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  1. panicking like this: \o.o\ ... /o.o/ ... \o.o\ ... /o.o/
  2. then it exploded due to double posting and excessive porn
  3. Das, how's your bad taste in music doing?
  4. Aresen. Where sanity's leftlost at the door. All hail the EmperorImperial Jester of Aresen!
  5. And your neighbour doesn't even got mail, that's why your squirrels pee all over your front porch and make it smell of elderberries, son.
  6. Das why would you work 45 hours except for *LOTS* of cash. And even then. Don't live to work.
  7. We could like set up a shared text file some where to create an own forum?
  8. Better old, than looking McCoy****McCoy****McCoy****McCoy****McCoy****McCoy********McCoy.
  9. Are you still allowed to post here, Alia?
  10. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Tortuga, and you know it!
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