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  1. at ze toilet doin it or maybe eatin pizza
  2. oh did someone say pantees pantees ... pantees?
  3. This seems not to be a guy, Pille.
  4. Who else heard about this, already? http://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/
  5. We tried that before, Zoom. The airlock wasn't very amused and inverted itself into the ship and vice versa. That's how all the mods got lost, too. Oh wait, wasn't that the plan?
  6. you did not read the thread, that is all, ninja man
  7. If you would have a look at the conversation I just had with Skinkie, Roy...
  8. so basically it's safe to wave your bone, but not to show where it's attached to, usually
  9. no, there was an original gif which got assimilated into the forums
  10. You never disappoint us, Das.
  11. Okay, then, now let's get to the logical part where you wave the bone, with your underpants up?
  12. Sadly, the original gif is gone... BUT NOT TEH THEARD. http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2293293&highlight=enamel+spinnaz#post2293293
  13. jmac is a very good guy and one of the finest people of lf, just like you and me, even better ; he also knows the internet ^^
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