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    Finishing up my Associate of Arts degree and trying to get into the computer grapics industry.
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    Houston, Tx.
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    Stick twirling.
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    Happily unemployed.
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  1. I miss the Swamp. I miss message boards in general. But it's hard to rekindle the old magic. I'd like to think new Star Wars content would revive this place but Star Wars wasn't what kept me coming here, it was the community. It seems like most of us have moved on.
  2. Holy ****. That's really sad and unexpected. He used to tease me a lot, but it was always in good spirit. R.I.P. Astrotoy, and mtfbwya
  3. Some pretty good stuff. I listened to some VNV Nation for awhile so it's kind of familiar. I like "Saturn" a lot.
  4. Damn Grooves, that's a lot of stuff. I hope your surgeries go well and you can work out your health issues so you can move on with your cooking career. Make some blue milk for us. As for myself, I've been chronically unemployed while pursuing a career in computer graphics. It's pretty much impossible to get into the industry without knowing the right people. So, for now I'm looking for a part-time job so I can try to get into freelancing. Eventually I hope to make it to California so I have networking opportunities. Other than that, I got pretty big into My Little Pony, the great internet pox which I guess passed the ol' Swamp right on by. Out of that came this render I made which earned me a daily deviation on DeviantArt. I was also a part of the Mechwarrior: Living Legends team for awhile before it died. And that's pretty much all I've been up to the past few years. Doesn't sound like a whole lot when I put it that way... You better post about your album when it's released. I definitely wanna hear some of that groovy 80's synth pop.
  5. George Lucas To Donate Most Of His $4 Billion To Education Charity
  6. "I'm still waiting for the whole social/mobile bubble to burst."


    When do you predict that will come to a head? I'm going to say 5-12 years as trends typically go.

  7. Bleh. But I think that's more of a universal trend for a lot of industries, unfortunately. I'm still waiting for the whole social/mobile bubble to burst.
  8. A&W Cream Soda (always been my favorite) Vanilla Coke Fanta Strawberry (or Orange sometimes) Wild Cherry Pepsi And if you're looking for something a little different: Manzanita Sol is an apple soda that's pretty good. As an aside, has anyone else tried Coke Freestyle? I tried one in Austin without knowing what the heck it was, and it blew my mind.
  9. I've also been busy looking for a job. Blasted job market.
  10. This sounds like an awesome idea. The main thing I want to see: Emperor Palpatine sitting in his throne in front of that big window, along with two Imperial Royal Guards. That would be boss.
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