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  1. If it was being developed internally at Lucasarts, then its cancellation is no big loss as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Mine isn't too difficult to figure out.
  3. I think I'll wait for Lego Evil Dead.
  4. You're free to do what you want with Bastila, the Exile, and the Mandalorian Wars. What Marius meant that none of this could be presented as a part of a larger BoS related mod.
  5. Search for pictures of Kreia.
  6. Now this is something I didn't expect I'd ever see. After Fallout 3's excuse of a storyline, this is almost as good as an Obsidian Entertainment developed KOTOR3.
  7. Wait, are you telling me it's actually possible to mod KOTOR?
  8. That's a damned shame, KOTORfiles was a great place. Hopefully a reliable alternative can be found soon.
  9. I would have completed it ages ago had the game been able to keep my attention, but what with all it's problems, I tend to get bored and annoyed with it really quickly. Traditionally, Resident Evil is a single player experience, and even though the developers have tried they're very best to mess that single player experience up up, I'll still play it as a single player game. And if I want a great multiplayer experience, I'll go play Left 4 Dead.
  10. Secured my copy a few days before release, and so far have played through about 3/4 of the game. Being a huge fan of Resident Evil 4, I naturally had high expectations despite the fact that the development team had changed rather dramatically between the two games. Overall, I'm disappointed. Not quite as disappointed as I was with MGS4, but disappointed non the less. - The pacing is all over the place. - The inventory system is broken. - Why do I have to complete a chapter, quit the game, or die before I can buy/upgrade weapons and view documents? The merchant system was perfect in RE4. - The enemy animations appear to have been recycled from RE4. - Not a fan of this forced CO-OP, especially given Sheva's terrible AI. Though on the plus side, the storyline seems interesting, as do the characters facial animations. Anyways, I'm done. I'm off to play Left 4 Dead, a masterful game which reminded me why I'm a fan of the survival horror genre.
  11. Again, thanks for the responses, they were rather interesting to read. I have more than enough responses to aid my study, so I believe this thread has served it's purpose, and can be closed.
  12. Thanks for the responses so far guys and gals. Keep 'em coming. And this is for a research assignment centered in part around player influenced narratives within video games. KOTOR was the best example I could think of; given my familiarity with it. I take a media related course at Uni, so I get to do stuff like this and get graded for it.
  13. Hey guys, I'm conducting a study for some University work, part of which requires input from gamers concerning their preferences for RPG's. I would be greatly appreciative if you answered the 3 questions below: 1) Do you feel more involved as a player within a video game's storyline if the game in question presents you with choices which can influence the outcome of that storyline? (Think KOTOR, Mass Effect, Fallout) 2) In some games you play pre-determined characters with pre-determined personalities (Think Master Chief, Solid Snake, Cloud Strife), whilst in others you as a player shape the character from the ground up by choosing a gender, name, appearance, and to some degree through dialogue options, a personality. Which do you prefer as a gamer and why? 3) Do you think Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic would have been better or worse had the developers not chosen to implement a character creation and a interactive dialogue feature and instead had you play a pre-defined character (Think Carth or Bastila) with predetermined non-interactive dialogue (Think of cutscenes in other games where you don't do anything but watch) Thanks in advance to everyone who answers, you will be a big help!
  14. The writing was bad, there were too many spelling and grammatical errors, the implementation was sloppy and there were too many bugs upon release! Anyways, the only mod I've ever really enjoyed playing was an old Jedi Knight 2 mod named the Ladder. The one with the Smack My Bitch Up for background music.
  15. Someone give this man a development team and lots of money pronto. Great interview by the way. I look forward to part 3.
  16. I admit I find it funny to see how some of you genuinely believe that the Player character has died before the events in the 2nd chapter of a trilogy of games which themselves draw so much inspiration from Hollywood action movies based on the events of a single small teaser trailer. Especially given the fact that Bioware Dev's in the past have stated that you will have the ability to transfer your character from the first game to the second. 2 words; marketing hype. Or if you prefer; Good marketing.
  17. Haven't played either of the games as a "role playing experience" in years, and probably won't for a few more. Still, I've spent far too much time with K1 on a few small nondescript content projects here and there.
  18. Note: In real life I do not look like an 80's porn star. Gotta dig that 'stash though.
  19. Been playing it since last Wednesday. It's a brilliant game, but unfortunately very very buggy (I haven't played a game as prone to glitch since Fallout 2 ).
  20. Where is the Obsidian developed, Chris Avallone written KOTOR3?
  21. http://www.swtor.com There is the official site folks, loaded with storyline information and so on. I think I'll just go hug my copy of KOTOR2 and forget this day ever happened.
  22. Both of these points were already in KOTOR2 itself, the second in fact was a major plot point. Nevertheless, the campaign guide is pretty interesting. Although there are a few mistakes here and there that are slightly annoying.
  23. I don't see why people believe Haazen could be Sion, it really makes no sense to me at all. - Hazzen and Sion have completely different personalities. - Hazzen has a prosthetic right arm and eye, whereas Sion does not. Those points alone should squash that theory.
  24. Apart from his original identity, I think Nihilus has already been adequately explained in the game itself. Nihilus isn't a ghost, he's a man who like the Exile was turned into a walking Wound in the Force at the Battle of Malachor V and was subsequently consumed by his urge to feed that wound through draining Force Sensitives.
  25. Nihilus is opposite to the Exile in a sense that they were presented the same choice, yet chose opposite paths - Which itself should have no bearing on the gender, appearance or age of Nihilus whilst he actually had an idenitity. Anyways, I recently bought the KOTOR campaign guide - And it contains a pretty neat tidbit of information that offers some hints about his origins;
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