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    Finishing up my Associate of Arts degree and trying to get into the computer grapics industry.
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    Stick twirling.
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  1. "I'm still waiting for the whole social/mobile bubble to burst."


    When do you predict that will come to a head? I'm going to say 5-12 years as trends typically go.

  2. Borrowed your OP of this thread, I did:



    for my own thread in Ahto. KTHXBAI :D

  3. M@RS

    Ah...yeah, I was talking about shirt.woot. Alright then, thanks for the info.

  4. IG-64

    I got my Game & Watch shirt done at CafePress. The other site you might be referring to is shirt.woot, which is more of a design contest than anything. I'm sure there are other custom clothing sites around. Just keep looking, and good luck.

  5. M@RS

    Hey, just a quick question. I recently completed a design I'd like to see on a shirt. I went to CafePress and it wouldn't let me do everything I wanted (cover more space on the shirt). I remember you talking about doing a shirt design on another website. What website was it again? I can't seem to remember the url. Thanks.

  6. 2 points!


    Late responses are belated.

  7. Ohhhhh, you beat me to the thread delete.

    /me shakes fist


    Don't worry, I banned him.


  8. Yes Sir Jack kicks @$$ but he will never be as good as Demongo:D

  9. <3 Samurai Jack

  10. mother****er

  11. **** trees; I climb buoys, mother****er.



  12. Thank you. I stole it from one of the social groups I'm in.

  13. *likes your sig*

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