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  1. Hey, SUP? Sorry for not responding earlier; I've been... away. ;)


    Anyway, I may still finish my KotOR mod, but right now I indeed want to get my DA mod done first, at least. :) Time runs too fast - sometimes I wish I could stop it, but had little luck so far. I don't give up that easy, though. :D

  2. Every day is a holiday for me (well, except maybe when I have to listen to people who think everyone and everything is bad, corrupt, evil, or whatever :xp:), silly.


    Anyway, since Christmas is already over, I will wish you a Happy New Year!!! :D

  3. Will do. Been busy, so there wasn't much time to spend on Skype.

  4. Sup? I'm good, though I really should finish *certain* projects that I set out to do. :D

  5. Hey!


    Yeah, I really should finish that up one of these days. It's basically done - just needs some final finishing touches. All I need to do is find some time for it, which is the hardest part. :D


    Anyway, unless you can cast a "finalize mod" magic spell on the mod, I'm afraid there's nothing you can do. :( Thanks for the offer, though. :)

  6. Nah, I'm doing a bit of everything.

  7. Thanks. We'll see how things go. ;)

  8. Yeah, modding is more fun nowadays than playing. Maybe I need to find a new hobby. :eek:

  9. Oh, many things that have nothing to do with scripting can go wrong, but it's true scripts are the most troublesome. And since many changes only show on a freshly loaded module, I now absolutely hate the running animation. :D


    Then there's trying to make this thing compatible with other great mods.

  10. I'm nearly done. ;)


    Anyway, I'd love to release it if it finishes itself. :xp:

  11. There isn't much left to be done (mostly easy scripting and utc editing), but testing can be a chore. It can take hours to kill certain bugs. :D

  12. Fine, fine. How's you? Still working on TSL? ;)

  13. As good as it gets, I guess. :D I'm playing DA at the moment. Will return to modding later. :xp:



  14. I've seen it, but I currently don't have time to work on it. The low-res textures do indeed stand out (in a bad way) a bit too much, so it could definitely use an improvement.

  15. Go ahead and do whatever you want with them; I don't mind at all. :)

  16. It's going fine, but I keep adding some new stuff (I'm addicted, I say, addicted!). Anyway, I guess it should be done before October (I hope).


    I'll definitely keep your offer in mind, though. ;)

  17. Nope. Everyone's having fun with AP's avatars, so I figured I'd have some too. :D


    Here's where it all started: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=52747

  18. Hiking, modding, playing... all the good stuff. :thmbup1:


    Some pictures from my adventures :¬: :


    Gates to Heaven :p


    Black bird in a white world :D


    Before sunrise


    Shortly after sunset

  19. I mostly travel by car, though I'll probably try the train sometime. Can't say I'll be able to find enough will to mod there, though. I prefer to just look out of the window and meditate. :D


    As for Czerka, that's what I already did. Certain male Twi'leks were replaced by female Twi'leks, and the few humans that have nothing to say (I can only remember the ones engaged in a battle with the Wookies on Kashyyyk) also had a few females introduced into their group. I'll look for more opportunities.

  20. Aha, sounds like you've been busy. How's your new life working out for you? Planning any children in the future? :xp:



    "I hear you've been busy too, with moving and such. New job?"


    Nah, I didn't move (it's too beautiful here :p), but I do have a new job which requires me to travel (most around Europe) a lot. Good stuff.



    "I'm glad to see you're back to modding, and (hopefully) near completion."


    I hope so too because my vacation won't last forever. :D



    "Czerka especially needed some variety; now the female employees can wear a uniform . I can't wait to see the Wookiees in-game!"


    Yeah, apart from that annoying protocol officer on Tatooine (which I gave a shiny [ok, not really shiny] new uniform), there were no female Czerka employees. I was able to somewhat fix that now, though there still won't be that many due to the lack of VO.


    As for the Wookies, I'll try to get a SS up. Gorwooken now looks very intimidating. :D

  21. Hey, what have you been up to? I wanted to thank you for the armors (though I only use Czerka and Sith ones) and wookie skins you sent me; they improve the atmosphere in the game quite substantially.

  22. Been working hard on the mod for the last 3 days or so; hopefully I'll have enough by the end of the day to update the aging thread. :xp: Anyway, I'm going out for a meditative walk before it gets completely dark (not that I have a problem with that), so see you later. ;)

  23. I might be able to dedicate some time to my mod in the next three weeks; the higher powers seem to have decided to let me divert my attention to modding for a while. :D


    I'll update the thread when I have something to show.

  24. I would prefer to release a finished version, but we'll see. I'm kind of lazy during summer. :D

  25. I've gotten lazy. :p I'm still planning to finish it of course. Unfortunately, things oftentimes don't happen the way they were planned.

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