena Batel. During the next six years, she accepted training from Jedi and Sith, and even from the Sith Hunters. Having thus sampled all three paths, Alena returned to the Dominion and revealed her true identity to Tepe and Charna. They politely informed her that they were aware of who she truly was and that they had a use for her. The Alena Batel identity was fully established at that time with the aid of some of the Dominion's most talented slicers, all traces leading back to Deitra Dantes were eliminated, and she was presented as a freelance spy and assassin. She has several arrest warrants on her head and a few bounties as well, but Charna trained her intensively in six months to utilize the Force in methods of distraction and evasion and so she has never been caught. What the majority of the galaxy does not realize is that Alena Batel only pretends to be freelance. Every single job that she takes comes directly from the Dominion. Other: Alena wields a single lightsaber, dark green blade; also carries an assortment of poison capsules, a nine-inch knife, and a functioning replica of a DL-44 blaster pistol her father gave her at thirteen years of age when she announced firmly that she would not become a Knight of the Dominion.
  8. "Wait just a minute," Ana snapped. "What just happened?" "You have vacated your position of 'Rescuer'," Reibe replied. "And you have taken on the position of, 'Hidden Jedi'. Go with Kaan. I know where to find you if I need to." And with that, she vanished, leaving Ana alone with Kaan. After several moments of staring at the spot where Reibe had stood, Ana turned to Kaan. "My ship has adequate defenses," she said quietly. "I'll hide it in the Wastes."
  9. "Word has reached the Empire of Ana's recent behavior," Reibe replied, ignoring Kaan's mocking of her visions. "Behavior that proves she is not as 'rusty' in the Force as she appears. They've put her back on the list." Ana scowled. "Your people said that wouldn't happen." "We never said it wouldn't," Reibe corrected. "We said there was a chance it wouldn't. But now it has." She turned to Kaan. "Ana will do as I say. I would appreciate it if you would speak with those who have taken you in. They've done wonders for you; you're practically off the map, and that's exactly what Ana needs for the present time."
  10. Reibe wasn't the most patient of women and she most definitely was unhappy with Kaan. "Alright then, it's time for a different tactic. Let Ana stay with you. It's for her safety, not yours." Ana blinked. "What?" "Do this," Reibe told Kaan, "and the Network will be in your debt."
  11. A green blade flicked to life, countering Kaan's second lightsaber as a short woman dressed in black entered the alley, shoving Ana roughly aside and engaging Kaan with one green blade and one violet blade. Unlike the other black clad person, this woman was not wearing a mask. The Force was a swirling tornado of energy around her, though in appearance she was no more than twenty years old. "I am the founder and leader of the Hunter Informant Network," she said. "Stand down, Exile. You will not defeat me." Astonished, Ana got to her feet. "I think I know you." The woman nodded. "You may have seen me at one point. I'd have looked the same." She faced Kaan. "Whether you choose to be called Kaan Lumen or not, the Empire knows you by that name and they are hunting you. Go with Ana or you will die."
  12. "Given the way you approached this situation, is it any great surprise that my skills are not as rusty as I like people to think?" Ana asked, smiling just slightly. She continued with Soresu, maintaining her defense without trying to lash out at him. She was not here to kill him or to capture him and the sooner he realized that the better.
  13. Ana flew backward under the influence of his Force push and landed on her feet, finally pressing the ignition switch on her lightsaber. The dark blue blade sprang to life to block Kaan's next blow just barely before he made it. She was no longer trying to mask her Force sensitivity, as she realized he would not be withholding any of his strength in this fight. "Yes, I am Anahera Bek," she said, continuing to allow him to drive her backward, defending against his blows with Soresu. "You are right to ask questions. Anyone who was once a Jedi would be a fool to trust an unknown willingly."
  14. By the time Kaan jumped out of the shadows and lit up his lightsaber, Ana had turned to face him and her own saber was in her hand. She left it unlit for the moment. "Where else would you find a list of Jedi and former Jedi?" Ana shot back. "When the Empire rose to power they had full access to the databanks of the Jedi. As to the Network, I know very little of how they work, but I do know they allow me complete autonomy with how I choose to deal with the names they give me. I have some skill in slicing, which allows me to create solid false identities for those that want them."
  15. At the sound of the voice, Ana's right hand fell to her lightsaber and her eyes flicked again to the gonk. "I don't care what you call yourself these days. Neither does the Empire. They're coming for you; they may already be here. And as far as the man in black goes, I wouldn't call him a friend. Hell, I don't even know who he is. What I do know is he and whoever he works for have been contacting me ever since the rise of the Empire and giving me names of Jedi and former Jedi the Empire is hunting." She took three steps into the alley and lifted her hand clear away from her lightsaber. "I'm not here to hunt you down. I'm no agent of the Empire." She stepped further into the alley and stretched her arms out wide. "I'm here because I genuinely want to help. Your move."
  16. Ana tensed imperceptibly as a surge of Force power reached her, and then faded away into a trail leading away from the cafe. Her senses on high alert, she exerted a little more of her power into masking her Force sensitivity. With this done, she rose and left the cafe, using a fraction of her power to seek out the one who was attempting to lead her on. She caught sight of his back directly after leaving the cafe and once more pulled her power inward, masking its presence, and began to follow him. He led her through several busy squares before ducking down a back alley not far from her landing pad. Ana swore softly under her breath and moved forward more cautiously. As she was doing everything she could to mask her presence, she could not sense this man's intentions; better safe than sorry. Her lightsaber was within easy reach beneath her knee-length brown suede jacket just in case. Slowly, she approached the alley's entrance and stared for a moment at the Force-imbued gonk. Then, she took a step back. "I came to help," she said quietly in Huttese, hoping it was indeed Kaan Lumen hiding somewhere in the shadows of this alley.
  17. "I hope not," the man said in Basic. "For the sanity of the Galaxy, I hope not." He rose and moved quickly out of sight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By the time Ana reached the street cafe, Kaan had plenty of time to have moved to a more secluded table, which was why Ana found his former table empty. Scowling faintly, she sat and pressed a heel into the tracking device, effectively crushing it. Surreptitiously, she reached out in the Force, hoping beyond hope that Kaan could be found somewhere nearby. But after a matter of seconds, she drew her power back in astonishment for she felt not one, not two, not three, but four Force presences in a relatively close range. "What the hell?" she murmured. This was beyond what she'd signed up for. But now that she'd sat, it would do no good to leave the cafe immediately; it'd attract too much attention. No, she would need a drink, a conclusion she came to just as a waitress came to her table. "Cup of caf," she ordered. "Thanks." And when her caf arrived, she would sip on it slowly, and when her mug was empty, she would return to her ship. Perhaps then, she could get some answers about what had just happened... but for now, she sat, all traces of her ability in the Force drawn into herself, making her appear as just another random mercenary in a street cafe.
  18. The dark figure shifted in his seat before seamlessly shifting into Huttese and replying, "We are neither oppressed nor accomplices to a mass murderer, but this is dodging the issue. If they should come for you sooner, are you prepared?" He let out a weary sigh and dropped something beneath the table. "I hope you are," he said. "Do you know of Anahera Bek?" -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- "Patience, Ms. Bek." It was a holographic projection, clothed in black and wearing a black mask. "We apologize for the lack of names. Your former friends are getting harder to track down. Kaan Lumen is your next target, but based on intel from our agent's wire, he won't come willingly and he speaks Huttese. We have a tracking device at his table; lock on and go to him." The transmission ended and Ana swore under her breath. "I don't know, Reddie. If I run into someone who doesn't wanna come with me, am I supposed to let them die?" A pause. "Oh, what would you know?" She lifted a piece of equipment from the chair beside her and switched it on. After a moment, a bright green dot lit up and Ana turned to leave her ship, moving in the direction of the green dot.
  19. "Reddie, I said no," Ana insisted. "This is Tatooine we're talking about. You'll get..." She frowned thoughtfully. "Sandlogged?" A shrug. "Near as I can get. Point stands, you'll stay with the ship on this one, so just tell me who's next on the list and I'll get out there and get back as quick as I can." The droid beeped a reply and Ana wrinkled her nose. "What do you mean the list has run out?" she demanded. "They wouldn't send us to Tatooine if..." She pressed her lips together in a thin line. "Reddie, send a message, all wavelengths and scramble the point of origin codes. Message says, "Flowers don't bloom in a desert. Are you people insane?" End message." -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Abruptly, a figure clothed completely in black and wearing a black mask sat down across from Kaan. After a very brief moment of silence, the stranger coughed and spoke. "Kaan Lumen." It was a man's voice, and it was speaking softly, just barely audible to Kaan over the noise in the cantina. "Your name's on a few lists. Sooner or later, Empire's gonna come looking for you. Are you prepared if they should come sooner?"
  20. Anahera Bek burst into the cockpit of her ship with a seriously displeased expression on her face. She used the Force to remain steady against the bucking of the ship until she safely reached the pilot's chair. Then, her left leg shot out and her foot connected with the little green R3-D1 astromech droid, who had plugged himself into the ship in an attempt to land without Ana's assistance. "Reddie, you're a moron," Ana barked, reclaiming control of the ship from the little droid. "Did you even send a landing request?" The droid tootled his response and Ana sighed. "Well, at least you did something right," she grumbled. "Don't ever try that again." She paused. "Did you just tell me to call you Greenie?" A flurry of whistles and beeps, and Ana laughed. "Your designation is R3-D1," she said. "Let's spell this out. R. Three. D. One. But if you get creative... R. E. D. I. And therefore, Reddie. It's not your color, it's your name and you gotta love the irony, what with you being green and being called Red. How many times are we gonna go over this?" The ship settled into place on a landing pad in Mos Eisley and Ana powered everything down. "Reddie, I want you to-" The droid beeped and Ana scowled. "Artie?" she asked. "What kind of droid name is that? No go, Reddie. I own you now, so it's my decision." Mumbling to herself, she added, "Think it's time for a clean slate on you..." Reddie wailed his protest and Ana grinned devilishly at him. "Thought you'd be more cooperative," she said. "Now check the list. I don't like Tatooine and I don't want to be here any longer than I have to."
  21. I realize I'm stretching the definition of what you requested our affiliation to be, but I don't think it's too great a stretch Name: Anahera 'Ana' Bek Affiliation: Hidden Jedi/Exile/Mercenary Species: Human Age: 27 Appearance: Image: Anahera Bek Weapon: Single lightsaber, plain hilt, encased in brown suede cloth. Blade: Dark blue; BlasTech DL-44 Bio: She was one of several hundred children in an orphanage on Coruscant, and given the hopeless number of orphans under their care, the caretakers never gave any of them names. This girl was three years old when a Jedi team came through the orphanage in pursuit of a criminal. They shouted to the orphanage staff to close the door ahead of the fleeing man, but none of the staff members were near enough to reach it before the man could reach it. Nevertheless, he collapsed to his knees, gasping and begging for mercy as the Jedi caught up to him. A little bewildered, the Jedi restrained the man and then turned to find this girl, just three years of age staring at them. "Door went g'bye," she said, nodding her head in emphasis to her words. She looked again toward the open doorway and this time the Jedi felt her presence in the Force. She had aided them in capturing the criminal by projecting an image into his mind of a blank wall without a door. They were impressed and called for another Jedi to take her to the Temple for training. At this time, she was given the name Anahera Bek. All matters Force-related came naturally to Anahera, who quickly adapted the nickname Ana. She learned far more quickly than others her age and was taken as a Padawan at the age of seven. By the time she turned fifteen, she was as skilled as some of the new Knights and she had constructed her own lightsaber. But her accelerated learning curve brought a downside; she tended towards arrogance. Ana's arrogant behavior only worsened when she was Knighted at eighteen years of age. In spite of all the Council's warnings that her arrogance would lead her to the Dark Side, Ana's behavior did not improve. Finally, the Council had enough; they exiled her from the Order and demanded she give up her lightsaber. Startled at the realization of losing the only life she'd ever known, Ana quietly did as she had been told and acquired a ship from an acquaintance she'd made while on a mission. For the next three years, Ana took mercenary jobs. In her downtime, she meditated on how she had fallen so far from the ideals of the Jedi. Though she was now a much more subdued person, she made up her mind that she should not return to the Jedi, but she once more began honing her skills in using the Force and she built a lightsaber to replace the one she had given to the Council. When the Clone Wars began, Ana was horrified to find that the Jedi were partaking in a war and she fled to the Outer Rim. From there, she felt the massacre of the Jedi. She mourned the loss of her old comrades as though mourning lost family members, and she still hasn't recovered. However, she has returned to mercenary work. Now, at twenty seven years of age, Ana is known as a reputable mercenary and her presence is largely ignored by the Empire due to the fact that she has taken jobs for them. They know she was once trained by the Jedi, but she does a very good job of appearing to have let that training fall out of practice. To the Empire, she is a mercenary now, and nothing more. The truth is, though she occasionally takes an Imperial cargo job, she more often employs her ship and her services to help the remaining Jedi into hiding. To better aid this goal, she has learned a great deal about slicing, enough that she can set up false identities for the Jedi she meets that want them.
  22. Name: Rellis Thren Age: 26 Species: Human (Sith Hunter) Gender: Female Appearance: Image: Rellis Thren Affiliation: Sith Hunters Bio: A daughter of Jahara Tal-Thren, Rellis grew up calling the older Sith Hunters 'Uncle' and 'Aunt'. Both of her parents were strong in the Force and Rellis inherited that strength as well. When she was younger, she looked exactly like her mother, but her hair has darkened into a darker reddish brown in recent years. Reibe began training Rellis after the girl's eighth birthday. Shortly after she turned fifteen, Rellis learned of the Sith Hunter Machine and became curious. Two years later, at seventeen years of age, she successfully located the machine and went to see it. As soon as she locked eyes on the machine, she fell into a Force-induced trance in which she saw the pain and suffering of everyone who had ever gone through it. When the trance ended, she recovered her senses and found Reibe standing next to her. "So much pain for so worthy a cause," Reibe told her. Then she asked Rellis if she felt she was ready to undergo the procedure. Rellis was hesitant at first, but Reibe promised to help in every way she could. Honored that Reibe felt that she was ready for this, Rellis entered the machine. Her physical appearance was then locked in at seventeen and would remain so for hundreds of years to come. Rellis continued training under Reibe until she turned twenty, at which point Reibe declared her a true Sith Hunter and called her 'Sister'. With her training thus complete, she went on several joint missions with other Sith Hunters. More recently, she has been given missions on her own. She is now twenty-six years old. Other: Rellis has a single, dual-phase lightsaber. The primary blade is full-length and dull orange; the secondary blade is half-length and bright green.
  23. Scales has a point though, Des... Before you go trying to join things, check the date on the last post. If it's been dormant for more than a month, don't try to bring it back.
  24. dude... my computer didn't cost $1000... 'course it's a refurbished one I got four years ago, but...
  25. Alena's right hand touched lightly on her collapsed wan-shen and she nodded. "I am far more focused now," she replied. Recalling a portion of her meditation, she repeated, "Past shapes present; present shapes future." She smiled faintly and thought of her father. For a brief moment, she felt sorry for him that he could not deal with her mother's death as she could. Then, she let that feeling pass and turned her mind once more to the present. "Have any of the Jedi reported in yet?" she inquired of Kohun.
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