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  1. Riebe looks sharply at Crocker. "Your teachers? How did you manage something like that?"
  2. Riebe begins to answer Lance, but abruptly shuts her mouth and follows Lance and Crocker out of the garden. "It's been a while since they've wanted me on a mission," she says.
  3. Caitlin lookes up at Craig. "Anything that is remotely believable, I tend to jump at," she says. "This thing for example." She waves the device. "It's supposed to allow me to remotely control my ship. The guy who sold it to me spent several hours 'making sure that it would work'. So much for that!" She tosses the device across the room and it shatters. "Not very good quality either," she frowns.
  4. Caitlin sits back, watching the activity for a while before taking a small device from her pocket and examining it carefully. After a couple of second she looks up and speaks for the first time since she entered. "Why do I do this?" she mutters. Then her eyes lower back to the device in her hands.
  5. Riebe sat in her room in the Jedi temple, attempting to meditate. After a short time, she gave up and opened her eyes. Qui-Gon had made it seem so easy, but for her, it seemed that the Sith implants blocked her use of meditation. Or was it the return of the Sith? She shook her head, trying to clear the thoughts that might be hindering her from meditation. After a while, she stood up and decided to go for a walk. The garden sounded nice.
  6. Name: Riebe Sothe Age: 2035 years Appearance: wears all black with a black cape, brown eyes and dark brown hair, 5' 4" tall Weapon of choice: Lightsaber Blade: orange Bio: At the age of 16, Riebe was captured by the Sith along with several others in her age group and brainwashed. She and the others were tortured and the torture was blamed on the Jedi. The Sith also gave these youngsters several implants, making them able to defeat the Jedi. The children were given lightsabers and the group became the Jedi Hunters. After a time, the Jedi Hunters got cocky, allowing the Jedi to injure Riebe. They took her and helped her in her healing. The also helped her recover her memory. With this knowledge, she went back to the Jedi Hunters and told them of her experience. They all agreed that the Sith were who they should be fighting and became the Sith Hunters. The Sith were greatly angered and got right to work on destroying the Hunters. They almost succeeded, but Riebe escaped and fled to an unknown planet. There, she protected the citizens from the Sith until all the Sith were destroyed. Then, she took a place in their community under disguise. Over 2000 years later, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi were sent to discover a mysterious Force signature on that planet. While there, they rediscovered Riebe and she has lived and worked with the Jedi ever since.
  7. Suddenly, they all heard a gleeful laugh as an elf who appeared to be dressed as half elf half man charged in wielding a strange weapon. He held it directly in the center and used it almost as a double sword, leaping and twirling just to stay out of it's path as he swung it this way and that.
  8. Are these planets ones that we make up? If so, here's one: Watchtower (true name forgotten): A planet on the edge of the outer rim. Called the Watchtower because it holds an observatory that moniters the edge of the galaxy. The planet is covered mostly by a sandy desert. There are foothills surrounding the main and only city on the planet. Inside the ring of hills is a very green and lush place. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi found the last Sith Hunter, Riebe Sothe on this planet. (For the story, go to http://www.fanfiction.net, click on search, by penname, type 'jedioftheorchestra', click on 'jedioftheorchestra', click on "Return of the Sith Hunter") (At last I am using a different computer so my internet filter can't interfere. HA! I filled in the blanks for you guys.)
  9. Caitlin Bryce steps into the cantina and glances at the droids. She stops for a second before removing a lightsaber and a not so normal looking blaster pistol. Then she walks in and sits down in a corner.
  10. Here's a guy that can counter Nighthawk: Name: Matt Watts Allignment: Bad Age: Older Matt growled quietly as Nighthawk vanished again and pulled a small device out from his pocket. He turned a knob on it and pressed a button. A wave of energy shot out from the front of it, heading out in all directions. There was a cry and Nighthawk became visible again just in time to slump to the ground.
  11. Nighthawk appeared briefly and several gunshots came at her. She quickly disappeared again, but the soldiers had already seen her enough to know who she was. There was a general fear amongst the normal humans toward Nighthawk since she seemed to be untouchable. Rather than Wolverine's and Mutania's three claws, Nighthawk had been graced with five in each hand. Three where Wolverine and Mutania had them and two more extending from the base knuckles of her middle and ring fingers. Combining that with her pain stare and invisibility made her a very deadly person. (See my next post for the compensation to this)
  12. Real name: Chloe Atkins Mutant name: Nighthawk Allignment: Good Power: pain stare (glares at people and it hurts them), invisiblity, ability to make people think she wasn't there Age: Senior High Real name: Allison Day Mutant name: Mutania Allignment: Good Power: what doesn't she have? hence the name Mutania. Mutania rarely uses all of her powers in a given battle. It's too tiring. She generally uses one consistantly throughout the battle. Age: Twenties The X-Jet hovered for a moment and the ramp slid down. After a few seconds, three people stepped out. The soldiers looked in fear at the newcomers and backed away from the jet. The ramp stayed down for a short time after the three people had stepped off before closing again. The jet lifted off the ground and went to find a better place to land. With the disappearance of the jet, the soldiers regained their courage and pressed forward again. Suddenly, a storm began to form above them and one of the three that had just gotten off the jet launched himself into the soldiers. They gave way before his adamantium claws and the two ladies watched him. One was Storm. The other was Mutania. Suddenly, the soldiers began to give way in another area. Their arms were being sliced off by some unseen thing. The slicing stopped and the soldiers all doubled over in intense pain. Nighthawk was striking hard. (Is that better?)
  13. Name: Caitlin Bryce Age: 19 (has been mistaken for a 17 year old) Height: 5' 5" Weight: 125 lbs Hair color: Dark Blonde Eye color: Blue Weapons: Custom Blaster Pistol (customized by self) Self Built Lightsaber Blade: Purple Story: When she was 17, Caitlin's parents lost hope in the Republic. There had been a taxation of trade routes and Mr. and Mrs. Bryce felt sorry for the Trade Federation and decided to help in any way possible. The Trade Federation took advantage of this and used their technology to 'alter' the Bryce family. Caitlin was the only one to survive the 'alterations' and came out with a harsh anger toward the Trade Federation. She vowed to help the Republic in any way possible. During the next two years, Caitlin had very little to do. She tinkered with her blaster pistol and ended up making it more powerful. When the energy pack had been mostly used up, the blaster would stop firing. Caitlin would then remove the energy pack and it would become a throwable explosive. Also during this time, she found out how to build a lightsaber (it is unknown how she found out and she isn't telling anybody). Near the end of the two year period, Caitlin came to be in charge of a small transportation company. If well payed, they would fly anything from sentient beings and their droids to miscellaneous cargo. Supreme Chancellor Valorum heard of the small operation and came to see it. He was impressed by the service and allowed them to keep up at what they were doing. Two days before she turned 19, Caitlin recieved a transmission from the Supreme Chancellor saying that he was sending two Jedi to her. She was to take them where they wanted to go. She agreed. Three days after she turned 19, Caitlin met Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. At last she saw herself being moved into the picture against the Trade Federation. Little did she know what the adventure would truly get her into...
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